Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is a Show depicting Strong Themes with a Twist

I know I am late to write about Netflix’s teen witch TV series Sabrina which got released during the Halloween. But it is always fun to write about anything when you enjoy writing. I recently finished watching the show and thought of sharing my views on it.

Netflix’s Original series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is the reboot of the Archie comic ‘Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.’ As the title suggested ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’ the show has managed to keep the audience glued to it.

The protagonist of the show ‘Sabrina’ is a teen half witch and half mortal brought up by her two witches aunt, and together they are called the ‘Spellmans.’

The Sabrina of 2018, is an awakened witch in many ways. She is stubborn, determined and a ‘feminist.’ She doesn’t fully understand the which lore and their belief which is different from that of the mortal world. She is powerful but hasn’t yet discovered it. She is the new generation feminist icon.

Her strong connection with the mortal world (Harvey and her best friends) the witch clan isn’t supportive of instead feels she might expose the witches in the outer world. The show has beautifully shown Sabrina’s struggle between understanding her real existence and her reality in the mortal world.

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Her peaceful and lovely relationship with her lover and her friends keeps her happy and safe. On the other hand, her witch family and clan are continually reminding her and forcing her to follow the Dark Lord and his beliefs which are immoral.

She is a strong teen half-witch who is intolerant towards the ill-treatment of her best friend Susan by a group of boys in the school. She has started a club for protecting the women against the cruelty of men. Her strong morality is her personality that holds her tight against the wickedness in the witch clan.

A Feminist Approach

Amidst the practices of witchcraft, the notion of ‘feminism’ has appeared vividly in the show. The show has a majority of female characters, and the new era of Sabrina doesn’t fear from standing up against the oppression neither does she fear the magical dark powers. She embraces her witch power.

Sabrina has questioned several times the dominance of male figure in ruling the witch world. She keeps asking about why she needs to be controlled by a male entity (Dark Lord). She rejects to kneel and sign her name in the book of Lord. By signing means, she is giving the authority to give away her soul in exchange she will get the immense magical power. But she wants both magical power and her freedom. Now, everything comes at a price; nothing comes free even in the mortal world.

The power of magic metaphorically means the power of women but also the shackles that the male entity (Dark Lord) has created for all the women witch is vivid.

The three Weird Sisters

The three Weird Sisters of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a significant role in the line of witchcraft. They are the most chilling factor in the nemesis of Sabrina. The Weird Sisters consists of three sisters the leader Prudence, the middle sister Agatha, a pure evil streak and the youngest Dorcas a naïve witch. The trio and Sabrina have a deep connection in every respect. Among the three, Prudence and Agatha are the devout and prominent witches.

The witches although very much remind me of the witches in the iconic Shakespeare’s Macbeth. They determine the course of a person’s life as per Greek mythology.

Dark and Gothic

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ is based on the Archie comics, and it is Netflix’s one of the biggest shows mostly for them who love comics and witch tales. The Sabrina of the modern era is fully aware of her magical powers. This Sabrina series reveals more the darker side of the witchcraft and gothic in themes. There are episodes of Sabrina slitting the throat of Agatha, the murder of the professor, witchcraft on the principal and women killing each other in the clan as the ritual demand.

Worshiping the Dark Lord signifies keeping alive the darkness and evil. The Dark Lord is an embodiment of the devil. The satanic priest, the sacrificial ceremony and rituals all these exemplifies the theme of ‘dark and gothic.’

The show has brought before us old-fashioned America by replicating the clothes and cultural trend. Every character is dressed up in retro, the Halloween set up and the dead trees which symbolically represents the ‘darkness.’ The devil itself ‘Lucifer’ has made a few appearances in the episodes in the form of a strange and weird looking goat monster.

The show has depicted Sabrina’s journey from an innocent girl to a powerful witch in the later episodes. From the night of dark baptism, her evolution began. The dark magic is not a matter of laughter or pleasure, as the aunt says, ‘each magic comes with a price.’

The ‘Church of the Night’ is a place which is run by a Satanic priest, and it follows the dark and deadly witch rituals to please the Dark Lord.

The structure of the show is the most surprising factor. The setting is artistic. The house of Spellman, Baxter High, the forest all glorifies the show.

In my opinion, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn’t justify the ending by showing Sabrina giving away her freedom to the Dark Lord. The thing against which she was fighting.

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