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Kappela Netflix Review: An Unexpected Thriller Love Story

85 / 100

Do you watch the Malayalam movie?

Those who don’t know what ‘Malayalam’ is – It is a language spoken in the state of Kerala that is located in the southernmost of India. Kerala is a very popular tourist destination.

Anyways, so I watched an incredible movie named ‘Kappela’ on Netflix today, and I am going to review that in this blog post.

Kappela Netflix Review: Story

Kappela movie opens with Jessy (Anna Ben) and her little world with her family and friends in a small town in Kerala.

One fine day she mistakenly dialled a phone number that connected her to a young fellow Vishnu who is an auto driver.

One misdialled lead to several text messages and calls and thus evolved their sweet love story.

The saga of their love over the phone continues until her parents arranges her marriage. Jessy planned to meet Vishnu in person for the first time in Kozhikode.

As she went to test her freedom and relationship, we are introduced to a character Roy who is looking for a job.

After Jessy landed in Kozhikode, she is trying to reach Vishnu, but here comes a twist when Vishnu lost his phone, and soon it revealed that Roy takes possession of his phone and meet Jessy.

He doesn’t confront Jessy about his identity, and it is then the level of suspicion and tension about Roy rises. A brawl between the two takes place when Vishnu confronts Roy of being following. 

The image of Vishnu is a good and sweet guy who soon breaks and reveals his true intention in the lodge.

Kappela Netflix Review

Kappela Netflix Review: Analysis

Anna Ben is superb, acts naturally and effortlessly. Director Muhammad Musthafa has created layers in the narration. The story seems simple and an every-day going life story, but the end justifies it all.

It’s a story about deceit and questions our ability to judge based on people’s appearance. Vishnu, played by Roshan Matthew, is perfect. We have seen Roshan Matthew acted in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Choked’ that, too, is streaming on Netflix.

Vishnu in ‘Kappela’ turns out to be the perfect boyfriend who is a handsome, humble, sweet face and eye-pleasing.

He is an ordinary young man who drives auto and helps others. Vishnu pleases us with all his humility and kindness.

Though as we dive deeper into the story towards the end, Vishnu’s true identity revealed that it is surprising.

Roy’s rough character in the film has clogged our judgmental mind. Just because Roy has been portrayed as an aggressive character, who cares not what the people will think, he has a love interest that he cares.

By introducing the character of Roy in the middle of the movie, though, has derailed us from the so-called love story of Vishnu and Jessy. But Roy is the turning point of the film.

His entry in the film is the transition of questioning our judgmental mind. The character Roy has convinced us completely that he is the trouble-maker, and not to be trusted. It’s a character just to fool us.

The movie has some beautiful captures of Kerala. The narrow, curvy roads covered with greenery both the sides, the filmmakers have shown us the rustic beauty of Kerala.

The plot isn’t something new, but it’s a relatable story that connects us with reality. From the beginning, the movie is a slow-paced building characters, and a love story between Jessy and Vishnu.

The unexpected twist in the plot represents the dark side of life and the human mind.

What people are capable of how naiveness won’t help you survive in the duality of society. Roy represents one fact that amidst the cruelty and deceit, humanity still prevails in society.

Kappela Movie

Character Analysis:

I have seen Anna Ben’s ‘Helen’ movie earlier, and it mesmerized me with the awesomeness of the simplicity of the plot and by the performance of Anna ben.

Yet again in ‘Kappela’ Anna Ben as Jessy has proved her mettle in the acting field.  

After watching her performance in both the movies, I felt her strength lies in expressing the simplicity of a character that we, as an audience, can relate to.

Jessy, a small-town girl, loves love embroidery, hanging with her cousin, and wandering around in the neighborhood. She has the least experience of how the outside world can be cruel.

Also, Roshan Matthew, as Vishnu, has given a solid, and a compelling performance.

After watching him act in ‘Choked,’ I was pretty much intrigued to see what he has to offer us in the film. His natural positive aura in the film has baffled me in the end and makes me realize ‘not to go with the looks.’

Roy, played by Sreesanth Bhasi’s enter into the story, is impressive. His character is straight forward, and space he got onscreen his performance is appreciative. He is the surprise package of the film.


Overall, Malayalam film ‘Kappela’ tells an endearing story that is engaging and has explored the dark side of life in a truly amazing way.

Thus, I would recommend you to stream it.  

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