Important Toilet Tips & Hacks for Female Travelers

Important Toilet Tips and Hacks for Female Travelers

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You will find plenty of content about travel tips and destinations, but very few talk about ‘toilet tips and hacks for female travelers.’

It is an important issue that every female traveler faces and thinks about.

As we all know, while traveling to different places it is not possible to get clean toilet everywhere.

Until 2019 when I was traveling to places frequently, I faced issues in finding a cleaner toilet. When you are in the city, it’s not an issue as there are malls, shops, and restaurants where you can use toilets.

But when you are on a road trip, camping or somewhere far away from the city you have faced it too.

When I was in Seattle, USA, my husband and I frequently traveled, exploring the nearby places and cities.

I always tend to look for cleaner toilets, but it is not always a good idea to do that. Sometimes when we were on the road for hours, the only place to use a toilet was the rest area.

So, clean or not, I had to use it.

Now that I am residing in my home country India, here the toilet issue is different. In this blog post, I intend to share how to overcome toilet issues while traveling for female travelers.

Important Toilet Tips and Hacks for Female Travelers

Must carry wet tissues and hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer has become a necessity now due to the Covid situation. Wherever you go carrying a hand sanitizer and wearing masks is mandatory for keeping yourselves safe and protected.

I have written a detailed blog post on how to travel safely during Covid. Since traveling has once again opened up, if you want, you can check out the complete “checklist on safe travel from Covid.”

However, when using the public toilet while traveling, I always carry two things wet tissues and hand sanitizers. You cannot expect to see a clean public toilet; you might feel privileged only if you are lucky. It is usually expected that the toilet won’t be cleaner and won’t be less smelly.

People use these public toilets 24/7; using hand sanitizer will keep your hands bacteria-free.

Likewise, wet tissues are also useful while traveling. You can clean up the toilet seat with the wet tissue before sitting on it.

Toilet tips for female travelers

Carry a scarf

My next one of the amazing “Toilet tips and hacks for female travelers” is to carry a ‘scarf.’

I am not talking about a woolen scarf; a simple cotton scarf will be more beneficial in covering your nose properly and saving you from the disgusting smell.

If you are on the road and know that the next public toilet you can use is an hour or two away, you will have no other option than to use the existing one.

You might encounter toilet situations like this: dirty, smelly, never been cleaned in weeks, perhaps. This is when a scarf, wet tissue, and hand sanitizers can save you the best.

I faced an exactly similar situation during my trip from Seattle to Spokane.

Silk Scarf

Keep Your Belongings Safe

If you are taking a city tour, this isn’t the issue. However, if you are, say, traveling via public transport in places like India, Sri Lanka, and so on, keeping your belongings safe is vital.

You never know when you will get cheated, and thieves will loot your belongings.

This kind of situation is very much prevalent in India. If you are on a backpacking trip and especially a foreigner, petty pickpocketers and thieves will take advantage of your dire situation.

How can you avoid such a horrible situation?

You wouldn’t want any bad experiences while traveling, right?

The best advice I can give is to ‘use paid public toilets.’

There are plenty of paid public toilets that are much cleaner and safer. To use the toilet, you have to pay a minimal charge; the caretaker will also look after your belongings.

The North Face backpack


Here is a pro-tip, always keep coins if you are using paid public toilets. As they don’t charge hefty and neither do they accept payment through cards.

Keep Disposable Soap papers

This is something I always carry when I travel. A packet of disposable soap papers are very useful. It can be used after eating, washing off the dirt and dust from your hand, using public toilets, etc.

If you are traveling with a kid you can keep their hands and palm always clean.

You can get it at any pharmacy, and these are very travel-friendly.

Wear covered shoes

Yes, covered shoes are the best kind of shoes to wear when traveling. I see women wearing slippers or flip-flops when they travel. They say it is comfortable. I can’t entirely agree.

If you are on a beach, flip-flops are undoubtedly great. But when you are traveling on a flight or by road, you should always wear covered shoes. It not only keeps your feet clean but also comfy in driving or walking.

So, to all the female travelers, do wear covered shoes when you travel. Eventually, when you use public toilets, it will keep your feet safe.

wear covered shoes  while traveling

Toilet Tips for Female Travelers in India

Here are some tips for the female traveler if they are coming to India.

  • If you are traveling in India, you will find many paid public toilets in every railway station and main roads.
  • Make sure to use paid toilets as they are much cleaner and safer.
  • If you are traveling via public transport like train, make sure to use hand sanitizer, wet tissues, and soap tissues.
  • For your belongings, lock them properly and do not leave them unattended.
  • Unlike the USA and other European countries, public toilets in India don’t have western toilets. Only malls and restaurants have them. So, you might be in a bit of shock at first glance.


So, I hope this blog post finds you well and helpful. I will keep posting more articles that are valuable, and I hope to get more support from you.

Thanks for reading!

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