Amazon Video Prime’s The Family Man Review

77 / 100

The Indian web series is bringing us a lot of great stories lately. The newly added Amazon Prime’s ‘The Family Man’ is a series based on the concept of spy and saving the country from terrorist attacks.

Once again, Manoj Bajpai playing Srikant Tiwari, an uncover agent in the Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell shines above all.

A middle-class man who has a troubled marriage and also a spy who loves his work and country. But he is unable to maintain a balance between the two worlds.

In the opening scene, three people who are in the midst of sea off the coast of Kochi, who are there on a secret mission but got caught up by the coast guards. From here, starts the story.

Agent Srikant Tiwary, who leads a normal life, driving an old car and dropping off his kids to school in the morning. He is nothing like James Bond or Jack Ryan. He has no six-packs, he eats vada pav from the roadside stall and often complains about his marriage to his partner.

 Amazon Prime The family man review

But he is the most worthy agent of the team who has cracked many cases before successfully. Srikant suffers from anxiety and stress disorder due to his job, which involves risk and being a senior of the team, he is responsible for decisions.

He is not a stereotype father, husband or a patriot. He never follows the rules and practices what he preaches. He scolds his kids for using foul language, but he does exactly the same in his work.

He never follows a health check-up. Despite having heart conditions, he drinks and smokes recklessly.

He gets disturbed when his kids, wife, and brother tells him to leave the job because he isn’t earning more. But he doesn’t complain because he knows what he is doing is higher than the rest.

He is trying to keep the nation and his family safe from the threats that is lurking above.

The director has given space to Manoj Bajpai to let him explore the way he does best. Srikant is the character who is a simple man but doing an extraordinary job.

He works with his instinct, which leads him to cross the border to catch one of the suspects.

The best thing about Amazon Prime’s ‘The Family Man’ is the element of humor. There are sequences where Srikant is hilarious as a father and husband.

Like, the scene where his daughter gets suspended from the school, and he is being called by the principal. The agent Srikant had a weirdly funny conversation with the principal, and he left because the team needs him.

But later a day, he did save his daughter by heroically scaring a BMC officer from a school which was, of course, his doing.

There are several such light moments that entertained us. At the same time, some scenes are so filled with tense and lip biting that you won’t believe.

Especially when Srikant cracked the code that the so-called character ‘Moosa’ whom we thought is innocent is the actual ‘threat.’

Moosa (Neeraj Madhav) is a fascinating character in the series. He is vulnerable, sharp, and unpredictable. He is the mastermind in The Family Man.

In the subplot, there is also the story of supporting casts. Mainly, Srikant’s wife played by Priyamani, her marital relationship with Srikant. She is like any other busy woman, who is a mother of two kids and a working woman.

She is upset with her mundane work life, and her displeasure towards Srikant.

Her character represents the situation of wives who wants little appreciation, love, and care from their husband.

In ‘The Family Man,’ the husband and wife relationship is shown as a cold and dying marriage where the only connecting source is their kids.

Amazon Prime’s The Family Man is a beautiful depiction of the character’s dual life that is prevalent in today’s world.

As the episodes moving forward, the story gets unfold with many layers of personal and patriotism issues.

As a viewer, I was expecting the character of Moosa to be more concrete and challenging. As he is the only character that challenges Srikant and the TASC team.

Overall, it is worth watching India web series on Amazon Prime talking about everyday issues which a middle-class family faces other than nationalism and national security.

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