How to Sanitize a Hotel Room During Covid 1

How to Sanitize a Hotel Room During Covid

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Are you planning to travel soon but worried about safety?

Here you will find the complete guidelines on ‘how to sanitize a hotel room during Covid’ to keep yourself safe.

We have a clear picture that Covid will exist the way it is now for a very long time. Amid all the adversities, life goes on. More than tons of people have lost their life, businesses, jobs, and struggling with mental health.

Among all other industries, the travel industry has received a massive hit. The majority of hotels have shut down, and since traveling isn’t picking up from last year, the hotel industry is running in losses.

Majority of small hotels have shut down, which is unfortunate. The recognized hotels are still in the business allowing tourists and travelers to follow all the Covid safety protocols.

It is now prevalent that people have to live with COVID, so maintaining safety protocols within the hotel premises might be an extra cost, but this will ensure the safety of the people.

In this blog post, I shall discuss ‘how to sanitize a hotel room during Covid.’

Certainly, staying at home forever isn’t an option. As situations are under control, people have started traveling. Hence, the hotel industry is hopeful of reviving its business back.

Even though the hotel management is taking care of sanitizing the rooms, keeping the hotel as clean as possible and keeping a tab on the hotel staff for wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.

Still, there remains a question is it enough for the safety of you and your family?

Well, these days, it is better to maintain as much safety protocol as needed.

Let’s discuss below ‘how to sanitize a hotel room during Covid.’

Open A Window

The moment you enter your hotel room, make sure you open a window. The hotel staff might have cleaned the room at their best, but there is no harm in taking extra precautions.

Opening a window will let enter fresh air and sunlight. Virus particles are emitted into the air through coughing, sneezing; the tiniest droplet present in the room can get you.

If you open the window, the fresh breeze of air and sunlight will replenish the air inside the room.

If you don’t find a window, keep the main door open for a while, at least.

open a window

Communicate with the Hotel Front Desk Staff and Ask Them to Sanitize Once More

Usually, hotel staff take the utmost care to avoid Covid; they do the sanitizing in each room, keep alcohol content sanitizer at each corner and floor of the hotel and give their hotel staff Covid safety protocols to maintain.

Even after knowing all this before reaching the hotel, you can ask them to sanitize your booked room properly.

You can ask them to remove all unnecessary high touched items like the TV remote, AC remote, pillow covers, water kettle.

Spraying disinfectants on the contaminated surfaces can kill viruses.

how to sanitize a hotel room during Covid

Sanitize your Luggage

Yes, you must sanitize your luggage once you reach the hotel room.

When you travel, your bags are open to touch by outside people. For example, when you travel by flight, the airport staff will touch them hence prone to risk.

Do not forget to spray your bags on all sides properly.


Decline Housekeeping Services

Part of the reason I love staying at a hotel is that you can relax and be at peace while enjoying the perks of housekeeping. But during Covid, inviting the housekeeping into your hotel room means inviting viruses.

It’s not certain, but there is a high possibility of that.

Majority of hotels are skipping the housekeeping services during the pandemic. Only if the customer asks for specific services they provide that.

Likewise, you can also ask for any specific housekeeping services keeping in mind a few things like both must be wearing a mask, keep a good distance, tell the housekeeping staff to wear disposable gloves.

Experts say, learn to be your own in the hotel room.

Bring the Essentials

While packing, do not forget to carry essential items like sanitizer, extra mask, pillow cover, one bedsheet, slippers, paper cups to drink water, and a towel.

These are a few basic items that didn’t matter pre-covid, but they are now the ‘must not forget items, especially if you stay in a hotel.

How to Sanitize a Hotel Room During Covid 2

Skip Using Swimming Pool & Gym

Many hotels do have recreational activities like a swimming pool, gym, and indoor games. Since now it is safer to avoid gatherings, you shouldn’t be thinking about the perks of using swimming pools, gyms, and indoor game places.

Instead, you can jog/walk outside for fresh air.

Sanitize Your Room High-Touched Items

You should be doing the first thing in the hotel room to start sanitizing/cleaning the high-touched items present in the room.

Items like remotes, toilet seats, washroom sink, doorknobs, bathroom counters, wardrobe knobs, and switchboards are the common things that are highly prone to touch by other people.

You can not avoid using or touching them while staying in the hotel room, but you can certainly clean them properly.


Wash Your Hand Frequently

Indeed, you must wash both your hands frequently using soap and water.

Using Hotel Restaurant

When you are traveling out during the Covid, you can’t expect to carry homecooked food for 3-4 days. You have to eat outside irrespective of what’s the situation.

During your stay at the hotel, it is better to eat at the hotel restaurant than outside in the open. Every hotel has their restaurant.

What’s best can you do to keep yourself safe?

Before start eating, wash your plate and spoon, also serve yourself.

Before you start eating, do not forget to wash your hands.


These are some of the precautionary steps that should be followed when you are staying in a hotel.

Always remember where the risk lies and act accordingly to keep yourself and your family safe from the deadly viruses.

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