Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Mobile That Helps You to Take Better Travel Photos 1

Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Mobile That Helps You to Take Better Travel Photos

We all love taking pictures and like being clicked when we are traveling to beautiful places. It always feels good and lively, taking pictures of new places with family and sharing them with others.

Impressive travel photos are what we aspire on our journey through all the breathtaking places.

With the arrival of social media, it has changed the equation and purpose of traveling. Some take pictures for memories to cherish whereas some to post on Facebook and Instagram to make tons of followers and likes.

Now, you need stunning well-enhanced photographs, smartphones with good camera lens allows you to take better photos but it won’t make your image to another level as any professional photographer does.

What does a photo editing app do?

It’s, simple. The work of any photo editing app is to enhance an image by adjusting features like brightness, contrast, saturation and by adding different filters.

Now, almost all the photo editing apps do have the same functionality, but a few have an added filter or features like text, photo collage, slow motion and many more.

Gone are those days when only a DSLR can capture better pictures. The editing process has now become an essential part of photography.

Smartphones like Samsung, iPhone, One Plus have now advanced camera lens that helps any travel enthusiast to take some fantastic shots of their travel experiences.

Why is this post different?

You must be thinking there is nothing new that this blog post has to say. But I bet you will find it quite helpful when you read the entire article.

I will provide details about each “photo editing apps for mobile for travel photography.”

A picture of a landscape edited by using photo editing app
A photograph taken and edited using Snapseed photo editing app by me

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best and simple photo editing tools by Adobe. You can install the Adobe Lightroom software in your desktop too.

Lightroom has been created for professional photographers, to edit their ‘raw capture images’ quickly and effectively without changing their original image. The software does both organizing and editing process.

Lightroom presets in the menu are great, and the Lightroom Classic color control panel works great too.

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It has an HSL panel which allows you to adjust each color without affecting the other. It has excelled in creating great black and white images.

The software has in-built brush preset which allows the photographer to adjust skin tone. For wedding photographers, the brush tool is beneficial for retouching.

Not only this, it has “auto mask tool” which automatically detects the edges.

You can do all the necessary editing work using only Lightroom. I have been using this software for a long time on my laptop, and from personal experience, I am saying it is a highly useful tool.

Recently, I have installed Lightroom for mobile use, and it’s working okay.

Image of Adobe Lightroom photo editing software
Image of Adobe Lightroom photo editing app


If you love HDR images, then nothing is better than “Pro HDR X” app. This is an evolved version of Pro HDR X.

The app gives you enhanced HDR photos, it analyzes the picture, and by auto-picking, the best exposure combination gives you a stunning photograph that you are looking for.

The app provides you with a lot of features like a collection of frames and filters.

It makes your photo turn into a nice HDR image that is better than what the old Pro HDR used to offer.

There is only one disadvantage to this app. If you want Pro HDR X in your smartphone, your device needs to have the latest Apple software.

One more thing that I would like to add is, you need to buy this app at only $1.99

Image of comparison between No HDR, iPhone HDR and Pro HDR X


Snapseed is one of the best free photo editing app in mobile for travel lovers. You are a professional photographer or amateur; you will love this app once you get it started.

The best thing is Snapseed is available for both iOS and Android. Snapseed can give you some stunning images if you take keen interested in learning “how to use Snapseed for editing your picture.”

The app has all the necessary editing tools.

You can open your travel images one by one in Snapseed, and start editing as per your preferences like enhancing color, exposure, detail.

You can tune the image, use white balance. It has everything that one can use from their phone.

For your selfies, there is a portrait tool which helps in perfecting the selfies or portrait image by enhancing skin smoothing, face spotlight, and eye clarity.

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There is another tool “Selective” which let you edit colors in your image individually. You can adjust the saturation, brightness, contrast by just selecting a specific area that you want to change.

So, next time you want to edit your travel pictures, try Snapseed and make your travel pictures look visually attractive.

Image of a waterfall photograph clicked by Paulomi Dutta

Pixrl Editor

Pixrl Editor is another amazing photo editing software alternative of the above. You can download the desktop version as well as the mobile. The app functionalities are almost the same as photoshop. Nothing much to say on Pixrl Editor.

Image of Pixlr editor photo editing app

Night Cap Camera

An app that let you take amazing low light and night photos.

Imagine you are on a trip camping somewhere safe and you want to do night photography of the beautiful sky with millions of stars. But there is a problem you don’t have a DSLR and neither a good phone camera.

Well, in such a situation “Night Cap Camera” is the solution. Wouldn’t you like grainy images in low light, right?

The camera of the app is so powerful that it automatically sets focus and required exposure for a clearer night shot.

In long exposure, you need to hold your device steady, as you know. If you prefer the traditional way of photography, the app has manual control for that.

Night Cap Camera is an AI-enhanced tool that focuses only on a shallow light scene for faster result.

There are some fantastic additional features too that are quite exciting like automatic astronomy camera mode for meteors, stars.

Also, the ISO allows up to 4x higher ISO. No other app has this functionality neither can offer.

Image of Night cap Camera app for photo editing


Aviary is a great basic photo editor app for the beginners. Even a kid can use it to edit pictures.

The app Aviary wasn’t designed for the professionals. Some people want to take pictures but aren’t good at it.

Imagine yourself traveling on a beautiful place, and you have taken pictures that aren’t so good but you know if you edit them a little, they will look great. But neither you have the time nor much interest in editing like an expert.

For them, Aviary is perfect. It’s clean and straightforward without many distractions.

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Image of Aviary photo editing app for mobile

Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam is another such app that let you take night photos in long exposure. There are three modes in “slow shutter cam”- motion blur, light trail, and low light.

You hiked to a waterfall and its breathtaking; you want to capture the moment. You don’t need a pro camera for that, open the slow shutter cam in your phone and select the motion blur mode. You will admire the picture.

Light trail mode can be used when you want to capture the trails of light.

Image of a mobile with Slow shutter cam app for photo editing

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is a popular and user-friendly photo editing app for iPhone. It is a rich and powerful editing app with a lot of new features. It has 44 texture filters, 70 frames which includes in-purchase.

The app can be used by all irrespective of amateurs and professionals. You can literally explore the app by start editing your travel images using different tools.

The Afterlight app connects directly to the iPhone camera roll; it has a very friendly user interface with clearly marked icons.

The presets filters are already a built-in tool that saves time.

The Selective Lightness tool is similar to the ‘Hue’, but the selective Lightness tool creates more subtle images. 

Newly added features in the Afterlight app are

  • Dust Textures
  • Light Effects
  • Color Shift
  • Chroma

But, the sad part is you need to pay a small amount to use this app.

Image of the photo editing app Afterlight 2


VSCO is one of my favorite and best free photo editing apps for mobile. VSCO has the best filters for turning your images into something unique and visually striking.

The app offers not just filters but more features like tint, skin tone, fade, and highlight tint.

You can also manually adjust your pictures. If you are more into Instagram, editing your travel images using VSCO could make it more happening. 

Download the VSCO app now and start making your travel images impressive.

Image of the VSCO photo editing app


Instagram is not only a social media platform for sharing pictures, but also offers picture editing options like basic editing features and filters.

If you compare Instagram photo editing features with the popular VSCO, Snapseed, and Lightroom, it is far behind from them, but still, people love editing their travel images at Instagram and upload directly.

Image of the Instagram app

There may be plenty of other photo editing apps, but I feel these are the top 10 photo editing apps for mobile that can enhance your travel pictures to the next level.

Please share with us your opinions.

Hello, I am Paulomi Dutta, a passionate blogger, content creator, a travel enthusiast, and a hard-core movie-lover from Pune, India. I am happily married for 4 years now and like to help other couples by providing them relationship advice to attain happiness in marriage. I am the author and founder of

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