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Review of Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3 Streaming on Netflix

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ season 3 is streaming on Netflix, and I finished watching yesterday night. It is upsetting that Netflix and Marvel aren’t together anymore. The final Season of Jessica Jones is perhaps a perfect farewell of Netflix-Marvel duo.

Marvels Jessica jones season 3

I love Jessica Jones for many good reasons. She is a powerful lady with strong gut, stood up against the odds, faced her gruesome fears, and she is a lady with brains.

One can’t deny if I say  the superhero TV series ‘Jessica Jones’ is a binge-worthy of watching, unlike Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ – another superhero but not the best version on TV.

So, I have watched all the three seasons of Jessica Jones but what disheartening is that the show has gradually lost its charm and audience’s attention.

Season 1 was pretty exciting to watch, the introduction, story climax, Jessica Jones’s powerful and outwitted performance was binge-worthy.

Then comes season 2, where the story takes a shift and is meaningful. We saw the struggling and emotionally drained Jessica Jones, ended with her mother killed by her best-friend Trish Walker.

Also, it was evident that season 3 will be more about Trish Walker than Jessica Jones.

Now comes the Season 3, where we see our powered ‘hero’ as weak, emotionally weary, careless Jones who got stabbed by a serial killer. Her broken relationship with Trish has deeply affected her, left her alone.  

There is a subtlety in the relationship of Jessica and Trish. Both care for each other despite of being hurt they always got each other’s back.

Trish is supercharged and went rogue with her actions and power but we see a calmer side of Jessica.

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Although Jones isn’t the Jones of season 1 anymore. She is more fragile now. Deep into her heart she wants peace and gets away with the heroic thing from her life. She wants to protect people whom she cares for more than before.

She doesn’t want Trish to get involve with every bad stuff and people because she knows the truth of being powered which Trish isn’t understanding because she is too new for all this.

On the contrary, Trish Walker, who has gained the superhero power like Jones has, through an experiment. She can now jump, fight, run, and she has taken a form of a new vigilante who seeks justice.

Like I was saying ‘she is enjoying the feeling of being powerful, being in control of her actions.’

We see Trish discovering her powers and training herself to become a perfect vigilante ‘hero.’

The story hasn’t much to fill in, it is simple, both Jones and Trish with their skill trying to bring down a serial killer who eventually have tried to kill Jones twice and many others.

I didn’t find any link between the serial killer and the entire season 3 episodes.

Neither do I feel; the character of the serial killer has that dreadful villainous purpose of killing. He kills them who he feels are cheaters. He is a smart and intelligent pyscho whose records are clean despite being a serial killer.

Do you remember the character Kilgrave from season 1?

Every time he appeared onscreen, there was a kind of horror and suspense that gave me creepy feelings. I am exactly talking about that kind of villain.

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There is almost zero action from Jones, which I was expected. But Jones without kick-ass fights not fun to watch.

There was definitely a closure given to the character of Malcolm and Jeri. Malcolm found finally what he always wanted to do, and Jeri got what she deserved in the end.

But there was no closure to Jessica and Trish’s character. I felt there is too much missing in the story of the final season. The story shifted to Trish and takes a lot of spotlight in her character, letting Jones go down in this season.

Yes, the plots are much more structured as compared to the season 2 but couldn’t touch the best of season 1.

The theme of the season is ‘power,’ each character Jessica, Trish, Jeri, and the serial killer all have powers, and they feel powered. It’s about what individuals do to get it and how they utilize it.

The exception would definitely be, of course, Jessica Jones. She rather defied her power, saying ‘I never wanted this power.

Trish, wants to be unstoppable, she wants to help people, but with time we see she is consumed by the vulnerable power.

Jeri, a renowned lawyer who is sick but alone and used her power to be with someone she loves but in a wrong way. She doesn’t want to die alone.

The serial killer, who has mastered himself in everything feel strangely powered by killing others.

So, theme and plot-wise watching season 3 feels different.

Krysten Ritter, who played the iconic superhero character Jessica Jones, has never failed to impress me. I would say she is a perfect choice. Sadly, we have to bid Marvel’s Jessica Jones a goodbye.

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So, I would say, enjoy watching the final season of Jessica Jones, you can still get something sensible out of it.

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