Ultimate List of Budget-friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Lost in thoughts about what to give on a Christmas party to someone who loves traveling?

Travelers aren’t that tough to shop for. There are tons of valuable things you can think of gifting to a travel fanatic. So, I have compiled a list of 26 budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas, especially for travel lovers.

As Christmas is coming, if you have to shop for a travel lover the list below can provide you with some ideas.

  • A Travel Journal

Every traveler loves to carry a travel journal. It is an integral part of a traveler’s life. It is exciting to write down all the experiences and adventures of a trip. It is one of the best things to gift a travel lover.

Price: $10-$15


  • Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet

Carrying a multi-purpose travel wallet is very helpful during a trip. You can keep the money, cards and other relevant documents in one place. It will make your traveling more comfortable.

Price: $12-$17

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  • Portable Power Bank

If you are gifting any traveler a portable power bank this could be the best gift, he/she can think of. Travelling is all about experience and journey; portable power bank can keep your phone fully charge. When you are traveling, you might not have access to a power point to charge your mobile at that point a portable power bank can solve your problem.

Price: Within $45


  • Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottle keeps water hot and cold for long hours. So, travelers prefer to carry an insulated water bottle always whenever they are outdoor.

Price: $15-$30


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  • Universal Travel Adapter

A person who travels quite a lot to other nations a universal travel adapter is necessary for him/her because different country has different plugging system.

I have two international travel adapters. Both I bought from Amazon.

Price: within $20


  • Magnetic Mini Globe

A magnetic globe is something that your travel friend will love dearly. The globe comes with magnetic pins, and one can pin all the places they have been to. You can’t carry this while you are traveling, but for a wanderlust, a magnetic desk globe is pretty an amazing gift.

Price: You will get this on Amazon within $65


  • Smartphone Waterproof Case

Damaging your phone on your trip can be devastating. We all keep so much in our phones -contacts, photos, videos, apps that help us during our journey. Just like you protect your skin from the sun rays and don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Likewise, you should keep your phones protected too with a smartphone case.

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I am sure if you gift your traveler friend a ‘Smartphone Waterproof Case’ he/she will be happy accepting that.

Price: It comes at around $7 – $15


  • Keychain with Travel Compass

A compass is a very helpful and an essential tool in traveling. It saves a traveler from getting lost.

You can definitely think of gifting a compass to your traveler friend and keeps her safe.

Price: Around $8 -$14


  • Custom Luggage Tag

A custom luggage tag is classy and a sophisticated thing to gift on a Christmas party to your travel friend. When your friend sees her name and address engraved on the luggage tag, she will for sure going to love and use it on her next trip.

Price: You will get a good custom luggage tag in between $10 – $28.

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  • Travel Themed Coffee Mug

A travel-themed coffee mug will always remind your friend of her travel experiences. Not only this, he/she could carry the mug to their travel destinations too, and while sipping hot tea or coffee, you will always be remembered.

Price: Mostly starts from $15 – $30


  • Noise Cancelling Headphone

Noise canceling headphone is a must to add an item when traveling especially when you are on a long flight journey. I have my two favorites when it comes to headphones – Sony and Bose. Currently, I am using Sony and needless to say it is a fantastic product.

So, noise-canceling headphones are one of the best gifts for travel fanatics.

Price: Bose Noise Canceling Headphone cost $299

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones cost around $200


  • Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle Paperwhite is a perfect Christmas gift for an avid book reader. She/he can carry to any corner of the world and enjoy reading sitting in a restaurant or hotel.

I love Kindle Paperwhite because of its portability and access to more a thousand e-books.

Price: Cost around $130 online


  • Tilley Hat

Tilley hat is the most endurable, packable and comfortable bestselling travel hats in the world. It protects your face, and neck from the sun rays. You will always see hats like this in the beaches. There are a great variety of Tilley hats for men and women in the market.

I think if your friend is going on a beach vacation post-Christmas, a Tilley hat is all she needs.

Price: It ranges from $50 -$60


  • Beauty Gift Set

Even though you are traveling, you never forget about your skincare and wellness. Likewise, you care for your friend’s wellness right?. How about surprising her by gifting a ‘beauty set’?

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You will get so many good products out there in the market like Burt’s Bees Natural Beauty Gift Set, Tula Skincare Kit. You can gift any of this travel beauty set and make your friend feel special this Christmas.

Price: Cost within $40

  • A Travel Book

If your friend loves reading, then a travel book could be an ideal Christmas gift. A book is always a better companion when you are traveling alone. You won’t get bored out of it especially during long hours in flight or airport.

If your budget is limited, then you can think of gifting a good travel book instead of a Kindle.

Price: It always varies from book to book.


  • Fashionable Scarf

You are in Macy’s buying Christmas gifts for your family, and suddenly you remember that you are invited to your friend’s house at dinner.

Wondering what to give that pleases her?

There it is. A simple scarf. But you aren’t happy with the choice of giving just a scarf. Then you found something interesting. A scarf with hidden zip pocket where one can keep a phone, money, or even passport. A perfect gift for someone who is a passionate travel person.

Price: This cool light weighted fit for all season scarf cost around $20 -$22.


  • Digital Luggage Scale

A Digital Luggage Scale is handy for them who travels frequently. Why end up paying extra for baggage overweight? With the help of a digital luggage scale, you can weigh your luggage and avoid the excess fees and unnecessary strain which is why luggage scale makes an excellent Christmas gift for travel lovers.

Price: On Amazon, it cost around $13 -$14.


  • Portable Travel Jewelry Box

Women love wearing pieces of jewelry. But it can be painful when it gets lost while traveling. Several times it happened to me, I remember how upset I was in my entire trip for missing one of my favorite pearl earrings.

I am sure you wouldn’t want the same to happen to your friend too. So, what could be better to gift your close friend than a ‘Portable Travel Jewelry Box’ where she can keep safe all her desired jewelry.

Price: Not much within $15

  • Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

A toiletry bag is a necessary item for men when they are traveling around the world. It’s a bag where you can keep plenty of things of your needs, all in one place. A leather bag always gives you a feeling of sophistication and being classy.

So, for your male travel-loving friend a ‘leather Toiletry Bag’ can be an ideal Christmas gift.

Price: It cost around close to $45.

  • Selfie Stick
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Who doesn’t love to carry a selfie stick on a trip? Everyone enjoys taking their picture which we call ‘selfie.’  With a ‘Selfie Stick,’ you can adjust the angle of your phone, extend the stick as per your need. You can also use it for taking video of the place that you have been to.

A selfie stick is handy and travel-friendly camera tool.

Price: A right Selfie stick will cost you around $18 – $20


  • Portable Camera Tripod

A tripod is a necessary tool if your travel friend loves to take photographs and she carries her camera everywhere. Compact and portable Camera Tripod is sturdy enough to hold large cameras, easily detachable, and easy to fit in a bag as it is small.

You will get a portable camera tripod easily on Amazon at a reasonable price.

Price: $25 – $45


  • Travel Duffle Bag

Who wouldn’t love a classic travel duffle bag if given by a friend on Christmas Eve? A good bag is a must needed thing in traveling.

If you browse online, you will see a ton of variety of bags (Duffle and Backpack).

Price: Starting from $30 – $150


  • Travel Tote Bag

Anyone who travels frequently knows how much comfort is carrying a tote bag. It is a perfect bag to take everything in it. While traveling, you need something which is durable, handy yet stylish.

For your travel friend a ‘Tote Bag’ would be a perfect Christmas gift.

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Travel with music is an excellent combination to go for. Some travelers love music way too much. For them, a portable Bluetooth speaker is a perfect Christmas gift you can think of.

My recommendation would be JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker which cost around $50.


  • Essential Travel Kit

In the ‘Essential Travel Kit,’ you can add many things like a sleeping mask, neck pillow, ear plug, a hand towel, and a small organic moisturizer. I think it is a thoughtful and a subtle present to a frequent flyer for in-flight comfort.

Price: It is a combined gift, and it will come around within $30.

  • Photography Book

A book filled with travel information about places and stunning pictures of those places which may inspire your friend to think of traveling more. A gift like this will for sure be very much likable and bring a smile on your friend’s face.

Price: Somewhat around $25

I hope you enjoyed reading the article. If you want to add anything or contribute, please feel free to mail me at

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Thank you!

Merry Christmas in advance to you all.





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