12 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 1

12 Best Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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As Valentine’s day is coming soon and I know a lot of couples need cool date ideas to celebrate the day with their beloved partner.

Previously, I have written a post on best date ideas for couples to celebrate. In this post, I have shared 37 best date ideas that any couple can go for.

Today, I thought of sharing a few ‘last-minute date ideas’ that you can plan this Valentine’s day. More often, we tend to forget or skip planning when we are so caught up in work. It may happen on any particular day of your life. Thus, a last-minute plan is a must-follow thing to do.

A last-minute plan eventually saves our day from getting it to ruin. Every couple wants their Valentine’s day to be unique and wants to show their sweethearts how much they love and care.

I believe, more than a lavish celebration, it is important how you express and spend the day together in a simple yet romantic way.

So, my last-minute valentine’s day date ideas aren’t any lavish dates ideas but a more budget-friendly. If you are a money-saver and want to have a last-minute date plan, then stick to this post.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day date Ideas

Watch Romantic Movies on Valentine’s Day at Home

Watching romantic movies on Valentine’s night with your sweetheart chilling beside you is a great booster.

If you both been busy the whole day yet don’t want to ruin the day, then watching romantic movies is a great last-minute date idea.

Either of you can bring dinner from outside and enjoy streaming online at home. There are a great many classic and modern romantic movies that you can watch.

To make your job easy, just to let you know that I have also published an article on the best Romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s day just a few days ago. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy in searching for the movies you can check out that blog post.  

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Cook a Meal & Arrange a Candle Light Dinner at Home

This is the best last-minute date idea and my favorite indeed. If you haven’t planned anything for this Valentine’s day, you don’t need to panic or get upset.

Put your apron on, and together as a couple, both can start prepping and cook a wonderful meal.

To make the evening more romantic, decorate your dining table with a vase full of beautiful flowers into it and a candle bowl placed in the middle of the table.

Serve your dinner, and enjoy your meal being with each other.

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Hit an Arcade

An Arcade is another one of the best last-minute date suggestions where you can enjoy and spend an hour or two. You can go to an arcade at any time and any day. So, even on Valentine’s day if there is any arcade located nearby to your place, then you can plan to go there with your Valentine.

hit an Arcade

Room Decoration Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Last-minute room decorating is also a great date idea on Valentine’s day. If both didn’t have any plans and want to stay indoors.

You can turn your dull day into a romantic date by decorating your living room with lights, candles, and flowers. You can make a small tent with bedsheets and ignite your romance with this unique twist.

 Valentine's day room decoration date ideas

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Go to a Fine Dining

Who doesn’t enjoy good food in a fine restaurant?

There isn’t any shortage of good restaurants in a city. So, you can always choose a fine dining option on Valentine’s day.

Two glasses of wine with a good vegan or protein contain meal and last but not the least end your date with a plate of chocolate mousse. I say this a perfect budget-friendly date idea for all the couples and on any occasion.

Arranging or booking a table for two at a premium restaurant is also a very good anniversary date ideas.

Fine dining
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A City Drive

Well, I enjoy the city drive. My husband and I often on a Sunday evening go out for an hour of city drive; we eat from the roadside food trucks and sometimes enter cafes, get some drink or coffee and end the night with a wonderful meal from a good restaurant. Sunday is sought out.

So, if you are like us who want to spend quality time talking and just being with each other and happens to enjoy driving, then a city drive could be your best date on Valentine’s day.

Arrange a Game Night

A game night date is nothing but enjoying an evening with Xbox or Playstation and playing against each other. A lot of young couples enjoy a game night and consider this as their date.

You can also do the same if you are both a fan of video games. You can bring pizza from outside or cook pasta at home and start playing together with your favorite game.

Although I don’t find it at all interesting because I don’t enjoy playing video games, but my husband do.

So, once or twice, I arranged a game night date and it’s not that bad. You can definitely go for it.

 game night date"

A Spa Day

Have you forgotten planning for Valentine’s day? And you don’t want to hurt the sentiments of your sweetheart?

How about if I say a last-minute spa deal could make both your day relaxing.

I have seen several of my friends who enjoy a spa, and both husband and wife take pleasure in spending money on body relaxation.

You can always find a last-minute spa appointment available at any spa center across the city. It is an amusing thing to utilize this as your last-minute Valentine’s day date ideas.


When it comes to a certain special occasion like Anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s day gifts are a great way to express your love and gesture.

Although you don’t need a special occasion to gift your love partner. But these days are special and should be celebrated uniquely and giving gifts is a lovely way to do that.

Also, needless to say, that one can purchase a gift for their loved one at the very last minute. Here, you can check out this post below, you will get an idea of some Valentine’s day gifts.

Valentine's day date ideas gifts

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Pizza Night Date

How can I miss a Pizza night date idea that is one of the best budget-friendly date ideas?

Not only this, even if you have only 20 bucks in your pocket and plan a last-minute date with your girlfriend/boyfriend. Going to a pizza restaurant is the best.

Want to stay indoors? No worries. Just call and order your choice of pizza and get it delivered at home. A pizza date gives a couple a chance to enjoy their lazy day. And that lazy day could be Valentine’s day too.

pizza date night"

Write Love Notes

Do you still write love letters to each other?

With WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, couples don’t really have the patience to sit and pour their emotions on paper.

There was a time when love letters used to be a key element of communication between lovers.

Writing your countless feelings and emotions on a paper is time-consuming but it is more precious than typing a few words on mobile.

I love writing, and so sometimes I prefer to write small love notes to my husband and undeniably, he loves that. He keeps all those notes in a safe place. He says these are treasures.

So, I urge the young couples of today to write love letters to each other and let each other know how much they care, love, and have affection.

Book a Last-Minute Hotel

Won’t it cost more?

Well, my husband and I sometimes plan a last-minute trip to a nearby beach destination or hill station and with no option left we go by the last-minute deal.

Guess what?

We managed to get a fair hotel deal, not once but many times. Sometimes online hotel booking platforms like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo give the best last-minute booking deals; by that, I mean to say ‘booking on a good discount.’

If you are lucky, you will certainly get a good discount on hotel booking and enjoy your trip.


There are too many date ideas, but these are the best last-minute Valentine’s day date ideas that I can share with you.

Love each other.

Thank You.

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