29 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2020 for New Couples

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Oh! February is coming, and its Valentine’s Day when couples plan their date ideas and gifts.

So, are you in love? Do you want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with your beloved in a unique way? But you are out of date ideas?

Well, here I have come up with some amazing budget-friendly and romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas for new couples.

Valentine’s day is knocking the doors and can be one of the most romantic days for the couples. Irrespective of any age or gender, if you are in love, then Valentine’s day is your day.

After all, this day is special when a couple promises each other to spend the day together, express their love, and celebrate togetherness.

So, all the date ideas that I am going to share are lovely yet simple date ideas.

In my four years of marriage life, my husband and I have followed them, and successfully, these date ideas helped improve our relationship.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas –

Picnic in a park

Do you love a simple date idea? Then, arranging an outdoor picnic in a park would be a great date thing to do. You can bring readymade food and wine to chill the winter morning on a sunny day and enjoy the moment with your adored.

Valentine's day date ideas

Binge Watching

There are so much content every week on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime that binge-watching on weekends and holidays are sometimes feeling quite relaxing. Especially when you don’t want to go out in the crowd.

I know it’s unfair to stay indoor on Valentine’s Day, but some people like me think binge-watching is exciting and can be quite a good date idea for couples.

Favorite Cuisine

What’s your favorite cuisine?

Well, a good meal can fill you and your partner’s heart and mood, but if it is her/his favorite cuisine, then it could turn out to be the best date ever.

Like, mine is Thai cuisine. So, my husband on our every Friday date night takes me for dinner to have Thai food, which although isn’t his favorite. Still, it gives him immense pleasure to see me happy eating Thai food.

Thai cuisine Pune के लिए इमेज नतीजे"

Invite at Home for a Meal

Do I mean cooking?

Exactly, you got me. I find it very romantic when your partner invites you home and feeds you with what he/she cooks.

The food doesn’t have to be the finest, but the effort that they put to make you happy is appreciable.

So, on this Valentine’s day, you can invite your date for dinner at home and surprise her with your cooking skill.

Valentine's day date ideas 'Cooking together'

Arcade Day

Any teenage couple would love spending a few hours at an arcade. It is fun, enjoyable, and a perfect budget-friendly sweet Valentine’s day date idea.

Flowers & Chocolate

Valentine’s day is incomplete without flowers and chocolates. The stores remain full of young lovers buying exotic chocolates and a bouquet of flowers on this special day.

Romantic Rooftop date

You want some more romantic date ideas?

How about a rooftop date at your house? You can set up a patio table and chairs or a rug, where you both can sit and gaze at the wide sky with twinkling stars, both engage in peaceful conversation and eating slices of delicious pizzas.

Ah! I think no date could be so much perfect.

You can also propose to her/him, say ‘I Love You’ and make the moment more romantic and memorable.

Desert Day

Your partner can surely ignore all the sugary intakes just for a day and enjoy delectable desserts on Valentine’s day. You can take her/him to the city’s one of the best dessert café.

29 Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2020 for New Couples 1

Stroll Alongside the Beach

Well, the subtitle says it all. A beautiful long walk in the sunset alongside the beach holding each other’s palm and igniting love sounds romantic itself.

Surprise them by taking to a beach.

Bake Together

Like cooking, you can also make plans for baking together on Valentine’s day. You can pre-book a baking class for both of you and enjoy trying something new.

A long drive

For me, a long road drive is always a good date idea. You can sit inside the car for hours watching the country landscape and getting to experience the local food.

When it comes to Valentine’s day date ideas, you can take your date for a long drive, and on that journey of hours, both can communicate and share each other’s thoughts.

(This Valentine’s day my husband and I are planning a long 8-hour road trip to Goa again)

Wine Tasting

Couples who are fond of wine they often love to visit various vineyards and taste different flavors of wine.

So, if you and your partner love wine tasting, then on this special day, you can take her/him to your city’s best vineyard and spend quality time sipping some of the best wine.

Wine tasting के लिए इमेज नतीजे"

Romantic City Walk

As Valentine’s day is in February, which is the month of winter, a city walk on a wintery night feels great and quite passionate.

When I was in Seattle, USA, my husband and I often used to go for a city walk in the chilly wintery night. We used to love taking a stroll in the Seattle Waterfront area.

Pizza Day-Date

Weekdays are always tiresome, so a weekend is a time when I can often order pizza at home and enjoy binge-watching with my family.

But you can also have a pizza day on your date, which means you can plan either to take away a large pizza and enjoy a pizza day date at home with your spouse/girlfriend.

Or you can invite your partner to Papa John’s or Dominos and have a simple budget-friendly Valentine’s day date.

Ice-Skating Date

Couples always love the idea of hitting the ice-skating rink, just like our favorite rom-coms. It is fun, exciting, and creates a sweet moment that later both will cherish forever.

Indoor Romantic Picnic Valentine’s day date ideas

So, if you can plan a picnic outside in a park, then you can also arrange a picnic inside the home.

If it’s freezing outside and snowing, then how will you go out? Will that disrupt your plan?

Of course, no. You can go to the QFC or Walmart and buy all the items that are required for a cozy picnic at home and arrange a beautiful small indoor romantic picnic.

Dance Together and Get Silly

You can dance with your partner at home on peppy music and enjoy being together. You can sing, dance, jump literally can do anything that you both enjoy.

Well, would this be considered a date?

Why not? A date means when two people can spend time together doing what they like to do. Just play music on Gaana.com or Amazon music and dance on her/his favorite tune.

Play Board Games

Some couples love spending their date night playing board games at home and maybe ordering food from the restaurant. There are so many board games that you can play on your date evening or night for fun.

A Mini Romantic Gateway

Planning a short romantic gateway on Valentine’s day would be a perfect date idea to spend quality time with your beloved partner.

You can plan a 2 days trip to the beaches or to a beautiful hill station where you both can rejuvenate your love and make 14th February a memorable day.

Valentine's day date ideas

Gift Each Other Something that They Love

When it comes to giving gifts to the person who matters for you the most, you tend to become particular about what gift you should give.

A gift is a gesture or a token of love. So, it kind of feels essential that what we give should be able to express our appreciation to that concerned person.

On Valentine’s day date, couples gift each other like a teddy bear, flowers, chocolates and etc. But what if you give them something that they love and values.

Go Cycling Together

Now, if you the kind of person for whom materialistic importance comes the least of value. Instead, you and your partner like to experience adventurous activities.

Both can get geared up and begin cycling together and be active.

This is an offbeat date idea for couples on Valentine’s day.

Outdoor Activity

So, as I have mentioned in the previous point that planning an outdoor activity can also prove to be a great date idea.

You can join a team of bikers, a hiking team, or active participation in a trekking event.

There are a lot of many outdoor activities that you can do with your partner, and this is a fantastic way to spend quality time together and be supportive of each other.

Dine Out in a Good Restaurant

Valentine’s day is incomplete without a proper good delicious dinner in a decent restaurant. Dining out in a restaurant of your choice or your partner’s that serves good food is what needed to end the day on a perfect note.

Valentine's day date idea

A Tour of an Unexplored Town

Take Valentine’s day weekend outing to somewhere where both haven’t been before. Book an Airbnb and explore the place, its best tourist spot and the best restaurant.

Musical Concert Date

Surprise your date by taking them to a musical concert, especially if they love music. Make it more surprising by gifting her/him something special at that event.

Plan Your Date at an Amusement Park

You can also plan your date to the coolest park in the city. A dating plan like this can be tremendously fun. Both can spend quality time together in enjoyment and get to know each other’s fun side.

Go, Bowling

Date night in a bowling alley could be fun and kind of an old school dating idea. You can pair up together and cheer up each other.

It is an excellent budget-friendly dating idea that you can plan to have on Valentine’s day this year.

Rent a Cabin on Airbnb

If your partner works too hard and hardly gets time for relaxation, then surprise them by renting a cabin or homestay amidst nature.

Take the opportunity of this special day when he/she can’t say no to your plan.

You can book in Airbnb anytime.

Go Shopping

Women Men everybody loves shopping. So, if your date loves shopping, then why not taking her/him to shop for some fantastic clothes and gifts for each other.


Don’t refrain yourself from surprise your partner with a good date on Valentine’s day. It is a day of love, so be entirely in love and if you are struggling to come up with a date idea.

Please, have a look at these amazing dating ideas that I have provided. I am sure it will help you in your planning with your date.

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