26 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You for Sure 1

26 Clear Signs He Wants to Marry You for Sure

Do you want to know the signs if he wants to marry you or not?

When you are in a committed relationship for a long time, there comes a time when you would want to settle down with that person. You start building future plans in your mind with that person beside you.

Especially a woman starts dreaming about getting settle down when she is sure that she loves her man very much and sees him as her husband.

But before you propose or think further, you must get the positive vibe from him. There are some potential signs that indicate he is also thinking about you in the same way like you do.

Questions like ‘does he want to me? Is he ready for marriage? Will he take me as his wife?’ may pop up in your mind.

Of course, if you get a clear signal from him, it will give you the courage to take the relationship further.

Now, above everything, how will you understand that your boyfriend/partner wants to marry you. What are those signals?

How Long do guys usually wait to propose?

It depends. Usually guys propose for marriage when they are absolutely sure about their feelings. It could be 3 months or it could be a year.

For example, my husband took 2 months when he proposed to me for marriage. So, it depends on what is the nature of your relationship, how well is your understanding, how deep is your love, how compatible you both are.

Once your guy is certain that you are the love of his life, he will propose to you.

Clear Signs he Wants to Marry You –

He is Making Future Plans

If you see him making and discussing future plans with you, it is certain that he thinks of you as his soulmate.  

He talks about buying a house, investment planning, moving together etc. All these shows that he only thinks of you as his soon to become life partner.

If he is talking about taking the relationship to the next level, it means the time is coming near when he will propose to you.

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He Cares for You Unconditional

In the entire period of your relationship or dating, if he cares for you unconditionally and loves you dearly, this is a clear sign that he wants to take the relationship to the next level and that’s ‘marriage.’

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He Invites You to Meet His Parents

While being in a relationship, if he tells you that he wants you to meet his parents and invites you, it is certain he is very serious about you.

This is perhaps the most obvious reason that he wants to marry you as he is letting you welcome into his family.


He Wants to Live Together

When you are an adult, and in a relationship for a long time, you become comfortable with each other. Don’t be surprise if he asks you to move in with him.

Usually, for a guy, move in with his girlfriend is a big step as he is letting her welcome into his inner world/life. Why is he doing that?

He must feel special for her and wants to be closer to her.

This is a way to give you a clue that he is thinking of taking this relationship ahead and wants to know you in and out.

He is always with you in the Hard Times

Wondering if he is serious about you or not? You can pretty well figure it out if he never leaves your side in your worst times. Life isn’t always like a fairy tale, you must have hard times to deal with and you would want your boyfriend to be your side.

Always remember the one who stays beside you on your hard times will never leave you until death and will always support you in your life.

If he is not in love with you and doesn’t bother about you, he won’t stick with you till the last.

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He Talks About Having a Family

Men don’t usually talk about having a family unless they are comfortable talking with that person.

For example, in my case, after dating for about 3-4 months, my husband shared his wish of how and when does he want to have a kid, by that time I felt it a little awkward.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that coming from him. But certainly, it made it pretty easy for me to understand where he was standing in our relationship.

Likewise, if your boyfriend starts talking frequently about family stuff, you be sure that he is seriously considering you as his future life partner.

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You are His Priority

In a relationship, trust is important and gradually with trust builds understanding, dependency, love, compatibility, together it makes a relationship stronger and last longer.

When your relationship sails smoothly, and it feels right to be with that person forever. You would want him to ask you for marriage. But before jumping into that part, let’s first find out how much priority does he gives to you.

Are you more important to him than anything else in his life? Can he commit his life to you? Does he give you enough priority over everything else?

If he does, surely it is one of the signs he wants to marry you.

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He doesn’t Show Any Interest in Other Woman

Why would he show any interest in other woman if he truly loves you?

It takes time to establish a relationship and takes way more time to strengthen it. Often while being in relationship either of the one cheat on the other and shaken the core of the relationship.

Make no relationship mistake in hurrying and giving your commitment to marriage. Give time to your relationship and to each other. Build a strong bond by supporting and trusting each other.

If you see, he doesn’t have any interest in any other woman and he loves giving you all his time. He loves being with you.

It’s time for you to understand his signal that he is deeply in love with you and wants none to replace.

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He Asks for Your Opinion Before Taking Major Decisions of His Life

It feels nice and special when your boyfriend/girlfriend gives you utmost importance and seeks guidance or opinion before taking major decisions of his life.

Men rarely consult from others for making serious decisions. But often when they have a complete trust in their girlfriend, and they ask for their honest opinion.

For Example, my husband before we married, used to share his doubts and lend his ears for my opinion. He asked for my opinion when he got an offer to move aboard for six months.

He asked for my opinion before purchasing a car. Likewise, if your boyfriend also behaves the same way, there are high chances he will soon propose to you for marriage.

He Respects You

If he supports you endlessly, make an effort to put a smile on your face, listen to you patiently, make time for you, care for your interests, give importance to your opinion, believe in you, trust you, and acknowledge you, it means he is a gentleman and he respects you.

He never takes you for granted.

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He Introduces you with His Close Friends

If you are in a relationship for a long time, have your boyfriend introduced you to his friends and colleague?

If yes, how did he represent you in front of them? Modern relationship feel overwhelmed when the loving partner invites you in his inner circle.

If he holds you close enough, introduce with his close friends as girlfriend and invites at his house. It gives you a clear signal that he loves letting his friends know about you and his relationship.

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He Loves Being Around You

Not all couples feel comfortable being around. Some love to spend time with their friends, some love work more and some love being on their own. It always depends on personalities and what’s the nature of your relationship.

If you and your partner jelled up well, enjoy each other’s company, you would want more to spend time with.

If you see he loves going on a date with you frequently, loves planning vacations, enjoys the best being around you whenever he gets time are signs, he is likely to stick with you for a very long time.

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He Talks About Money with you

Money is always a sensitive issue to talk about. Even if you are in a relationship for a long time, people often don’t feel comfortable discussing their finances.

At worst, weak financial conditions often land couples breaking their marriage. On one hand, it is crucial that you communicate well about your finances, but more importantly, you must know how effectively one should talk about their finances in relationship.

Unless your boyfriend finds you trustworthy enough with his finances, he won’t share his financial goals even if he loves you. But if he does, and shares with you his long-term financial planning, it’s a classic guess that you are the one.


He is loyal and Honest to you

Modern relationships are difficult to maintain. It needs adequate time, effort, love, patience to make it work healthier. Both need to give their 100%.

Both must give importance to each other equally. Both need to remain honest and loyal. It is then only your relationship will get deeper and stronger.

When you are giving your best and loving him endlessly, you would expect him to be completely honest, be loyal and respectable to you.

If he fulfils that criteria, never cheated on you, broken your trust instead gives more importance to your happiness shows he has already moved ahead with you in his mind and heart.

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He Tries to be a Better Person for you

When you someone deeply and want to spend the rest of your life with that person, he would want to be a better person for him/her.

You would want them to be proud of you. You would do things that can add value to your life and to your relationship.

For example, one of the motif of doing this blog is I want my husband to feel proud of me.

I know this blog hasn’t reached to that height of success, but I am trying hard to make it a better platform for my readers.

This makes my husband feel extremely happy that I am trying to establish on my own terms and helping others.

Your long-time boyfriend might feel the same and try to become a better ‘him’ for you.

He Loves Pampering You

Does he pamper you? Even after years of togetherness, does little chivalrous things for you?

If he does, surely he loves doing that. Men have their unique way of showing their love to their woman.

Pampering is part of it. Women love getting attention and pampered by their husband and boyfriend.

If he casually dates you and has no intention of proposing to you for marriage, he won’t ever indulge in all sorts pampering activities.

When a guy casually dates a woman for a period of time, it indicates he is not looking for a life partner instead, all he wants is a companion.

Therefore, you need to understand these signs carefully and save yourself from getting hurt further.

signs he wants to marry you

He says ‘WE’ not ‘I’ Anymore

Whenever he talks about something to do, he never forgets to involve you, thus, he refers to ‘we’ more than just ‘I.’

He isn’t self-focused anymore, he puts the relationship first. Everything he plans that he shares with you is about doing things together.

Marriage never works on ‘I’, it has to ‘us.’ It’s a commitment with your partner to stay together, face the challenges of life together, enjoy the merriments together, raising a family together.

If your beloved boyfriend shares the idea of a lifelong partnership with you, you should be clever enough to understand the hint he is giving.

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He Gives Communication Importance

I always say communication is the key to a successful relationship. There is love, understanding, bonding everything in your relationship, but there is hardly a healthy and a proper communication. Do you think your relationship will survive?

After a while, lack of communication disbalances every other element of relationship.

He must understand and give time to communicate. If he does, then whatever relationship issues you ever face, it will be solved in no time.

To establish a healthy and an effective communication, both have to give a little effort and time. If he wants to communicate, you must not avoid.

As a partner, support him and listen to what he wants to say or communicate. Involve in both active and passive communication.

When he will understand that you are giving him the respect, he will trust you more and this process will create a beautiful relationship. Hence, make him want you more to marry you.

He Listens to You Patiently

This is one of the most important signs he wants to marry you, because men don’t have the patience to listen to what their girlfriends have to say. Unless the relationship is important for them to stick with.

If he cares for you, wants to know your thoughts, wants to establish an understanding level, he will show interest in listening.

He isn’t scared of commitment

Often, I have seen how some men fears commitment. They will date, live-in, survive the heart break but when it comes to commitment, they lack confidence.

Not all are the same. Some follow their heart and believes in the institution of marriage. Marriage is a big commitment, but it won’t feel like so if you marry the right person.

Who is the right person to marry?

I believe the one who loves you unconditionally, understands you well, compatible enough and who would stand by you in thick and thin times.

If he feels you are that right person for him, he would marry you and vice versa.

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He Drops Hint About His Marriage Plans

If he is willing to marry you, he would certainly give you some clues or signals.

Before surprising you with a marriage proposal, he may drop a hint like when does he want to get married, what kind of marriage does he want, what arrangements does he wish to have, etc.

He wants to join accounts

One unmistakable signal that he envisions a lifetime by your side is his desire to merge finances. Joining accounts isn’t merely about money; it symbolizes trust, unity, and collaboration. It signifies an acknowledgment that both individuals are fully invested in building a life together.

When your partner expresses the desire to intertwine your financial lives, it can leave you feeling both excited and apprehensive. Perhaps he sees this step as an opportunity to strengthen your bond further or believes that working jointly towards common goals will lead to greater financial stability.

For some couples, merging accounts is a natural progression after reaching certain milestones like moving in together or getting engaged. It allows for better transparency and facilitates planning for major life events such as buying a house down the road or starting a family.

Vacations together

It’s not just about picking a destination or booking flights; it’s about exploring new places hand in hand with your partner, creating memories that last a lifetime. When he starts suggesting vacation plans for the two of you, it could be a sign that he envisions spending his future with you.

You must pay attention to those trips he eagerly suggests and how he approaches planning them. Is he considerate of your preferences? Does he actively involve you in the decision-making process?

These subtle signs may indicate that he values your input and sees himself building a life filled with shared adventures by your side. His desire to explore new horizons alongside you signifies his commitment towards building a life with you.

He talks about kids

When you catch him watching kids at the park with an expression bordering on awe or hear him gushing over how adorable your niece looks in her princess costume, you can’t help but wonder if he sees himself building a future family with you by his side.

When a man brings up the topic of children, it could be an indication that he sees a future with you. It shows that he is envisioning a life together and considering all aspects of it, including starting a family.

You can see it in his eyes as he animatedly describes bedtime stories, messy playdates, and joyful family vacations. It is not just occasional mentions, it is a genuine excitement that radiates from him whenever the topic arises.

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He is saving

There are certain signs that can indicate your partner is ready to take the next big step. One of these unmistakable signs is when he starts saving for the future. Money might not be the most romantic topic, but it plays a significant role in building a solid foundation for a lifetime commitment.

If you notice your partner being more financially conscious and putting money aside, it could be a clear indication that he has marriage on his mind. Financial stability is crucial for any couple embarking on this journey together, and by saving diligently, he demonstrates his willingness to create a secure future for both of you.

Saving isn’t just about accumulating wealth, it reflects responsibility and foresight. It shows that your partner is actively planning ahead and considering long-term goals as part of his vision with you.

Whether it is setting up an emergency fund or contributing regularly towards shared expenses, these actions demonstrate maturity and dedication. Does he discuss investment possibilities? Is he researching ways to enhance his earning potential?

All these behaviors reveal that your partner understands the importance of having a solid financial footing before taking such a significant leap into marriage.

He is Asking You Randomly About Your Ring Finger Size

This is it. Once he asks you about the size of your ring finger, you must prepare yourself for a beautiful marriage proposal. It is the last signal a guy could give to his girlfriend.

By this time, you will start getting butterflies inside your stomach.

Your guy might have planned a surprise. Do not ruin his special moment.

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Thus, I conclude that the above mentioned 26 are the kinds of assertive signs that verify he wants to marry you.

There could be a hundred more signals, but these are some that I am sure of based on my observation and experience.

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