Sunday date ideas

35 Ultimate Sunday date ideas at home for couples

How about staying this Sunday at home with your spouse and plan for a date?

Well! That might sound bit weird thinking what possibly can you do the entire day on a date at home?

If you continue reading this article, I will tell you how can you plan a Sunday date ideas at home.

When we say ‘date,’ we plan a day out on for a movie with some good food or even go out on a day trip. Will a date at home be enjoyable? Won’t that be boring?

I feel that the date means spending a good time together and sharing good memories.

My husband and I sometimes prefer to stay indoors on Sunday when we are too tired to spend another day out driving through the city traffic. We manage to do plenty of exciting things which keeps us motivated and of course not dull.

There are so many creative and happy things you can think of on a Sunday date at home. Here are my –

Sunday date ideas at home for couples.

Pizza Night

A Sunday date idea at home with a large pizza could be fun. Just order your favorite pizza for home delivery and enjoy the dinner date with some soda.



Home Dance Studio

If you and your spouse love to do some dance, then you can think of creating an ambiance for dancing with some music playing in the background. Start dancing with your partner like you are on a dance floor.

Play a Board Game

I love playing board games. We pretty much enjoy playing every alternative day of the week. Don’t make a mistake to think that board games are only for kids. Even grown-ups can enjoy playing board games.

Play Video Games

Video game is an excellent idea for a Sunday date at home. Usually, Sunday is the lazy day I say, if it rains outside or not in a mood to go out and pretty much wants to stay indoor with your loving partner, playing video games is fun and quite relaxing.

person holding black and gray game controller

Play Puzzle

Puzzle-solving is an exciting game to play on a Sunday date at home. It is time-consuming but fun to play with your partner.

Make pizza at home

Your Sunday date at home can turn into an interesting date if you do something ‘together.’ Why ordering pizza every time from a good pizza restaurant?

I know they taste good, but how about making a pizza from scratch together at home?

The hard work and love of a couple will make the pizza tastier than the pizza of a XYZ restaurant. Try it by following a pizza recipe, you will see the next time you won’t visit a pizza restaurant; instead, you both will enjoy making again.

man near pizza

Watch Sports

Men love watching sports on a Sunday morning/afternoon/evening, actually any time of Sunday and this annoys all the girlfriends/wives. If I say, turn ‘watching sports’ into a Sunday date? How that would be?

Even though ladies don’t enjoy watching sports on a date, but if you can improvise, then it could turn into a lovely date from a boring one.

You can make it a ‘date game night’ which is more like a challenge. Both can cheer for their favorite team, and the one who wins will have to do the household chores for an entire day.

Something like this. You can bring the excitement and tension of winning.

Make dinner together

I am sure we all enjoy cooking. Cooking together as a couple makes your relationship stronger and healthier.

Also, it adds creativity which is interesting, and it keeps you engage in an activity.

‘Cooking’ is an amazing Sunday date idea at home which is fun also makes your relationship happier.

couple making dinner for Sunday date at home

Enjoy watching a movie together with a big bowl of popcorn

Sunday is a lazy day. We get up late at morning, occasionally we go out love staying indoor.

Do I need to elaborate on it anymore? Who doesn’t love films but it feels great when you watch it together sitting on a couch with a bowl full of some caramel popcorn.

This is also an amazing cheap date idea for anniversary at home

Have a Snacks Night at Home

Sunday is a lazy day of the week. We often don’t want to cook or do any chores at home. I have come up with a fascinating date idea at home on Sundays, i.e., only eating snacks that is available at home and spend the day in watching movies or playing video games or reading books to each other and so on.

My husband and I often enjoy doing this on a Sunday.

35 Ultimate Sunday date ideas at home for couples 1

Camping in the balcony

I suppose camping can be done only outdoor, right?

How about to do something creative at home? Like, make a tent with bedsheets and decorate with light and pillows inside the tent.

Imagine that you are out and camping near a beach. You would love to spends hours inside your pseudo camp, reading books or poems to each other and busy in creating lovely moments.

Image result for couple camping at balcony

Having a rooftop-date

Have you ever tried a rooftop date?

I have come up with this idea of a date, as a few days back my husband arranged a beautiful date on the rooftop of our society apartment. We both were busy for continuous two weeks in work and didn’t get much time to spend with each other.

So, he came up with this beautiful idea to surprise me, which made my day of course. Likewise, you could also surprise your partner with a rooftop Sunday night date. You can also turn this onto a last-minute Valentine’s day date idea. 

two clear wine glass beside tealight candle on table

Record a video of the whole day

You can record on your camera, a beautiful video of the entire day where you both spending a lively Sunday at home giggling, laughing, dancing or singing and later edit it and keep it safe somewhere.

It would be a very romantic and beautiful gift to your spouse on her/his birthday like a ‘nostalgic memory of a lovely day of your life.’

Sing karaoke

Why spending dollars when you can do that free at home? Start singing by just choosing a song on YouTube with lyrics/CC of it. There will be no one to judge you so who cares about what you sing, enjoy your time.

Arrange a Romantic Candle Light Dinner

When we go out to a candlelight dinner, it is always so romantic visually. But you can arrange that even at your home.

You cook something delicious and let your spouse arrange the table with some aromatic candles, flowers, and plates. A glass of wine will lift an essence to your date.

Couples enjoying wine on sunday date  at home

Surprise, Surprise

It gives us good vibes when we receive gifts from our spouse specifically when it is a surprise. You can gift each other and tell each other how much you care and love.

Do Painting Together

Sometimes when we choose to spend our Sunday doing recreational activities that we love, like painting is one of such things. Grab two canvases, colors, brushes and let your creative thoughts pour into the board.

It is indeed a good and creative date idea I believe.

couples painting

Do a DIY Project

A DIY project like a craft or creating something unusual from stale materials could be useful and fun when done together. You can make so many beautiful and valuable things on a Sunday date at home like a Chandelier out of used jars, bottlecap magnets, and so many other things.

Plan together with your next vacation

Planning your next vacation together is a cool date idea that can be done at home.

Image result for Couple vacation

Make a Travel List Together

If you both are a travel enthusiast, you can watch travel-related videos, and plan for your trip. Also, to make it more interesting, you can make a travel list where both wants to explore.

Look at your marriage album and cherish beautiful memories

Like us, you all want to remember those special moments of your life again and again. Looking at the marriage album makes us nostalgic and makes us feel good about each other.

man in blue suit and woman in white dress standing on brown brick pathway

Re-decorate your Home Together

The idea of re-decorating home on a Sunday morning is a great thing to do together. Both can do the cleaning, shuffle the furniture, decorate the living room with more indoor plants and more.

These activities are not only productive but also keeping a couple together, which evokes mutual love.

Image result for couples decorate home

Bake cake or cookies

The kitchen isn’t only for the woman of the house. Get involved in other cooking activities like baking with your spouse. Plan your day for baking a cake and buy all the ingredients the previous day.

Image result for bake cookies

Watch a Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Amazon Prime series

Digital Media Entertainment is booming day by day by featuring more than hundreds of entertaining movies and series.

If you love watching the Original series or old classics without advertisement, then simply opt for Digital Content. Although all the above Digital Contents have monthly/annual subscription fees.


Clean your room together

Cleaning? Is it an ideal Sunday date idea? If it fulfills the motive of your date which is to spend good time together then yes cleaning could also be considerate as a date.

Play truth or dare

Besides board games, you can also play truth or dare. What you need is only a bottle and enjoy the game. Trust me; it is a lot more fun game than it sounds.

Play an instrument

If either of you knows to play any instrument like keyboards, guitar or anything. It could be a great date idea that a couple can enjoy at home.

playing instrument on sunday date ideas at home

Wash your car/motorbikes together

Yes, washing vehicle together is quite an amusing way to spend quality time together. We tried once, and it turned out to be wonderful. Cleaning car or motorbike together and getting dirty gives a couple to take a shower together which is incredibly romantic.

Image result for couples washing car together

Write down on a paper each other’s wish list

Everyone has a wish list. Try writing it down and check how many of them haven’t yet fulfilled. Or check out whose is a long wish list.

Do debates on controversial topics

Now debates are something that you can add on your Sunday date. Choose an interesting topic and start one on one debate. Discussions are good as it reveals one’s thinking process.

Read aloud a poem or a story

If either of you writes stories or poems, then you can read them to your spouse and let him or her acknowledge your talent.

white and black ceramic mug

Do gardening together

Gardening is an excellent recreational activity and a date idea for Sunday late afternoon. If you have a balcony or a backyard, both can spend their time in gardening and get your hands dirty. Pluck organic vegetables from the garden and can cook a delicious meal.

Image result for couples gardening together

Watch funny and hilarious videos

Both can enjoy watching funny and entertaining videos on Social Media and laugh out loud. What can be better than laughing together and sharing a happy moment?

Take a cozy nap

Taking a cozy and comfortable afternoon nap on a lazy Sunday is always fun. Sharing the same blanket and with tight hugs, a quick nap is romantic and worth staying at home.


Share your childhood memories

Sharing childhood memories or memories that are close to your heart to each other. Go back to the past and rewind the memories. Listen and know about each other’s past life.

This is an amazing Sunday date ideas at home where you can cherish old days, childhood, it’s always fun to do such things together.

Couples enjoying togetherness on sunday date


Dating more often keeps us connected which is essential in a relationship. You can do more on a Sunday date ideas at home.

Please share your date ideas too in the comment section below. Tell us how do you love to spend your Sunday with your spouse.

Happy Sundays!

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Thanks to all for reading.

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