3 Easy Ways to save your marriage from smartphones

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Is your marriage in trouble due to smartphones?

How to save your marriage from smartphones?

We all share an intimate relationship with our smartphones. We never forget them, we carry them everywhere, we kind of literally glued to this device. People say we use them because it has made our life easy.

save your marriage from smartphones,

Do you think that’s true? I don’t think so. We have gone far and too much addicted to our phones that it has now become an integral part of our life.

We are giving way more importance to our smartphones than our precious relationships.

Now, the question is can a small gadget like ‘smartphone’ ruin moments or create chaos in your marriage? Is it that powerful?

I am sure it happened several times with you and with me too all that you are out with your spouse on a Sunday lunch chose an excellent restaurant to eat.

You both went inside picked a table for two started enjoying the warmth of the restaurant ambiance, then after ordering both began to exchange words. All was going smooth, but your spouse’s phone rang.

“Umm, I am sorry honey, I need to take this, it’s business. Just give me 2 minutes.”

You nodded like every other time and waited for the call to get over. In the meantime, you started being attached to your phone just scrolling up and down to social media sites and videos.

Where is that sweet and romantic conversation that had been planned on a Sunday lunch?

Is this a healthy and happy moment that you want to remember? I guess no.

Hence, less communication and more unnecessary using of smartphones lead to the ruining of a beautiful moment of your day.

When two persons are busy continually checking their phones and find it more interesting than spending time with each other is pulling each other away creating a communication gap.

I believe the key to a relationship is communication. The more you will communicate with each other; the bonding will get stronger.

Although smartphones do connect us to the outer world but disconnecting a husband and wife more quickly.

You might think using smartphones now and then isn’t a big deal. Well! You are wrong.

Slowly, the habit of getting too much attached to your phones will be starting to have a negative impact on your relationship.

Image of a couple upset with argument

Negative effects Smartphones can bring in Relationship –

Constant conflict between phone love and marriage

Communication gap

Reduces intimacy

Dissatisfaction between spouses

Loss of responsiveness

Distractions; which is dangerous especially while driving

The feeling of insecurities in relationships

These are the fundamental things that could wreck your marriage if not controlled at the right time.

A marriage is needed to be care and love. To feel connected with each other, keep aside your phone and start focusing on spending more quality time.

It will nurture your relationship and bring a positivity that will help to keep your marriage strong in the long run.

supportive couple less use of smartphones

How can you not let your phone ruin that moment?

People are beginning to understand that smartphone can’t mend a relationship once broken, so they want to stop phone interference in their relationship but don’t know how.

how to save your marriage from phone


I suggest starting with taking small steps. If your job demands too much phone interaction, then make your spouse understand your responsibility. Also, wherever and whenever you will get time to spend with each other try a phone free zone during weekends.

Turn-off notifications

Turn-off notifications in your phones so that you won’t get notifications every minute and this won’t spoil your moment.

Stop social media addiction

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter has now occupied significant space in human life. People can’t live without either posting or scrolling the social media feed for a day.

I don’t say social media is harmful, but one should keep a tab on how much addicted you are.

Try to cut short watching the social feed every minute especially when you are at a restaurant or in a movie hall in front of your spouse.

It’s the psychological dependency that needs to be changed.

Always remember as long as you are using your smartphones for work and leisure; it is fine but overusing will cause issues in your marriage.

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