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Little Things Season 3 Review: An Engaging Drama on Long Distance Relationship and Self-Discovery

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Dice Media’s ‘Little Things’ is a beautifully conceptualize web series that has recently got released its third season and streaming now on Netflix India.

From season one, the story is all about two characters Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar), their relationship at different stages. So, each season represents a story that we could connect to ourselves in various ways and circumstances.

Little things season 3

Season 3 is the continuation of season 2. Both Dhruv and Kavya are still growing together in their relationship living in Mumbai in their apartment. From season 1 to season 3, they are gradually maturing together, understanding life, and their equation better and clear.

In this season, there is little more that the audience could get to see. On their journey of growth, both the protagonist realizes that there is an outer world as well that helps them grow as a person.

They realize that there could be places where they can be happy and staying apart doesn’t mean to end a relationship. It is important to let your partner grow as a person.

The realization happened when Dhruv got an offer from a prestigious Institute in Bangalore to work for six months, which means they had to live apart from each other, hence a long-distance relationship.

They know that it would be tough as with time, they both got dependent on each other for everything. But it is a challenge for them to survive these six months.

So, here comes the next part where it is being shown in the series that both Kavya and Dhruv are struggling to fill the gap, Kavya may be more.

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But with the passing months, both are actually enjoying their time with the outer space, which involves their friends and family.

In the process, both learn things about themselves and started to focus on the small things that once used to be valuable to them.

Like, when Kavya went to Nagpur to her house, she figured out small things about her parents and her pet dog. She feels that Nagpur is actually her ‘happy place.’ She enjoyed hanging out with her friend and going to her once favorite cafes, where she noticed detail changes.

The same goes for Dhruv, as well. After coming back from Bangalore, he started feeling Mumbai is noisy, but Bangalore isn’t.

Although he misses hanging out with his colleagues-turned friends and the freedom he felt there.

The transformation of Dhruv’s character has been shown intricately and in a process.

The character Dhruv before leaving Mumbai and after returning is a changed character. He now feels claustrophobic and detached in his own apartment. He struggles with his emotions he left at his Delhi home. His dysfunctional relationship with his parents. The detachment he felt in Delhi at home. All he could relate is his past Delhi life with the disintegrated present.

The ruined park where he used to play as a kid makes him upset and nostalgic. He noticed things about his aging mother that makes him annoyed on himself for not taking care of her in the past.

We see the character Dhruv much disjointed, irritated and short-tempered who lashes out at Kavya now and then. He doesn’t appreciate or look to the little things that Kavya does for him.

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Basically, he is the flawed hero in season 3 of ‘Little Things.’

Kavya, on the other hand, is much sorted. When she felt that she needs a personal space to grow and self-discover she asked her boss for a transfer to Nagpur.

So, that she can now stay close to her aging parents. She communicates clearly that information to Dhruv. She understands what she needs and plans to act accordingly.

While Dhruv realized that he has to get over his comfort zone, which is ‘Kavya,’ and thinks to organize his career. So, they will no longer walk through the same path, but that doesn’t mean in any way, justify their relationship to end.

Apart from the ‘Druv-Kavya’ relationship, season 3 of ‘Little Things’ also explores the broken relationship with their parents that both share.

Both Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar gave a stunning and engaging performance. Each scene, especially where both met their parents and could realize how with time their relationship has changed, has been shown in so detail and with emotion.

In this season of ‘Little Things,’ I believe there isn’t one scene that went out of context and couldn’t relate to us. The onscreen chemistry that both the lead actors share is charming and pulls us more to watch their story.

Dhruv Sehgal is brilliant. His role is character-driven, mingling several facades of real-life. While watching his character, I could really connect my past days as well through a few scenes.

The only negative that I felt is the unnecessary adding of the two characters’ nostalgic rewind.

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So, should you watch it or skip it?

Certainly, you should watch it with your boyfriend, husband, best friend or alone, whatever. Dice Media’s ‘Little Things’ is a story of us. If not entirely, but at few places, it will bound to take you into a cycle of nostalgia.  

Streaming now on Netflix.

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