8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do After a Fight in a Relationship 1

8 Stupid Things You Should Never Do After a Fight in a Relationship

You might feel you need some guidance on how to resolve relationship conflicts, how to deal with fights and how to patch things up after an episode of fight in a relationship.

In this article, I will provide with some tips on what are those things that you should never say or do after a fight in a relationship.

Relationship conflicts are normal. Every couple in a relationship fight. We fight for so many reasons.

Even in a healthy relationship, arguments take a turn into an ugly fight sometimes. A constant fight in a relationship can weaken your relationship.  

If you handle your conflicts with tenderness and kindness, take your and your partner’s feelings into account, you can manage them well.

Here are 8 Things You Should Never Do After a Fight In a Relationship –

Never share details of your fight on social media or with a friend

This is a blunder that many couples do. You must never post on your social media profile about your fight. Often, I have seen how a partner share her/his feelings on Facebook or Instagram after a major fight with their significant other.

You may feel deeply saddened about the fight with your partner, but that’s a personal emotion. You must not feel the need to share the feelings of that very moment on your social media account.

This will lead to unnecessary speculations and people may ask your significant partner about what happened etc. Unknown about your actions, your partner might not like it and instead of calming down the fight, this will aggravate the situation.

You have to understand that every relationship goes through an episode of fight. There will be disagreements but if given time to each other the fight will get dissolve and your relationship will soon be back in its place.

Henceforth, always remember no sharing of the details of your fight with any of your friends, either.

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Don’t expect your partner to come to you & apologies

After an argument or fight, you might expect that your partner will come to you to apologies and make things better.

Never. You can not force your partner to come back to you and accept their fault. Mostly are reluctant to do that. It is understandable that you want to talk about what had happened. Whoever’s fault it is, don’t keep the expectation from your partner to come to you first.

If you have been hurt and if your partner realizes his/ her fault will apologies. But if they don’t, you can not make them to say ‘sorry’ unless they take the responsibility.

Quit the blame game after a fight in a relationship. Instead, take some time to process what happened and establish a communication for why the fight happened, what both felt about it and finally the conclusion.

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Don’t go to bed angry

Why to drag the issue and be angry after a fight?

Well, that’s a very normal behaviour to be angry after a fight with your partner. But there are certain things that you can do to calm your anger before you go to bed together.

Hug together while lying down and discuss the issues calmly. Share the feelings and opinion calmly with each other. The most important thing is to listen to each other, see what your partner wants to say.

In a minute, you will see yourself sleeping in your partner’s arm with all the anger vanishes.

Though many believes that going to bed angry is fine as anger dissolves as you sleep. However, I believe the opposite. It’s important we sleep peacefully by making sure that we have dealt with the issues which had caused the fight.

No matter how big is your fight never go to bed without patching things up.

Give them the silent treatment

I have heard people sharing that after an argument, both avoid talking to each other for hours and gradually, with time, their fight dissolves.

Do you think that’s the right approach to deal with a fight in a relationship?

Certainly not for me.

Because it may seem that the fight is over, but as the issues have not cleared up, there are chances to bring up this issue in the next fight.

Thus, if this process continues, it will start having a negative impact on your relationship.

The silent treatment after a fight rises more tension and emotional disturbances in a relationship. Some people can not handle the silent treatment like me. Speak up, vent out anger, and establish a communication mode to kill the silent treatment.

If you or your partner is one of them must know that the silent treatment never solves the issues when you have ways to do that in a just a few minutes.

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Don’t make excuses

People often make excuses to justify their behaviour after a fight. Their excuses rarely mean anything, they are just for the cover-ups.

You may have hurt your partner’s feeling during the ongoing argument, may have said some hurtful words that you shouldn’t have said. Later, when you realize an apology is fine. But if you give excuses for what you said is highly disrespectful.

Communicating properly and effectively is the only way to solve problems immediately. Learn how to communicate without making stupid excuses.

Excuses often turn the plate towards your partner and blame for what had happened.

Definitely not the right approach to resolve a fight in a relationship.

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Act like nothing had happened

This is one thing you should never do after a fight in a relationship. There will be heated arguments, foul say, blaming and crying may be during the fight. But after it gets over, never you should act like nothing had happened.

You must not ignore about what had happened. Both have been hurt, and it’s fine to vent out anger on each other. But acting like nothing happened and going silent is a lot more dangerous.

Attempt to reconnect with your partner after the fight instead.

Using Hurtful Words

The fight is over now; the atmosphere is quite steamy and both the partners are still mad at each other. Once the argument episode gets over, a couple should never continue the fight and say hurtful things intentionally further.

For example, just after the fight, you start blaming your partner for what he/ she did in the past and it becomes a never-ending series of argument with many hurtful words, blames, pinpointing at each other etc.

There is no winner in a relationship. By uttering every hurtful word, you are hurting the sentiments of your partner and driving yourself away from your partner.

An argument is normal and every couple fights. But let’s not forget to fight it fair and even while having an argument, both should maintain a dignity.

Don’t hold onto the fight

The fight does not always have to be the end of a relationship. If handled with care and sensitivity, your relationship won’t be hampered.

Couples always fight, there’s nothing new about it. But you must not hold onto the fight ever, as it’s not healthy. When you end up holding on to the fight, it makes the situation even worse. You must learn to let it go.

Everybody makes a mistake and if your partner says something unintentionally, that is hurtful, let it go for once. If they apologies immediately and promise never to repeat, accept it and need not to hold it for the future fight.

When a fight erupts, both the partners get upset about the situation and it’s not right to hold on to the fight, instead give each other time, listen and understand each other well. Understand why both disagree, why the fight causes and finally figure out the solution.


These are some of the things you should never do after a fight in a relationship. If you are having issues, and fights frequently, you should not ignore, it’s better to start working on your relationship. As too much fights and disagreements leads to differences in relationship.

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