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Tesalate Beach Towel Review: Best Sand-Free Towel for Beach Lovers

93 / 100


Have you ever heard of a sand-free beach towel?

Till last week I haven’t even had the idea that a sand-free beach towel does actually exist. Just think, a towel that sweeps off the sand quickly and easily.

So, I am fortunate enough to be asked by Tesalate, an Australian towel brand, to give a review for their beach towels. At first, I was a bit doubtful about a beach towel being ‘sand-free’ and highly absorbent.

But I thought to give it a try.

I received the towel a few days ago and planned for a beach trip to Goa and checked out their towels.

Tesalate Beach Towel Features

Compact and Lightweight

After receiving the towel and during unpacking, I realized that these towels aren’t any ordinary beach towel. My first impression about the towel was ‘how light and compact the towel is.’

Tesalate beach towel

This is a perfect thing to carry with you on your beach holiday. The Tesalate towel weighs approximately around 500-600g. So, you can imagine how lightweight the towel can be.

I carried my Teasalate beach towel into my daily backpack along with additional items. Also, it is not at all heavy as compared to other standard towels.

You can easily roll up and nicely tucked into your carry bag, taking less space makes it a travel-friendly product.


The moment I unpack, my eyes were glued to the delicate texture, softness, and colors of the towel.

Tesalate Beach Towel Review: Best Sand-Free Towel for Beach Lovers 1

The Tesalate towels come in a wide range of attractive patterns and beautiful colors. The color texture and designs of each towel are so unique and rare to find.

At least, I haven’t seen anything like this in the Indian market.

Mine is the Bohemian Tesalate beach towel that has a double side – one side with the bohemian pattern, and the other comes with their signature black and white triangle design pattern.

Tesalate Beach Towel Review: Best Sand-Free Towel for Beach Lovers 2

So, you can use both the side of the towel whichever you want in whatever manner.


Another great feature of the Tesalate towel is absorbency.

They claimed that their beach towels are highly absorbent. So, to check that, I soaked the towel and hung it on my balcony.

To my surprise, unlike other towels, my Bohemian towel took only 20 minutes to dry completely.

Most towels took at least 40-45 minutes to get dry, but the AbsorbLite fabric of these towels let it get dry faster.

Also, I have noted that the towel doesn’t get heavy when wet, it still remains quite light to carry and move.  


Indeed, it is a sand-free beach towel, and perhaps Tesalate is one of the best towel brands today that has made the life of a traveler much easier.

The USP of the towel brand is they have made their product sand-free. Even if you pour a bucket full of sand on it, the sand will slide off. Not a single grain of sand will stick to the towel.

So, to check, is it really sand-free or not I put the towel on the beach and scattered some handful of sand on it. When I lifted the towel and give it a good jiggle, all the sand got slide off.

So, you don’t have to bother anymore for sand getting stuck on the towel and not drying up.

Have a look at the video

Is it worth your money?

I genuinely feel, your money doesn’t go in vain if you buy a beach towel from Tesalate.

If you are a beach enthusiast and go for a beach holiday frequently in a year, with all the amazing features, you won’t get a better beach towel like this anywhere.

Tesalate beach towel

My Opinion

I know this is specifically a beach towel but you can also use this towel as a beach/lake picnic towel especially the “Towel for Two” products.

Because it is sand-free and gets quickly dry, you can use this product as a substitute for the mat for a picnic too.

Also, this could be a fantastic gift idea for travel lovers.


So, my fellow travelers and beach lovers from around the world, Tesalate has created for us an incredible and user-friendly towel.

For those who hate bringing the sand home back, this beach towel is worth your money.

They support worldwide shopping and have a presence in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, and the UK. They have free shipping worldwide and their shipping is super-fast.

I received their product in Pune, India within just 6 days of placing the order.

Thank you, Tesalate.

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