List of 15 Best Destinations for You to Spend This Christmas with Family 1
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List of 15 Best Destinations for You to Spend This Christmas with Family

Each year Christmas brings in our life so much positive energy and happiness. Christmas is coming, and families have started decorating their houses, Christmas tree, planning for Christmas party, get together, gifts for kids and adults. A holiday season which every family waits for, but why not use this time to experience traveling together instead of being at home?

This is the time of the year, when schools, colleges, and even offices remain close and planning a trip could be exciting. While most of the people prefer to spend a traditional Christmas at home but one can always try something different.

During the festive season, if you are planning for a vacation, booking flights and hotels 3-4 months ago would be the best thing to do. Hence, I have done thorough research and listed below 15 best destinations for this Christmas where you can travel with your family.

Some prefer to stay within the country whereas some like to explore beyond. Let’s have a look on the list.

You can also comment that I have missed or you know something of that are worth to mention in the list.

  • Quebec City

The city exactly looks like a winter fairytale wonderland. Walking through the town at Christmas will give you happy temperament with street Christmas lights, Christmas trees, twinkling snows around you. The city flurries with Christmas market, winter activities, events and tons of tourist from all parts of the world come here to experience the season’s beautiful festival. The city looks charming in winter, especially when it snows.


  • London, England

Unarguably, London will always remain the best place to spend your Christmas holidays. The city transforms itself into a beautiful fairytale place with twinkling lights, and decorations. Everywhere around you is a sense of happiness and joyful environment. There are tons of things to do in London during the Christmas festive time. You can start with exploring Christmas shopping, local British food, British tradition and winter activities like ice skating at the Somerset House, enjoy a whole day at the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park. They have live music, Giant Observation Wheel, Ice Sculpting and many more things to do and relish.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Spending Christmas holidays in Europe is perhaps the best vacation for anyone.  The festive atmosphere in Brussels goes impressively. The historic town center, Winter Wonders in Brussels is one of the best places to go for kids and adults. They have a wide array of Christmas attractions that take place every day. It is always the most beautiful place in the city to visit. If you have time and want to explore more, you can take a walking tour of the churches and Belgium’s oldest Christmas market in Liege. Get yourself involved in understanding the Christmas tradition of Belgium.

  • Salzburg, Austria
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Austria will give you so many reasons to spend your Christmas holidays with families. There is a lot of the Christmas market, you will find in the cities of Austria. Salzburg is situated in central Austria, which is close to Germany. Think of spending the days in snow-capped mountains, a tour of baroque architecture, shopping in the traditional Christmas market, get lost in the music of Mozart.

Sounds lovely, isn’t it?

Not only this, if you are planning just to explore Austria, you can visit other cities too.

  • Budapest, Hungary

Christmas in Budapest is all about lights, ice rinks, wine, illuminated streets, Christmas market, and fairs. Budapest looks like a city of lights, and you can do a number of amazing things during this time. For kids, you can take your little ones for a decorative tram tour which is a treat for the children on the Christmas eve.

Who doesn’t love Christmas gifts?

You can purchase Christmas goodies from the Design Terminal; they represent the works of Hungarian designers. You will get to see an extensive collection of things including furniture, clothes, art, etc.

You can spend one evening with your family at City Park, which is Budapest second biggest park. They have built an outdoor ice rink, on a 12,000 square meters of space.

Do you want more?

Think of joining the Budapest Nutcracker Ballet, a fantastic winter show at the Hungarian State Opera House.

Exploring the culture of a place is the best thing about travel. Hungarian culture, folk dance and song is something you shouldn’t miss if you are planning to spend your winter vacation in Budapest. The city will entice you to discover more.


  • Germany

The Germans traditionally celebrate Christmas. The celebrations get started from the end of November by illuminating the cities and towns in Germany. You can see a tall Christmas tree beautifully decorated with balls, lights, and bells at each town square in the town.

The whole month of December is the busiest for the small business owners. Christmas markets sell traditional German stuff such as German sweets, Lebkuchen, decorative bells, and glass ornaments. The most famous Christmas market in Germany is Nuremberg.

You can spend the lovely Christmas Eve at the Berlin Cathedral. The cathedral remains open for the public during this time of the year.

  • Bethlehem, Israel
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If you plan for a trip to Israel, you will experience a different Christmas celebration. It is considered as the sacred land. Bethlehem, the birthplace and home Jesus, Christmas is celebrated here in churches and cathedrals for many different Christian values. The Christmas here stretch for a long time, Christmas processions are passing through the Manger Square.

  • Malta

Malta transforms into a beautiful land of festive events during Christmas. The universal thing about Christmas season is the decorative street lights. The lights bring in us the presence of happiness and joyous mood. Spending Christmas holidays in Malta is indeed a great option to go for. The night the streets of Malta comes alive with sparkling light and festive music.

You can also try Maltese cuisine like ‘mince pie’ a typical cup-sized pastry.

  • Orlando, Florida

Florida is famous for Disney World and Universal Studios if you don’t want to vacation the typical Christmas then, what could be the best other than visiting Disney World with your family, especially kids. Every child dreams of Walt Disney World Christmas, ‘the happiest place in the planet.’ The memories of visiting Disney World will be what your kid remember when he grows up. The Magic Kingdom full of entertainment, colorful lights, Christmas decorations, festive parades are all worth a vacation.

They have numerous Christmas events that will only bring joy and happiness. Florida is one of the best destinations in the USA to spend Christmas holidays with family.

  • Naples, Italy

December is a month of Christmas celebrations. Italy will always remain everyone’s favorite holiday spot. The eccentric history of the city, its architecture, Italian delicacies, wine everything you can enjoy and experience at the same place. From north to the south, there is so much to see, learn and discover in Italy.

Visiting Naples in the festive time can be very exciting too. As we all know, the city depicts Italy’s tradition, and it is famous for pizzas. The Italian mountains offer great views and a perfect place for the ski lover to enjoy the snow-clad mountains.

Away from home, you can have fun with your family enjoying Christmas in Italy.

  • New York City, USA

If you are planning for a trip to the USA, choose New York to spend Christmas holidays. Christmas in New York City is lively yet straightforward. It feels magical.  There are plenty of things one can do in New York like ice skating at Central Park, take your kids to the Macy’s Santaland. You can do plenty of shopping from the Christmas market. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, New York remains too crowded, but the city looks fantastically beautiful during the winter. You can also visit Union Square Holiday Market and Brooklyn Flea Holiday Market.

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  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish Christmas exemplifies the traditional local celebration with their loved ones, sharing delicious treats. It is a peaceful and beautiful city to spend your holidays with family. You can enjoy your day at the ice rink at Frederiksberg Runddel.

  • Finland

Escaping to the north head during the Christmas could be adventurous.

Take your kids to the Santa’s hometown of Rovaniemi, experience the Nordic Christmas tradition, participate in the Finnish feast like smoked-Salmon soup, cheese, blood sausage, etc. Traveling to Finland will give you the opportunity to learn about the Christmas tradition and importance of reindeers in this festival. During this time of the year, you can witness the incredible winter Northern Lights.

Indulge in the elegant dining at ‘Rakas’ Restaurant at the Arctic Treehouse hotel. They are famous for serving local delicacies and craft brewery.


  • Idaho, USA

If you are looking for snows, some winter activities and want to avoid the crowd, Idaho is such a place which you can choose for your vacation. Idaho is near to Seattle, Oregon, and California; you can also plan a road trip to Idaho. Since winter is the festive season and significant tourist destinations remain packed.

Spending your days in Idaho could be a little offbeat holiday destination at Christmas.

  • Prague

Prague’s gothic architecture, colorful baroque and history have made it a popular holiday destination for travelers and tourist. Christmas in Prague is beautiful, and by taking a walking tour, one can explore the city the most. You can stroll the Christmas market at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square and indulge into the traditional Czech eatery. Not only this, but you can also enjoy live classical music.


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