How to write a great love letter

How to Write a Love Letter – 8 Best Ways

How many love letters have you ever written in your life till now?

It’s sad that people no longer write love letters to each other when they propose or express their emotions through a hand-written letter.

Technology has driven us into using all kinds of messaging apps and emails that require no hard work, and it’s quick.

You don’t have to sit and write on a piece of paper with a pen, waiting for a reply once you sent it to your desired partner.

With WhatsApp, Facebook and emails, you can send your digital love letter within a few minutes and get a reply in a minute as well.

Technology has wrapped us with so many privileges that I still feel that writing a love letter is an art.

I am married for 6 years now I still often write love letters to my husband and present him on special occasions like on our anniversary or birthday.

He read them, it brings a smile to his face, which made me the happiest, and he put a kiss on my forehead, which is bliss.

Though I have tried the urban way of writing love letters on mobile devices, it never pleases me. I always feel something is missing, and the missing part is ‘emotion.’

Today’s generation is fast and loves to rely on technology, so it’s natural if they don’t know ‘how to write a great love letter.’

If you are looking for a tutorial for ‘how to write a perfect love letter to your crush or partner,’ here is the way.

How to write a Love Letter to Your Partner

Purpose of Writing the Letter

To start writing a good love letter, you must understand what’s the purpose of writing.

You can write a love letter to your crush, you can write it to your girlfriend or boyfriend to express your feelings, or you can also write a love letter to express your one-sided love.

So, the main purpose is to express your emotions. Once you are decided why you want to write the letter, it’s time to collate your emotions and frame them into words.

You can not simply start writing with “I love you” or “I want to be with you forever or something like that. There is a way to start writing a love letter.

You need to address your beloved at the starting of the letter by letting her/him know why writing the letter is important for you.

Draft Your letter First

If you are not confident or your first time writing a love letter, you must first draft your letter.

You can start by noting down all your emotions and what all things you want to say.

Next, once you are satisfied with your draft, you can now take a new paper and prepare to write. This way, it will help you form the base of the letter without an error.

love letter
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Transition from Memory to Words

While starting with the letter, first remember all the beautiful memories you have with your partner.

Your memories of the first meeting, first kiss, first proposal, dating memories, togetherness during the bad and good times, everything will keep on running back to you.

To write a great love letter, you must make your partner feel how much he/she is important and special to you. While reading, your partner must feel how much you care, respect and love.

Collate all the memories, transform them into simple words and pour your feelings into your words.

Write Informal Letter

You don’t have to write a love letter in a formal way like you are writing a business letter.

Use simple words and short sentences, don’t complex and overstressed in your writing style. The motive is to express your deep thoughts and feelings you have for that special person.

Do not use tough words that will make the letter difficult to read for the other person. Make it easy to read.

informal letter

Write with a Positive Attitude (from heart)

Avoid bringing up negative things or memories in the letter. Your letter should enlighten how that person has brought positive energy into your life.

Your letter is the way through which you can express how positive you feel about your partner and how he/she has filled your life with positivity and help you grow.

While reading, he/she must feel the positive vibe, and it will make a happy impression on you.

You can write about the good things you think about her/him, write about how you see the future, and so on.

How to write a great love letter

Be genuine to your feelings

One of the best tips I can give you is whenever you are writing a love letter, ‘be genuine to your feelings and be respectable.’

You are not writing the letter to make a fake impression on your partner. You are writing the letter to show your love and gratitude towards your partner or beloved.

Often, introverts can not express their feelings properly; a hand-written letter is the best way to connect.

Take Your Time

If this is the first time you are writing, you don’t have to rush into writing. Take your time, get clarity of your feelings and how you feel about that person.

Sit and try to figure out what you want to say or pour into the piece of paper.

Let the feelings come to you; soon, you will see how fluently your pen is crafting the letter for you.

Add a Personal Touch in the Finishing of the letter

To make it more romantic, you can add a personal touch of love to the finishing of the letter.

For example, you can add a love sign in the envelope or fold the letter with some rose petals; you can attach a special note, and so on.

Love letter

Beautiful Facts About Writing A Love Letter:

A love letter is a beautiful way to express your love for your partner. We often cannot express ourselves, but we can do that in the paper.

A love letter doesn’t have to cheesy, but if written genuinely, it can connect two individuals deeply in love.

A love letter can work as a dating gift; you can give your partner a love letter right after a heated argument; it works like magic. You can also write a love letter to propose to someone.

People may say writing love letters are old and outdated, but above all, it gives the best feeling to the person who writes and to the person who read.

Generations are coming when people will no longer write letters to each other as they feel lazy. Instead of spending hours chatting over the phone, try writing to each other.

Next time when you plan a date, instead of impressing your partner with an expensive gift, try gifting a hand-written love letter. It is one of the best cheap date ideas.

love note

Writing a love letter is always romantic and it is a great way to express your emotions and love. Since, our life has become so hectic and fast we want everything readily available. Even if you don’t have time to write a long love letter, a short love note can also add value to your relationship.

Finally, a love letter often allows you to see your partner from a different perspective.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy reading my articles.

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