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‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Review: Most Awaiting Netflix’s Original Series of 2019

Spoiler Alert!

Netflix’s latest most awaiting original series Stranger Things season 3 review is what I am going to do here in this post.

But I cannot resist myself in sharing my opinions about other related stuff about Stranger Things 3.

According to the sources, Netflix has gained the most audience of around 19 million viewers streaming Stranger Things Season 3.

After the successful two seasons, it is obvious to keep our expectation high for season 3. And I can say that it has pleased me, I cannot say for others although.

I am a huge fan of Stranger Things. I finished watching the series in just one day, yes you can imagine now.

If you ask me what makes me so crazy about the series?

I would say everything, the entire cast, the other world monster, the story, climax, Hawkins town and the famous group of six (includes Eleven and Max)

I felt Stranger Things was never about the fight between the monsters and the human. It’s a series about growing up, childhood, life surrounds Hawkins and fun element of life.

I won’t bore you by saying much, let’s jump straight into the review of Stranger Things Season 3.

stranger things season 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Review:

The season 3 of Netflix’s most-viewed series ‘Stranger Thing’ is light-hearted, meaningful and more pop-cinematic.  

The town of Hawkins is growing now. It has a mall which implies the influence of the mega mall era, trending, the town is lively now. But beyond this peppy free-style modern-looking town, there is something huge going on.

It’s a secret Russian lab where they are once again trying to open the gate which once was closed by Eleven.

What about our favorite crew of Hawkins?

Well, Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) are a couple now and busy in spending most of their time with each other.

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (Sadie Sink) are currently the couples who casually taunt each other mostly.

Will (Noah Schnapp) still wants to play with the gang as they all used to a year back.

And my favorite Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) feeling ignored by his gang, preferred to spend more time with Steve (Joe Keery).

A different side of Eleven has been shown in Season 3. As the kids are grown now, the equations of each one are changing too.

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Mike and El both are flying high in their teenage love while El for the first time, enjoys being herself and doing stuff what other girls of her age usually do with the help of Max.

El and Mike in Stranger things season 3

She is out for shopping, laughing, and realizing how fun it is to be a kid.

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Chief of Police Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is now the adopted father of Eleven, is one of the best characters of this season.

Hopper has now unleashed himself in being a happy chap whose motto is to keep his daughter safe.

He is fun to watch when having moments with El, Mike, and Joyce. His newly developed feelings for Joyce is hard to ignore.

His flirty candid conversation with Joyce is hysterical yet loved their bonding from the very beginning of Stranger Things.

His role till the end is compelling and engaging, involved in full mode action with the Russians, trying to save the kids life, and finally, we all had to bid him a good-bye or do we?

Wait, here is a theory. Maybe he isn’t dead yet. Maybe he is alive, and we could get to see him in the next season. This is all a theory, a mere hope to see Jim Hopper again as we loved Jim so much.

But we don’t know anything yet.

All we know is Hopper saved Hawkins once again.

Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers is one of the key cast that makes Stranger Things season 3 great.

In the last two seasons, we saw her as a protective mother of Will as he has been a victim of the Upside Down and all the wicked things that happened in the past.

But apparently, she is more than a mother in season 3, she played the role of a pseudo detective with the Chief of Police Jim Hopper. It was fun watching the chemistry between Jim and Joyce. They weren’t romantically involved, but their jibes were giving me and you the laughter.

Jim and Joyce in Stranger things season 3

On this season, although I felt the Duffer Brothers thought of focusing on bigger area rather than on just Will.

Will has remained a vital character in the last two seasons of Strangers Things, but unlike season 3 he has the least dialogues and appearance on screen.

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The same goes for his brother Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), who now works at the Hawkins Post along with Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). Jonathan is like a forgotten character in season 3, much of his dialogues and actions haven’t been the best neither felt like a part of it.

Although as compared to him, Nancy’s role came up quite strong and full of energy. Her eagerness to prove herself worthy of working as a reporter for Hawkins post is appealing. Her challenging attitude in an office environment which is occupied predominantly by the men of the society.

I liked how the office employees addressed her as Nancy Drew (in a tone of mocking). She still continues with her adventure to seek for the truth.

Now comes one of the newly added character Steve’s ice cream parlor partner Robin (Maya Hawke), she is smart, quick and adds an element of energy in the trio, Dustin, Steve and herself.

We see Dustin apart from his gang the end time and found his common interest in the company of Steve and Robin. The bromance between Steve and Dustin is adorable, and Robin has just added dynamically into their friendship.

It was Robin who cracked the Russian code which leads the three to set into an adventurous mission of finding the Russian secret lab in Hawkins.

The scene where Robin coming out of her identity is something beyond expectation. She wasn’t actually ‘obsessed’ with Steve in the first place, somewhat jealous of him. As the conversation continues, Steve says, “But Tammy Thompson is a girl.”

Robin was like “Steve” and Steve “The hair” understood.

The scene shot so beautifully.

Although, the scene is offbeat to the series but has a deeper meaning and value.

The Duffer Brothers added a sense of maturity in the scene.

Now, what about Steve?

Steve is the most jovial and playful character of Stranger Things season 3. His dialogues and his performance with both Dustin and Robin are spots on.

In fact, the former Mr. popular guy whom we have seen either in a leather jacket and well combed and dressed.

In season 3, he is running around, wearing an adorable sailor outfit is iconic. He is beaten by the Russians and drugged. As a result, laughing hilariously eventually rescued by Dustin and Erica.

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Steve shared a little screen with rest of the cast, apart from Robin and Dustin. He is the character who brought some fun component in the tension-filled moments.

Now comes my favorite character, Dustin. The adorable Dustin, who came back home after his camp vacation, mostly felt ignored by his friends. He is, as usual, a nerd who likes to explore things even though it is risky.

For me, the best moment of the series is the conversation between “Dusty-bun and Suzie-poo,” they sang a song, ‘Never ending story’ which just stole my heart.

How can I just ignore Erica?

Erica is the sister of Lucas, whom we have seen in the previous season also but it was just a character then.

Season 3 has shaped her character in a different direction. Her timing with Dustin’s is superb. Especially, her ‘never bother’ attitude is too good for her to be able to make a space.

Her dialogues are mean yet entertaining, “America is incomplete without Erica.”

Last but not least, the character that played the host of Mind flayers is Billy, Max’s elder brother. In the previous season, Billy was no less than a bully and a spoiled young man who cares less about others.

The monster mind flayers who needed a host to control, last time it was Will and this time it is Billy. Billy has played a silent, angry, and emotionally disrupted being who is fully controlled by the mind flayers to kill Eleven.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) isn’t as strong as the giant monster, she is injured, and her friends are trying to keep her safe. We came to know about Billy’s emotional past through Eleven.

The first two seasons are very focused on the character ‘EL,’ but season 3 hasn’t show El as the powerful alien but as an individual who is trying to live a normal life with her adopted father Hopper and her friends.

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The Art of Visual Effects:

So, a few scenes mainly are incredibly catchy and interesting to look. Like the scene, when Heather in the bathtub full of ice cubes being dragged back onto the black hole was perfectly done. It looked so real.


I feel Strangers Things is Netflix’s best original series, and I hope they will come up with another season. Although there hasn’t been any news on this, one thing is clear that it isn’t over yet.

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