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Netflix’s ‘YOU’ is Creepy and Satirizes the Notion of Romance

Have you watched the new ‘YOU’ on Netflix?

The story of a guy named Joe, who works in a bookstore in New York. He is narrating the whole story from his perspective. His obsessive love story with Beck, with whom he fell in love with and become obsessed with her in a level that he kill them who he thinks is a threat to their relationship.

Creepy isn’t it?

Trailer: Netflix’s ‘YOU’

The show has risen into popularity quickly for its story, twisted-romance, and Penn Badgley.

Penn Badgley has played the psychotic character, Joe, splendidly. His deep voice narrative is provocative of indulging into the show.

The show has brought up the social issue of blackmailing, emotional abuse which can happen in a relationship.

Not all relationships are healthy. Men like Joe who think ‘if I provide love and care to a girl, she is all mine that’s not the case.”

Stalking is a criminal offense. There are people out there in the universe where ‘sober and handsome man’ like Joe stalks and trap a girl in their web of love.

Throughout the series, we heard Joe saying ‘he is willing to overcome any obstacles coming between us.’ He killed Beck’s boyfriend because according to him ‘she deserves better’.

He killed Pretty Little Liars star, Shay Mitchell because again according to him ‘she was using Beck and trying to drive her away from him’. Though, from the beginning, the character played by Shay Mitchell is suspicious about Beck’s new boyfriend, which Joe find it annoying yet challenging. He thinks it as a game between the two of who gets Beck and whose love is powerful.

The typical ‘love.’

As we all have been hearing from ages, “All is fair in love and war.”

No all can’t be fair in love. You can’t force someone to stay with you neither can you murder for not accepting you.

The definition of love is different for everyone. It is different for Joe too in ‘YOU’. He loves Beck. He cares for her, he takes good care of her, helps her in academics, guides her, romance her but does all of these give him the right to do the wrongdoing that he has done?


He isn’t even guilty of killing. He justifies his act only for love.

‘YOU’ gives us to see a cruel side of love. Also, most importantly, it throws a light on the way we all conduct ourselves in social media. We put status, photos, personal thoughts, we keep exposing ourselves way too much.

The character Joe gets all the information through social media. That’s what a stalker does, right? They first collect personal information and then follow you.

‘You’ is indeed creepy and won’t let you stop watching it. I finished watching it in a day. Although, you could guess what the ending would be after watching a couple of episodes.

‘YOU’ is a good show showing problematic traits of characters in a romantic relationship.

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