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Tracey Gordon Is the Reason Why You Should Watch Netflix’s British Television Sitcom ‘Chewing Gum’

I have recently finished watching Michaela Coel’s one of the most exceptional comedy series “Chewing Gum” on Netflix.

Let me ask you, have you seen Netflix’s ‘Chewing gum’?

Because if you haven’t, I am going to give you reasons why you shouldn’t give it a miss.

Every week Netflix feature new and fresh content; among them, some succeed to entice us and a few goes hidden.

Michaela Coel’s series has proved its metal in the genre of comedy exploring social issues like ethnicity, race, faith, and sexuality in a unique way.

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YouTube: Trailer of a scene from Netflix’s Chewing Gum

Tracey Gordon is a religious virgin shop assistant, living in a London housing estate with her mother and sister. She has a boyfriend who is extremely religious and strictly against sex before marriage. But poor Tracey desperately wants to have sex. She wants to experience it.

Now, you must be thinking about how it could be a good series that involves only sex and religious stuff?

Initially, I thought the same “what rubbish does this show is about?”

But gradually as I follow Tracey’s story, I felt there is more than just Tracey wanting to have sex.

Like I said in my title ‘Tracey Gordan is the reason to watch ‘Chewing Gum.’

I am guessing you don’t know much about the creator Michaela Coel who played the character, Tracey Gordon.

This young lady has multiple talents. She is a primarily British actress who is also a singer, songwriter, screenwriter, and poet. She won BAFTA and Breakthrough Talent for the British television sitcom Chewing Gum which she has gave the best performance along with writing the story.

Michaela Coel has tried to show through the eyes of Tracey another side of London city that she has experience growing up in a Ghanaian family.

She has broken the stereotype of the comedy genre, and it’s more like a dark comedy in which she has excelled herself.

Tracey is bold and straight-forward in front of the camera telling her audience her strong opinions. She makes weird facial expressions and gives bizarre gesture all the time because she is too confused about Christianity, her belief and her being a sex-obsessed.

In the first season, there is a scene at the beginning of the show where she along with her boyfriend are praying in front of Jesus, but she was feeling ecstatic in thoughts of having sex with her boyfriend.

The constant sexual innuendos might make you think the show as vulgar, but you have to keep in mind that Chewing Gum is about Tracey’s sexual journey.

Note: So, if you have a faint heart or have kids at home, please don’t watch.

Tracey shows her millions of juggling feelings through her expressions which might make her look awkward on the screen but it justified what she means to say, the more profound thought of her identity.

The first season is focused more on Tracey endless effort to get laid with her boyfriend and at several other occasions at which she fails.

Tracey’s abandoning her Christian lifestyle by breaking up with her boyfriend in pursuit of exploring her sexual desires.

Netflix’s ‘Chewing Gum’ is a one-woman show focused on showing Tracey’s journey to adulthood.

Tracey has major self-esteem issues which are the story of Michaela Coel’s childhood in northeast London. She is a timid young lady who fears from going against anything or expressing herself fearing if something goes wrong.

Connor who is a white guy lives in her block, on whom Tracey has a crush but reluctant to move forward because he is a white.

Michaela has also framed social issues like race and class in her script in an unconventional way. These issues regularly popped up in different situations and angles, which emphasizes how dominating these issues are for a “black poor young girl.”

At each racial reference, she used cunning jokes and comments throughout the show. All the issues that Michaela Coel talks about are serious and could hurt the audience’s sentiments, but she handles all the elements beautifully by putting the comic relief mode of expression.

A section of the audience will laugh hilariously if they understand Tracey’s jokes.

Tracey makes fun of living in London’s gritty areas portraying housing estates as negative and dark. Coel explicitly told the Radio Times, “Chewing Gum is the London that I know.”

British Actress Michaela Coel from Netflix's Chewing Gum
British Actress Michaela Coel

‘Chewing Gum’ exposed the very intricate details of a black man’s thought process about women. Coel herself being so vocal about her race and sexuality while interviewing she said, “black men aren’t attracted toward dark-skinned women.” The reason for this she gave is the ‘post-traumatic slave syndrome.’

Tracey herself somewhere had the same perception that being a black herself, men might not find her attractive enough to engage in sexual pleasure with her. Tracey represents millions of other black young ladies like her.

I love watching comedy genre of sitcoms, but Netflix’s Chewing Gum touches the new generation of black comedy by writers like Michaela Coel.

This is entirely my analysis of the character Tracey in ‘Chewing Gum’ who is the soul of this show. Chewing Gum is a true work of a genius. If you are a Netflix fan, consider watching this amazing British comedy Television series.

Do let us know your opinion because your feedback is essential for us.

Thank you.

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