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My List of 12 Best Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018

The last article that I wrote yesterday was on ’10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018′. Today I am going to share with you all ‘my list of best Bollywood movies of the year 2018′.

Each year Bollywood release movies of different taste and genre. Among them some get success in the box office, some get negative reviews from the audience, and there are a few that are considered as the ‘best movies of the year.’ It doesn’t matter if those movies didn’t make great money, but they are loved by the audience hugely for their unique story and performances.

Bollywood is tending to change with each year. This year it was vividly shown through their choice of movies they made. Without saying anything further, here goes with my list of best Bollywood movies of the year 2018.

  • Andhadhun

The extraordinary film Andhadhun is the top-earning movie of 2018 according to IMDB customer rating and industry report. This film has literally changed the dynamics of the Bollywood industry in 2018.

I will be surprised if anyone says he/she hasn’t yet watched Andhadhun. You really can’t miss this movie. The story itself is so exceptional and exciting.

Sriram Raghavan has created a blend of crafty thriller with unpredictable dark multiple layers of a storyline. A unique story of a blind piano player who witnesses a murder and how it unfolds each layer so precisely.

Each character Ayushman Khurrana, Tabu, Radhika Apte in the lead played exceptionally well. The film stood because the entire movie was balanced adequately with great acting, screenplay, music, climax and a perfect ending.

  • Stree

The blockbuster movie ‘Stree’ crossed 100 crores which were quite unpredictable. I watched the movie in the theatres on the first-day afternoon show, and it was worth it, I mean the money. It was, the term we say in Hindi ‘paisa vasool movie’ means ‘value for money.’

Being a horror-comedy genre of movie, the filmmaker hasn’t completely explored the genre unlike other horror movies of Bollywood. Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor have garnered a lot of positive response and appreciation from the audience. There was less of horror and more of subtle comedy which took the audience’s attention.

Another primary reason I felt behind the success of the film is the ‘superb supporting cast.’ The best thing about the film was all the actors were involved and showcased their potential by sharing enough screen space.

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  • Padman

I appreciate movies that are made for the social cause. An attempt to change the mindset of the people. The film ‘Padman’ is a beautiful example of that. Akshay Kumar has emerged as an excellent and responsible actor.

There is a strong message behind the making of this film ‘an awareness for using of sanitary pads and menstruation in India.’ Even today, people think we shouldn’t discuss openly about periods which is a natural process in a woman’s body. There is and always has been a need for awareness about these vital things in our society.

Kudos to R Balki and his team for putting together everyone and make it a success. Although many people think this movie as vulgar only for a reason “it tried to show us the women issue openly that exist in our society.”

More than making crores this film has taken a sensible responsibility towards our society which makes it one of the best movies of 2018.

  • Manto

How many of you are aware of the mane ‘MANTO’?

Those who are from the literary background they might have read Manto’s work I suppose. I read about the great Manto on my University days. I read a few of his work, extremely passionate and exhibits hardcore truth.

Nandita Das’s ‘Manto’ where Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the lead role is a highly inspiring piece of work. The depth of the character that Nawazuddin has played is perfect. I have always admired Nandita Das’s work. She was extraordinary in her past films and her direction as well.

If you have watched the movie, you could feel the reality of the character. I loved the ending that shows how Manto was torn between the two countries, his mental condition, his sufferings every detail that has been shown is highly commendable and worth remembering this movie as one of the best of all time I would say.

  • Tumbbad

I haven’t seen a movie like ‘TUMBBAD’ in ages. A genre of movie that can’t be explained. The storyline of the movie is simple. It tried to show ‘how greed can end you and corrupt you morally.’

The very first scene of the movie will give you a magnificent feeling of watching something unusual. If you talk about the visual imagery of the film, undoubtedly it is beyond anything. Initially, the movie didn’t receive much attention, but it increased with word of mouth.

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It turned the folklore into an amazing piece of artwork. The most unpredictable part for me in this movie was the ending where the creature doubles which signifies how greedy both the father and son became for more gold.

I can keep on saying about the movie, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it online too.

  • Sui Dhaga

 This is the only movie where I liked Varun Dhawan acting genuinely. I love the film because it gave me a traditional feeling. Although a contemporary and commercial film but the whole team has tried to present before us the current situation of several Indian artisans who despite being so talented, don’t get the opportunity to work and earn.

The movie has attempted to show the audience how with hard work, dedication and family support you can utilize your talent to do something of your own.

The movie is inspirational and tried to promote the ‘Make in India’ campaign. I think Varun Dhawan should start doing some more responsible and useful content of movies not movies like Judwaa or Main Tera Hero.

What worked for the movie?

I would say the ‘story’ which is beautiful and connected with the audience emotionally.

  • Raid

I am surprised why a movie like ‘Raid’ got mixed reviews from the audience and the critics as well?

I read in several movie reviews that pointed out several negative aspects of the movie. Regardless of all, I will put this movie in my list of ‘Best Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018′. Just only for two reasons, one is the compact story and second is Saurabh Shukla’s fantastic acting of playing the antagonist. Yes, I agree the story was too much predictable still can’t be ignored for the excellent direction and execution.

  • Halkaa

Halkaa is a sweet story of a young slum boy who wants his own toilet, but due to poverty, he can’t do it. The movie very well shows us how people stay in the slum, how dull is the sanitary system there, how Pichkoo the character fights for the basic ‘situation’ every day.

The movie has dealt with the real problem of our society. It didn’t garner much attention among the Indian audience, but it has won “Grand Prix” for best film in Poland at Kinolub Festival for Children and Youth.

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I hope people watch and appreciate movies like this too. These are real movies that care to emphasize the social cause.

If you want to watch this movie online, you can stream on Netflix.

  • Raazi

The versatile actor Alia Bhatt stars in ‘Raazi’ which I won’t say perfect or best of all time because there was some flaw. But it had managed to evoke a patriotic feeling in us.

What was the best thing about the movie?

Alia Bhatt.

  • Union Leader

I am sure many of you haven’t seen ‘Union Leader,’ a movie that tells the story of a worker who works in a chemical factory with several of his friends. How horrible the condition of the factory that cost the lives of several workers but the owners give no care. All they care about is money.

The character Jay who is their union leader tries his level best to make changes despite his own financial and health crisis. A true story inspires the movie.  I wish, the execution and promotion of the film were better.

  • Badhaai Ho

The year 2018 has been a blessing for Ayushman Khurrana. Two hit movies in a year have raised his bar. When everyone was congratulating Ayushman Khurrana, I would say ‘Badhaai Ho’ is more about Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao.

Unique content and the great screenplay were a bonus for this movie — a story of a simple middle-class Delhi family is under an odd situation. The awkwardness of the situation when the whole family finds out that Priyamvada (Neena Gupta) is pregnant at this age is revolves around the movie.

The characterization of the movie will make you feel like real and ordinary. A refreshing content that focuses more on the ‘parent’ than on the ‘hero-heroine’ thing.

  • Hichki

Last, I would put ‘Hichki’ on the list. Rani Mukherjee is playing the role Naina who wishes to become a teacher but gets rejected from every school because she is suffering from “Tourette Syndrome.”

Through the film, we all those have watched got to learn something new. You know our society. It always rejects, criticizes and disgust the one who is ‘special.’ Naina fights against the odds as a teacher, trying to prove that she is equally qualified and deserving.

It’s a light-hearted good movie. You might have read the reviews which aren’t great but if you spare some time and watch ‘Hichki.’ I think it might change your opinion.

That’s all guys. I hope you enjoyed this blog post.

This is my list of best Bollywood movies of 2018 and would love to know what’s yours.

You can comment below your list.

Thank you.

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