‘The Invisible Man’ Ending Explained

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So, today I end up watching Leigh Whannell’s 2020 ‘The Invisible Man.’ With the name of the movie, ‘The Invisible Man,’ it pretty much gives an idea that the movie has something to do with an invisible man.

But I should mention before starting that if you haven’t yet watched the film, you better stop reading because it isn’t a spoiler-free.

However, I shall be talking about the movie ends but to explain that I have to talk about the movie plot and its characters.

‘The Invisible Man’

Elisabeth Moss is playing the character Cecilia is not a crazy woman. The film opens with Cecilia living in a huge mansion with her husband, and she is trying to run away in the middle of the night without making a noise.

She met her sister and told her to drive the car immediately; soon, a man later came to the understanding that he was her husband came running and smashed the car window.

I, as an audience, assumed that something gross has happened between the couple. Cecilia, all panicked and scared, briefed her sister that how her husband was controlling her in everything, and it was getting scarier to stay with him.

In simple words, she was being tormented and abused by her husband, Adrian. Soon, her sister broke the news to Cecilia that Adrian had committed suicide and left Cecilia with a $5 million inheritance.

Furthermore, Tom (Michael Dorman), who is representing Adrian’s estate, revealed that she would get the money in monthly as long as she is mentally fit and haven’t committed a felony. Sounds good.

Soon after that, Cecilia started feeling the presence of an invisible man in the house where she lived with her friend James (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid).

She is trying to convince them that Adrian is doing something ‘an invisible’ and tormenting her. But no one believes her, so she has to take matters into her hand, and she went to Adrian’s house to dig further.

There she finds out Adrian’s sci-fi suit, well convinced now fully she needed her sister to believe. Moreover, she needed someone on her side.

An invisible man can be invincible. He can be anywhere and can do anything that no one will notice unless he wanted to be. The slitting of Emily’s throat, Cecilia’s sister, is sudden and horrific.

It looked like Cecilia killed her sister, as witnessed by people in the restaurant. She got handcuffed. Losing her sister in front of her eyes is a big deal now, and she knows she can’t hide any longer, and she fights back.

Inside the cell to have Adrian’s attention, she digs her wrist with a pen, which she knows Adrian wouldn’t want. A fight ignites between the guards and the invisible man; meanwhile, Cecilia escapes to save Sydney as he attacked her in their house.

In a fight sequence, Adrian got shot dead by Cecilia. Relieved.  

Oh! Here comes the surprise, the invisible man isn’t Adrian, it is Tom, his brother.

The Invisible Man Ending Explained

Cecilia is free of all charges, but she knows she isn’t safe as long as Adrian is out there.

It seems according to the statement of Adrian, he is the victim himself, and he was being gagged and tied up in his house by Tom.

Though Cecilia isn’t convinced as she knows Adrian very well, she is certain that it is Adrian who has been pulling strings, and he may have also played the part of being ‘an invisible man.’

With the help of James, Cecilia, for the last time, went to meet Adrian for dinner to get him to admit that it was all his doing. Adrian didn’t admit and trying to convince her to settle down the issues between them.

Adrian might be the one behind all the set up of ‘an invisible man’ torturing Cecelia and breaking her down. Also, he might not be; maybe he is the victim and telling the truth to Cecilia.

Still, he is the abuser, and that doesn’t make him a less culprit. As Tom is dead now, maybe it is easier for Adrian to lay down all the blame on him.

But Cecilia is changed after toiling so much emotional and mental trauma she is certain to put him down this time once for all.

She went to the washroom, and we see Adrian slashing his throat with the knife that was on the table. The moment we see it looks like he had admitted suicide.

Cecilia came running from the restroom, still crying and called 911. Her expression changed, and it becomes clear that it was she who killed Adrian just like he did to her sister Emily.

The law only wants proof, and the camera sees this a clean shot suicide.

Cecilia used Adrian’s invisible suit to kill him. As she came out of the house, there was only James, and although James knew what Cecilia had done. But there was nothing that he can do now. Justice served for Cecilia.

It is an apt ending that has left no gap in the plot. The movie explores the win of rightness over an abuser.

We, as the audience, are not sympathizing over the death of Adrian because we know that the atrocity of men over women has to stop.

It is not a horror movie, but you can say it is a thriller film.

The movie is trying to represent how important it is to fight back when a woman is dragging to hell in domestic violence. When you are the victim and have no one on your side to fight, you alone have to rise and seek justice.

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