How I Spent my Three-Week Summer Holidays with My Mom

What will I do without my mom?

It’s been 4 long years that I missed coming home during summer.

But this summer just after a few days of Mother’s Day I came to my home town on a three-week summer holiday to spend quality time with mom.

Well, I have come from a middle-class family. My mother has devoted her life to the family. In good and bad times, she has been there for me always.

As I stay far, it’s not possible to visit her frequently. But I have connected to her always over the phone. And whenever I get time, I try to come and stay.

I have spent some of the best days of my life with my mom. I made sure that I give her all my time and attention.

It is essential that we spent quality time with our mother. She shouldn’t feel neglected and unloved.

You can do tons of amazing things with your mom on your holidays. If you are also like me, staying far from your mom and want to make her feel the best on your holidays.

You are on the right page because I am going to share with you things that you can do and things that I did to enjoy with my mom.


  • We watched a Bengali movie named ‘Konttho.’
  • We ate scrumptious momos from the roadside stall
  • We went for shopping where I bought her a traditional Indian dress and bought a T-shirt for my dad.
  • We enjoyed eating ‘Biryani,’ a Mughlai dish from a restaurant.
  • The mother-daughter duo had fun in unlimited gossiping at night.
  • We played indoor games mostly board games
  • I cooked her a meal for the day
  • She made my favorite Vanilla sponge cake
  • We watched the horror film ‘Conjuring 1’ on my laptop
  • We ate lip-smacking ‘Panipuri.
  • I hurt my back pretty severely, and she took great care of me. I feel so lucky to have her in my life.
  • I made her tea every evening with snacks
  • The mother-daughter pair had fun dancing together on Bollywood songs
  • Enjoyed eating tropical fruits like mangoes. I missed eating mangoes all these years.
  • I gave her a new WiFi device for unlimited internet usage, of which she got so overjoyed
Image of me and my mom
With my mom

I had a great time with my mom. These small things that we did together have make a memorable summer holiday for me.

How I Spent my Three-Week Summer Holidays with My Mom 1

What more can you do with your mother?

There are tons of such fun things to do where you and your mother can enjoy each other’s company and create a memorable time.

Here is a long list of things that you can consider doing with your mom on your visit to her. I am only adding them in bullet points. Let’s have a look.

  • You can enjoy a lazy summer morning with some tropical fruits
  • If your mom is fit and loves swimming, hitting the pool with mom would be a fantastic thing to do.
  • Go to the farmer’s market for organic vegetables
  • Go to the spa together to relax body and mind
  • Learn an old recipe from her
  • Watch movies in a theatre as I did with my mom
  • Show her your work. Make her a proud mother
  • If you can’t make it to the restaurant, do a food home delivery and keep her relaxed from everyday cooking.
  • Enjoy doing small things together. It could be anything.
  • Make dinner/lunch together and have fun while cooking
  • Take her to a nearby mall for shopping
  • Play indoor/board games
  • Go for a short trip just the two of you
  • Accompany her to the flea market
  • Take selfies together
  • Go to a nearby park for a walk
  • If she is older, you can arrange a picnic in the backyard of your house
  • Give her a surprise gift
  • Do what she is really fond of doing like singing or reading or watching movies
  • Help her out in something which she isn’t good at
  •  Look through the old images
  • Order a home delivery and have a lazy Sunday at home watching Netflix
  • Share nostalgic memories with each other
  • Get her a customized fragrance candle set
  • Take her out to a beautiful restaurant for lunch/dinner

So many things to do with your mom.

Make her happy.

Make her feel important.

Give her your little time.

Love her.

This post is a tribute to all the mothers.

Please share and let us know your opinion.

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