11 Outstanding Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship 1

11 Outstanding Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship

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Importance of Trust in a Relationship

Trust is a very critical word in a relationship. No relationship can stand without trust. You can say, trust is the basic foundation of any kind of relationship, whether marriage, romantic, friendship, parenthood.

Today, in this blog post, I will share some basic and effective tips on ‘how to build trust in a relationship.’

Well, why should you trust me, first of all? Do I qualify to advise you about trust?

See, here also, you need ‘trust’ to believe me in what I am saying.

When it comes to marriage and relationships, I am confident that whatever I share in my blog is completely based on my personal life and experiences.

My marriage will complete six years on May this year, and it has been an amazing journey so far.

My husband and I have had our ups and downs financially and emotionally, but no matter whatever it is, we both have always given our relationship the first priority.

So, do I qualify to advise you with some tips? I think I am. I am willing to share what all factors have helped us build ‘trust’ in our relationship.

Why am I writing about ‘trust?’

Recently, a very old friend of mine contacted me, disclosing the upheavals his marriage is facing. He explained and shared with me the things that have been affecting his one-year-old marriage.  

From the conversation, I understood that it is the lack of ‘trust’ in their marital relationship that ruins them.

Like any well-wisher and good friend, I advised rather than suggested to him and his wife things they should work on now. After 2 months, he messaged me, saying ‘he sees improvement in their relationship.’

So, if you face ‘trust issues’ in your relationship, you must work on it to make your relationship better with your partner.

11 Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship

Communication is always key

Communicate, communicate and communicate. I always say communication is one of the factors in a relationship that can solve all the problems.

In a modern relationship, it has been seen that there is a lack of communication between couples. They hardly communicate. You can always talk about everything to your partner.

You can talk about career aspirations, family, desire, displeasure, any random thing.

The more you communicate, the better understanding will get. You will know each other better in and out, which helps build the ‘trust.’

Couples often complain that after few years of marriage or relationship, they tend to communicate less. Either they lose interest in communicating, or both get so busy in their respective lives that there is hardly anything left to communicate.

When there is no communication in a relationship, it kills the romantic spark between the two and vanishes the trust.

I have previously written about why communication is important in a relationship’ in a post. You can check that out. I am sure it will help you get clarity.

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Give time to your partner

Time helps building trust in a relationship. The more time you will spend with your partner, the better you will know each other, hence get the scope to develop ‘trust.’

Trust builds in an atmosphere of security, safety, and love. All these develop when you give ample of time to each other to nurture your relationship.

Especially in the early stages of a relationship, it is crucial to build mutual respect, understanding, and trust.

If you think ‘communication’ and ‘time’ are not important from the beginning of your relationship, then in no time will you start noticing how it affects your relationship.

Even if you are super busy, both have to find time for each other.

For Example – Dating are the best saver. Either of the ones can plan a simple and romantic date idea at home. If both are working and busy on the weekdays, plan your date ideas at home on Sundays.

In so many great and simple ways love can be expressed, and trust can be gained in a healthy relationship. All you need is love and patience.

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Be a Good Listener

My husband is a very good listener. Whenever I have something to share or say, he always patiently lends his ears to me. He listens, motivates, and encourages me always. I feel so thankful to him for the quality he has.

Why am I saying a good listener helps in building ‘trust’ in a relationship?

Take my situation as an example – My husband is a very positive person, whereas I tend to get negative quickly. In times of any failure or difficult times, I get demotivate quickly.

Back of my mind, I always have the ‘trust’ that my husband will support and uplift my confidence. I always have trust in my relationship that if I go down or feel down, I have him beside me.

Similarly, when he faces any difficult situation or had a bad day in the office, he knows I am there to uplift his mood and make him feel comfortable at home.

Or, in any situation where he can’t manage, he pushes me forward because he ‘trust’ me as his soul partner.

So, what I am trying to say is ‘try to be a good listener’ in your relationship; it will help shape your trust in each other and increase the understanding level.

Good listening skill

Never ever cheat on each other

Trust cannot be built overnight. In a relationship, both individuals have to nurture their love for each other, stay faithful and be 100% committed to each other.

If you are not faithful or loyal to your partner, there is no way your relationship will work. Yes, couples do try to regain trust and try to work on their relationship even after one partner cheats.

But once the trust is broken, it is extremely hard to rebuild or regain the trust. There’s always remain a deep crack in the relationship which can’t be mend.

Building ‘trust’ requires undeniable commitment, love, kindness, and respect.

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Take decisions mutually

How taking decisions mutually build ‘trust’ in a relationship?

When you are in a relationship, it involves two individuals having different opinions and perspectives towards life and matters.

It is important to respect each other’s views and opinions. Your perspective towards a thing might not match your partner’s opinion, but you must consider listening to her/his opinion as a partner.

After consulting with each other, taking decisions together defines how much understanding and trust is there in your relationship.

For example: In my marriage, my husband and I always consult with each other before taking any decisions. Be it before buying any sofa or regarding any investment, we make sure to consult, take about the pros and cons and then finalize into taking a mutual decision.

Use Your Voice

Teamwork is Important

Like at any sports or office, teamwork boosts confidence and productivity. Likewise, a relationship also needs ‘teamwork.’ Relationships require consistent hard work to maintain, alone can’t be done.

So, both have to equally be committed and play their role respectively in maintaining a ‘healthy relationship.’

Let each other help and guide, learn together new things to improve themselves, and take small steps together towards establishing a beautiful long-term relationship.


Respect each other

Respecting each other is one of the key things to consider in a relationship. Modern relationships lack this key ingredient, hence losing faith in each other, in the relationship and in love.

When two individuals are bonded together in a relationship, they pledge to look after, love, and support each other. Sometimes they forget that with love and support, respecting each other is also mandatory.

From the beginning of your relationship, you love your partner. Still, you disrespect her/him in front of others, never care to listen to her/his opinions, never care about your partner’s wishes and comfort, then how will there be ‘trust?’

To build ‘trust,’ both have to collaborate, everything love, respect, establish understanding, care, attention, provide comfort, motivation, and so on.

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Admit mistakes, Apologies & forgive

Often when a couple involves in an argument, it quickly escalates into a fight. They blame each other for their mistakes, dragging all the past incidents, and sometimes the fight gets so brutal that it creates a gap.

Well, fighting and arguments are natural in a relationship. My husband and I always get ourselves tangled in the midst of an argument, but we know very well how to handle or stop fighting without any effort.

Our argument/fighting never lasts for more than half an hour (30 minutes).

If you want to know our tricks, I have already covered an article on this ‘How to stop fighting in a relationship,you can read.

In brief, three things will help you building ‘trust’ in your relationship – admitting mistakes, say ‘sorry,’ and forgive immediately.

There are several sweet ways to apologize and expressing love to your partner. You can surprise her/him with a ‘sorry’ card or a love letter, some gifts and flowers.

Why keep dragging a dull situation? Instead, you can take the opportunity and do something special for your partner.

admit mistakes

Your Relationship should be your top priority

The subtitle itself explains what I want to say. You must always keep and consider your marriage and relationship your top priority. Nothing comes between or above your relationship.

Promises are Important

Promise in a relationship is important because it shows how much each person values the other and gives them a reason to trust them. Promises can help building trust. You can start keeping promises about little things and see where it is going.

For example, Keep the promise of bringing the kids from the school, picking up flowers for the guest etc.

There are times when you may hurt your partner by breaking the promises. This can be avoided if you start taking care of the small habits. They may sound worthless, but small things shouldn’t be overlooked.

Promises also help you identify your partner’s intention and commitment, which is crucial for building long-lasting relationships.

promises in relationship

Love each other unconditionally

Both need to be feel loved by each other unconditionally. Be open to each other about your emotions and feelings. It is very crucial to show each other how much they meant for them and show that you completely ‘trust’ each other.

Love is the only thread that binds two individuals in a relationship. If there is no love, there is no point in any relationship. People say, in a relationship, both have to compromise; I beg to differ.

If you both love each other unconditionally, all the other components that make a relationship healthy follows.

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So, these are my 11 effective & outstanding ways to build trust in a relationship.’ If a couple can implement these points in their relationship from the beginning, trust will establish with zero effort.

In that case, I can assure not only will your relationship be strong, but the very foundation of your relationship can never break.

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