An Honest Netflix’s Selection Day Review Season 2

75 / 100

Netflix’s Selection Day review

Well, I finished watching Netflix’s Selection Day season 2 this weekend, and I am all set to give my honest review in this article.

Manju and Radha from Netflix's Selection Day season 2

Before starting with the review let me first ask you, have you seen Selection Day season 1?

If not then you should watch it first before you start watching season 2.

So, the season 1 ends with the two characters Manju and Radha chasing towards their dream.

The two brothers are determined to score high with their bat and get selected in the under 16 cricket team. We saw the two brothers were constantly struggling to make their way, fighting against the odds of the school environment and against their abusive father.

Season 1 was more focused on their journey from the village to the Mumbai city, with only one aim and hope. But in the middle of everything, Selection Day is more about the character ‘Manju’ which is very evident in season 2.

Season 2 of the Indian web series ‘Selection Day’ shows how emotionally and psychologically the two siblings are going through.

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Radha who is a passionate young cricketer continually is under the pressure of performing best so that he gets selected in the team and him along with his brother could get rid of his ill-tempered father.

On the other hand, I also feel season 2 is more involved with ‘Manju’- his dreams, his aspirations, his dilemma over his sexuality, his suppressed angst against his brother and father.

As the director for the season, 2 changes so does the story. In many ways, we could see a lot of twist in the plot of season 2. Many exciting twists that take place in the fate of Manju and Radha, which makes it more appealing to watch.

The calm and subtle character Manju continues to battle between his interest in science and cricket (which he is good at but forced to play to support his brother Radha).

Manju from Netflix's Selection day

Although various subplots distract from the main plot. But I found each subplot are relatable to each character.

For example, the growing friendship between Manju and Javed (Radha’s rival) is beautifully portrayed. Javed, who is a lonely rich boy finds comfort in Manju’s company.

Eventually, their friendship also explores the complexity of sexuality that both friends feel for each other.

But as we all know the ‘society.’ Here, comes Manju’s frustration of not being able to express his feelings or his confusion about his sexuality.

He doesn’t know what dream to follow, should he continue playing cricket or pursue his love for science? Should he continue to support his brother or accept his newly emerging desire for Javed?

Many might feel season 2 has shifted its focus from the cricket and talks about everything else.

Isn’t season 1 has already told everything about the main storyline?

Netflix’s Selection Day Season 2 has presented before its audience a new angle of the main story which is solid and quite an impressive narration.

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Although, many might have felt after watching season 1 that Selection Day is based on a story that revolves around cricket.

But I feel the web series is a simple story of two young boys who love cricket and how desperate are they to achieve their freedom through cricket from the shackles of their abusive father.

The character Mohan Kumar played by Rajesh Tailang, has maintained his outstanding performance. He is now a growing businessman who has started ‘Mohan’s Champion tonic’ with the help of a woman. His involvement with his boys in this season is less.

What I didn’t like is the character of Akshay Oberoi, his role hasn’t evolved a bit in this season. His involvement with the goons is just an unnecessary adding subplot in the narration.

Overall, Netflix’s Selection Day season 2 is a nice story exploring the many complexities of characters. I really loved watching the web series.

I will definitely recommend you to watch.

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