17 signs of attraction towards someone

Are you wondering what are the signs of attractions towards someone?

Is it in their eyes, or does it lie hidden amidst their body language, waiting for us to decipher its code? Well, those are the signs but there are more. Have you ever found yourself inexplicably drawn to someone, your heart skipping a beat whenever they walk into a room?

This article will be exciting as it will reveal many secrets signs of attractions that will help you understand when your heart will start skipping fast. If you like someone and wondering if they like you back or not, paying attention to this signs will help you.

Similarly, if you like someone and yet couldn’t understand your own feelings and you are all confused, these 17 signs will help you decode if you are truly attracted towards someone.

17 signs of attraction towards someone

Increased Attention

One telltale sign that someone may be attracted to you is an increased attention towards your every move. You may notice their eyes lingering on you a little longer, they hang onto every word you say, cherishing even the smallest details about your life story.

They become attuned to your needs and desires almost instinctively. They pay attention to every small detail of yours, what do you like, love, how do you react, when is your birthday, what time you leave the tution and so on.

So, either way if someone is paying extra attention towards your actions, it is a cue that the person is interested in you.

Smiling and Laughter

When someone is attracted to another person, they often smile more frequently when they are around them. These smiles are usually warm, genuine, and not forced.

If you notice that the person consistently smiles when you make eye contact, share a joke, or engage in conversation, it’s a strong indicator of their attraction to you. When people are attracted to someone, their brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward.

This can lead to an overall happier and more positive disposition, making smiles and laughter more prominent. It is like a warm invitation into their world, a subtle signal that they find joy in your presence.

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Body Language

Have you ever found yourself captivated by someone’s presence, unable to pinpoint exactly what it is that draws you in? Body language is a powerful indicator of attraction, as it often reflects a person’s subconscious feelings and emotions.

From head to toe, our bodies become vessels through which emotions effortlessly flow. People who are attracted to someone often unconsciously mirror their body language and gestures.

This includes mimicking posture, movements, and facial expressions. Notice those gentle touches that seem accidental yet deliberate. There are a lot of small body languages that speaks highly when you are attracted to someone.


One of the most intriguing and undeniable signs of attraction is touch. The power of physical contact can convey a multitude of emotions, intentions, and desires that words alone simply cannot express.

A gentle brush against your arm, a playful tap on the shoulder, or an accidental graze of hands – these seemingly innocent acts may hold deeper meanings of attraction. The way someone touches you reveals volumes about their emotional state and interest in you.

Pay attention to their body language when they touch you. If they maintain eye contact, smile, or display other signs of comfort and attraction, it reinforces the significance of the touch.

But not all touches are the same. You must understand the difference. So next time someone reaches out to make contact with you – listen closely not only with your sense of touch but also with your heart and mind.


If you notice your best friend is frequently flirting with you along with a long gaze, gentle touch or giving other signals too, it is certain the person has fallen for you and wants you to understand his/her emotions.

Verbal communication in flirting is often characterized by witty banter, compliments, and suggestive language. Playful teasing can be a common theme, where individuals gently poke fun at each other in a light-hearted and affectionate manner. If you see all these in someone of your interest, may be they are indicating their interest in you.

Engagement in Conversation

One of the signs that someone may be attracted to you is their unwavering engagement during conversations. Engaged conversations are marked by a balanced exchange of speaking and listening.

While actively participating and sharing their thoughts, engaged individuals also give their conversation partner ample space to express themselves. Engagement in conversation is not limited to face-to-face interactions.

It extends to various communication channels, including phone calls, video chats, and written communication. It is one of the example, how communication can also be a factor of attraction. But what does true engagement look like?

Well, picture this: eyes locked, smiles exchanged effortlessly, and a natural rhythm to the dialogue. It’s not just about talking but also listening intently to each other’s thoughts and stories.

Engagement in conversation goes beyond mere small talk. If the person you are with seems to spend hours talking comfortably with you, certainly indicates signs of attraction.

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When you find yourself captivated by someone, nervousness often becomes an unwelcome companion.  You stumble over words, fumble with your keys, and perhaps even blush. Perhaps nervousness is simply our body’s way of reminding us how important this connection feels.

We’ve all experienced it when we are around someone who captures our attention. These physical reactions can be embarrassing but also serve as undeniable signs that something deeper is happening within us.

If you find yourself feeling nervous around someone special, embrace it. It is also a beautiful feeling. You are getting attracted towards someone and that someone is your special person, in front of whom you get nervous.

Initiating Contact

From casual encounters to intentional meetings orchestrated by fate itself, initiating contact takes on many forms. Perhaps it begins with a friendly smile exchanged between strangers at a coffee shop, sometimes it is more direct.

Whatever shape it may take, initiating contact is that first leap where chemistry reigns supreme. In this digital age, reaching out has never been easier. A simple text message or a witty comment on social media is often all it takes to break the ice.

But let’s not forget the power of more traditional methods, probably a handwritten note would mean more or a face-to-face conversation that has the chances of igniting a spark.

If you are truly interested in someone, please initiate the first step, do not wait for the other person to reach out to you. Let your emotions flow, connect and see where it takes.

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It is hard to tell if jealousy indicates signs of attraction because sometimes it navigates the negative feelings inside us. In relationships, jealousy can arise when a person feels that their partner’s attention or affection is being directed toward someone else, triggering feelings of insecurity or fear of loss.

This is a common human nature. When the person you want to be, is spending more time with someone else jealous erupts. We start questioning our own worthiness or fearing the potential loss of this connection.

Your jealous mind will make you do this that you shouldn’t, so it is essential to understand the fine line between healthy and unhealthy jealousy.


When you find yourself showered with compliments from someone you admire, pay attention. These little nuggets of praise might be subtle hints that they see something extraordinary in you, something others may miss.

Maybe they notice how your eyes sparkle when you talk passionately about your favorite hobby or how effortlessly your smile lights up a room.

It is important to remember that compliments are not always romantic in nature, they can also indicate deep admiration and respect for who you are as a person.

But compliments aren’t just about flattery; they can also reveal how deeply someone has been paying attention to you. When they notice small details about your appearance or achievements and acknowledge them with kind words, it shows an attentive mind.


The act of gifting allows us to express ourselves in ways we may struggle with verbally. It is no wonder that a carefully chosen present can often be a telltale sign of attraction towards someone. But what makes a gift truly special?

Is it the monetary value or the effort put into selecting it? Perhaps it’s both or something entirely different. Whether it’s an unexpected bouquet of flowers on a mundane Monday morning or a handwritten note tucked inside an old book, gifts have this enchanting power to make our hearts skip a beat when it comes from the special person.

When someone showers you with thoughtful presents or surprises you unexpectedly, could this be one of the signs indicating their attraction towards you? The answer, would be, indeed.

Remembering Details

One remarkable aspect of attraction is the ability to remember even the most trivial details about someone. It is like a mental photograph album, where every conversation, every shared experience is carefully cataloged for future reference.

The way they laugh at a silly joke, their favorite color hidden beneath layers of complexity, or perhaps even the exact location where you first met – these seemingly insignificant fragments become etched into your memory forever.

So, when you notice someone is sharing all these nuances with great detail about you, you have to embrace that person’s feelings. It clearly shows how much you mean to that person.

There is something profound about remembering details, remembering that she prefers her coffee with just a dash of milk or that he has an uncanny love for vintage vinyl records states their genuine interest in you.

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Initiating Plans

When you find yourself irresistibly drawn to someone, every small interaction becomes a precious opportunity for connection. But how can you tell if they feel the same way? Perhaps they start dropping hints about a movie they have been wanting to watch or a restaurant they’d love to try.

By showing thoughtfulness and attentiveness to their interests, you subtly convey your attraction while also demonstrating your willingness to invest time in getting to know them better.

Now, initiating plans is not solely about romantic intentions; it is also about building a foundation of friendship and understanding.

Initiating is the first step towards friendship or if you are already friends, itiation will take your relationship forward towards something meaningful.

Extended Eye Contact

People say, eyes are the mirror of heart. Extended eye contact has been known for centuries as a potent tool for building connections and expressing desire.

It is one of the most captivating signals. When you are into someone and that person is right in front of you, a constant prolonged gaze indicates the mutual interest. When two people are romantically interested in each other, they may engage in prolonged gazes as a way of expressing their feelings.

It is important to note that the meaning of extended eye contact can vary depending on cultural and individual factors. In some cultures, extended eye contact is seen as a sign of respect and attentiveness, while in others, it may be considered confrontational or disrespectful. 

Gentle Teasing

When someone is attracted to you, they might resort to this charming tactic as a way to express their interest without being too forward. For example, you are engaged in conversation with someone you find intriguing, and suddenly they unleash a well-timed jest or light-hearted jab.

It catches you off guard, but instead of feeling offended, there is something oddly endearing about it. Not all teasing are great. You must observe closely to understand which one is humor and which is offensive.

Gentle teasing is meant for laughter and connection, even friends too get involve with teasing. But here is the question how will you understand?

One best trick is to pay attention to their body language. Are they trying to say anything? Do they want to make intentional jokes just to make you laugh? Are they truly attracted towards you? All you need to do is to read the vibe.


Have you ever caught yourself feeling an overwhelming urge to ensure their well-being? Maybe you find yourself walking closer to them on a crowded street or subtly positioning your body between them and potential dangers.

These subtle actions are often involuntary responses that reveal our protective nature towards those we care about. When attracted to someone, we might become their pillar of strength during tough times, offering encouragement and listening intently as they share their worries.

It may be expressed through constant worry and concern for the other person’s well-being, feeling an overwhelming urge to safeguard them physically and emotionally.

Notice how they gently hold your hand while crossing the street or how they instinctively position themselves closer when sensing danger nearby. It is these small acts that speak volumes about the depth of feelings.

It is a beautiful feeling when you are cared by someone you think of highly and is slowly falling in love with them.

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Finding Reasons to Be Around

When you are attracted to someone, the mere thought of being in their presence can send your heart racing and your mind spinning. Every opportunity to be near them becomes a treasured moment. You may not even realize it, but subconsciously seeking opportunities to cross paths could reveal a deeper attraction. 

If spending time with this person brings out the best version of yourself, making you feel alive and invigorated, consider it another sign of attraction.

Their presence ignites a sense of joy within you, it means their presence have a good influence on you. For example, you are super attracted towards your best friend and you take every opportunity to be around them.

You want to be with them even when it is not needed. It is the presence that gives you peace and all these genuine and innocent feelings ensure you are deeply attracted towards the person.


Each individual possesses their own unique set of signals and nuances when expressing attraction.  What may appear as a sign today might evolve into something entirely different tomorrow.

While signs can guide us along the path of romance, they don’t guarantee anything. Sometimes what seems like an unbreakable connection can turn out to be nothing more than fleeting infatuation; other times, seemingly insignificant encounters can blossom into profound connections. So, let us just say, embrace the feeling of attraction towards someone. Be respectful and have the courage to tell them abo

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