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Review of Spider-Man: Far from Home a Blend of Comedy with Action


Spider-Man: Far From Home has already become a blockbuster hit globally after the much acclaimed Marvel’s Avengers Endgame.

I have been waiting to see this movie for a long time. Firstly, I love Tom Holland as Spiderman and secondly, I love the superhero ‘Spiderman.’

So, the movie gets started with our favorite Peter Parker (Tom Holland) AKA Spiderman who is trying to deal with the loss of his mentor Tony Stark and at the same time has decided to live his teenage school life.

His motto now is to tell his crush MJ how he feels for her on the school tour to Europe and to spend his vacation with his friends without bothering about to save the world again.

It had shown clearly in the backdrop of the story about how the life gets impacted with the blip when Thanos snapped in Avengers Endgame.

Some of the people from his school have aged five years while a few weren’t affected with the Blip like his Aunt May, his best friend Ned and his crush MJ. They remained unchanged.

After the school team arrived in Europe, something unnatural happened again, and here we see a new hero Quentin Beck ‘Mysterio’, who has a smoky fishbowl on his head and fire glowing green with his hands, his superhero power ended the threat.  

 spider-man: far from home


Is he the new Iron Man?

Well, for Peter Parker, he is.

Tony Stark left Peter with a highly advanced technology sunglass. With the arrival of Nick Fury in Europe, it left him depressed as he isn’t able to get free of his responsibilities towards the world.

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Nick Fury thinks he could be the next lead Avenger as Tony Stark thought so.

But Peter Parker knew he is not ready and he could never be what Iron Man was. He thought Quentin AKA Mysterio has that power and maturity to take the responsibility hence deserve to get that glasses of Tony Stark. That glass was the key to Tony Stark’s piece of technology.

Maybe he could be the new mentor of Peter and the new saver of the earth.

Unfortunately, our Mysterio actually wasn’t a superhero that we thought but a supervillain who wanted the world to see him as the superhero and replacing the Avengers. It was all an illusion, misleading and staged.

Quentin Beck has always been rooted in trickery and power hungry. The revealing of the true colors of his character was the plot twist in the Spider-Man: Far From Home film.

Well, replacing Avengers isn’t a piece of cake, Mr. Quentin.

Quentin, with his team, was creating illusionary creatures with the help of tons of drones on the earth where the monstrous creatures will look like a real one.

When Peter discovered what Quentin was doing, he set on a mission to stop him.

Thanks to MJ for grabbing one of the drones.

To stop Quentin (who was controlling the drones), Peter has to break the illusions which he was struggling with at first.

But then rises our superhero Spiderman with his Peter-tingle he breaks through the illusions and destroys all the drones.

This wasn’t easy for him, he had to give it a tough fight. So, in the rest of the movie, he tried to end what Quentin has created, and he succeeded in doing that.

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Director Jon Watts has tried to keep the light-hearted tone to the film, just another teenage love story of a superhero. The storytelling pattern was kept simple and plain. A teenage boy longing for his crush MJ and for a normal life but he knows his responsibilities of having the power.

The movie has captured a lot of small emotions through Peter and is a constant reminder of MCU’s Avengers. It was a reminder that there won’t be any Iron man or Captain America next.

Far From Home is a well-assembled movie that acknowledged emotions and moments. It hasn’t left any loose ends or connect the dots kind of pattern.

The director has focused ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ mainly on its characters. Peter Parker’s emotional and personal development after the loss of his mentor Tony Stark.

The blending of comedy-action was spot on. It will be appropriate if we say Spider-Man: Far From Home is a rom-com and an action movie.

Love every time the candid conversation between two best buds, Ned and Peter. Peter’s endearing shyness when he talks to MJ, is an absolute delight to watch. Also, if you notice carefully, each scene of Peter with the school team, Happy, Nick Fury is comic relief. The moments of which I was talking above makes the film light-hearted and heartfelt.

Gyllenhaal as Quentin ‘Mysterio’ is an unpredictable and convincing villain. But it wasn’t the best of all the Marvel’s villain. I felt Quentin’s character lacked what MCU’s other villains had in typical ‘viciousness.’

Tom Holland’s screen presence always bring s a smile on our face. After so many Spider-Man versions, I would say Tom Holland is the perfect face of Spiderman. “Far From Home” is Holland’s second movie.

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Zendaya’s MJ is perhaps the smartest character of all the entire Spider-Man movies. She has the brain and beauty but lesser dialogues.

He has the charm and power to drive the entire movie onto his young shoulders. And he showed us that perhaps he could be the future of MCU franchise.


I won’t call Spider-Man: Far From Home a perfect superhero movie but it is a fun and friendly teen comedy-action movie that I have enjoyed watching.

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