My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 1
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My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018

Bollywood has given quite a number of hits in the year 2018. The Bollywood industry has considered the year as ‘golden year.’ It has launched many new faces like Ishaan Khattar, Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, Aayush Sharma, Banita Sandhu, Sanya Malhotra and a few more.

With hits also comes flops, which are many in 2018 as well. Now, I won’t say flop instead would label as ‘worst Bollywood movies of 2018′. I am a movie buff. I love movies with good content and excellent performance.

Although, many movies don’t qualify as good but end up making great money. Those movies are successful for their great use of marketing. The most prominent example I would say is the film ‘Sanju’.

Below, I will list out 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the year 2018 that according to me were dull and a waste of money indeed.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 2
  • Thugs of Hindostan

It was shocking a film that had Aamir Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan in the cast was such a disaster. The audience had a high expectation from the movie, but ever since the trailer was out, I had a gut feeling that this movie will be going to be a disaster of 2018.

The major drawback of the movie is its story and poor direction. The film is said to made on a budget of Rs 300 crore. Can you imagine it? Three hundred crores on just a movie.

Well, there were lots of loose end in the movie storyline. There was hardly any logic and connection especially with the character of Aamir Khan. His role was unethical and overplayed. I couldn’t guess what he was trying to deliver.

Mr. Bachchan and Katrina Kaif weren’t up to mark with their performances either. This mega budget film couldn’t engage with the audience and received extremely negative reviews.

The movie turned out to be a catastrophe, it’s annoying, sloppy and God knows what.

I saved my 300 rupees per ticket on such a pathetic movie. I watched it online a few days ago and understood pretty well why it failed.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 3
  • Race 3

Superstar Salman Khan stars Race 3 was one of the most awaited action movies of the year 2018, but when it came out in the theatres, it proved to be one of the worst movies again. The choreographer-directed Remo D’Souza created Race 3. I have never liked the Race franchise movies. The same story, the same action and revenge plot and shots were taken in some of these stunning places.

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I sometimes think why do they even make films like this?

People are looking for more fresh and useful content of movies now. Still, this movie had garnered a considerable amount of profit due to Salman Khan’s fan followings.

The movie was all about Salman Khan “can do anything”. He can fly from a skyscraper; he can jump off a running car without getting a cut and of course, he can kill a hundred all at a time.

The funny thing is Race 3 was featured on a ton of memes, and if you have seen them you will agree with me, they were hilarious. I still do remember the dialogue of the year- “our business is our business, none of your business.”

Race 3 is the embodiment of poor direction plus poor dialogues.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 4
  • Hate Story 4

The Hate Story franchise should learn about film making. Hate Story 4 has offered the audience nothing new except for a skin show movie. It is said to be an ‘erotic-thriller’ movie the story which revolves around rivalry and revenge.

This movie is no better than the first three. The Hate Story franchise has been miserably failing since its first movie. Nothing much to say, I hope I won’t get to see any more Hate Story movies in the near future.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 5
  • Zero

SRK tried to experiment with something new and challenging, but it failed too miserably in the box office. It got a mixed review from its audience.  With Anand L Rai directing we expected something more from the movie. Unfortunately, the movie suffered due to a weak screenplay and illogical ending.

The first half of the movie was quite exciting and romantic, but it completely messed up in the second half. There was no hold in the story of the second half and results in losing interest and also it felt way too dragging.

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Once again, the character of Katrina Kaif had no impact. Her role wasn’t even needed; I felt as an audience.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 6
  • Bhaiaji Superhit

Sunny Deol keeps trying to make his invisible presence in the Bollywood and in the heart of the audience. We love you Sunny paaji, but you need to stop now.

The movie is a light-hearted comedy. But are you trying desperately to make us laugh? Because it’s not happening. No doubt some scenes gave us a good feeling about the movie, but there is lacking in fresh content.

I would still keep ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’ in the list of ‘Worst Bollywood movies.’

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 7
  • Namaste England

We loved ‘Ishaaqzade’ with both the actors making their debut. Vipul Shah’s directorial movie ‘Namaste England’ is a story that I couldn’t connect with either. It is a product of loose direction, false story and poor performances of both the actors.

On one side Bollywood is coming up with so many fresh and unique content, and on the other hand few directors still can’t figure out what exactly are they making and why.

Definitely, a movie that I would keep in a list of ‘Worst movies of 2018′.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 8
  • 1921

With hit movies like ‘RAAZ,’ Vikram Bhatt has tried his level best to create another horror film named ‘1921′ with actors in lead Karan Kundra and Zarine Khan in 2018. It is one of the least expected movies of 2018. Although the movie is a horror genre, it failed to scare us. Both the lead actors were expressionless from the beginning till the end and made a futile attempt to connect with the audience.

There was a storyline which was positive, but the way it has tried to evoke the horror was rubbish. Overall, it was a wastage of money in making such films rather Vikram Bhatt should think of something new that the audience will admire.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 9
  • Fanney Khan
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I have seen Fanney Khan online and was disappointed with the movie. I liked the first half of the film where there was a character-building thing. But it somewhat destroyed that sweetness of the story from the second part. I felt Raj Kumar Rao was underutilized. I expected more to see him on the screen. Anil Kapoor was the lead in the movie, but the director could have twisted something and which could have turned out great.

Not only this, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was a treat to our eyes, still, the audience would love to see her more in dynamic roles. While she was just a glam doll in this movie.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 10
  • Loveyatri

Aayush Sharma who is now a well-known celebrity. It doesn’t matter if you can act or not but if you are related to Salman Khan you can be in the lead roles under a big banner. This is what I learned from this movie.

‘Loveyatri’ is yet another biggest worst movie of the year 2018 because of its poor storyline, weak acting of both the lead actors, only the songs are quite catchy and entertaining.

 I am sure many didn’t take the risk of wasting their money in watching this movie, which is an excellent thing. I didn’t either.

My List of 10 Worst Bollywood Movies of the Year 2018 11
  • Padmavat

You may be surprised to see why I named such a mega-hit movie ‘Padmavat’ in my list of worst Bollywood movies for the year 2018. I watched the film while staying in the USA and it gave me a prolonged headache.

It was a movie more about Alauddin Khilji than Rani Padmavati. The versatile actor Ranveer Singh was the only one to enjoy watching him act so profoundly. Deepika Padukone was beautiful and looked like a ‘real queen,’ but there was the least performance. The only thing I remembered vividly of her is walking for like 10 minutes on screens with her ‘pallu’ on the ground. It was so exaggerated that it made me felt ‘why I came to see this movie.’

There is more; it’s not end yet. Shahid Kapoor playing the Rajput was a misfit. Also, there was lacking in chemistry between Shahid-Deepika.

I wish I could get back my dollars spent in such a disappointing movie.

In conclusion, I will say I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. For more contents like this, please follow and share if you can.

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