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Latest Disney Plus Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’ Review

82 / 100

Have you watched the newly added Hotstar web series ‘Hundred?’

If not, you should consider watching it.

Hotstar Web Series ‘Hundred’ Review

After a long time, I have enjoyed watching a web series that has nothing to do with murder or a psycho killer.

Lately, the majority of the Indian web series are coming up with stories that have some gruesome killing, full of slangs and bloodshed. Take, for example, recently added Netflix’s Hansmukh, Mrs. Serial Killer, Voot’s Asur, etc.

Hotstar web series Hundred is a perfect comeback by Lara Dutta. She has played the role of an ACP Saumya Shukla in Mumbai police, who is struggling to get the position and respect that she deserves in her department.

On the other hand, Rinku Rajguru is the star of the web series. I have watched her performing exceptionally in the Marathi superhit film ‘Sairat.’ Here too, in Hotstar web series Hundred she is the heart and soul of the series.

She has played the role of Netra Patil, who is living a dull life between her family and an ordinary government job. She dreams of Switzerland but restricted within the walls of her daily duties.

Her life gets a hit when she is diagnosed with the stage 4 brain tumor, and as the title suggests, she only has 100 days to survive.

Well, doomed with the news of death, coincidentally, she meets ACP Saumya, and her life takes a u-turn ever since.

Netra knew that she only has 100 days left, so she decided to follow her dreams and live the rest of the days in pursuing happiness. But fate brings Netra and Saumya together, and they make a quirky team who tries to crack exciting cases.

ACP Saumya is seen using Netra in her cases, and Netra, too, is keen to help Saumya in solving her cases because it excites her.

The web series stretches across 8 episodes, where you will see the chaotic lives of ACP Saumya and Netra.

As a viewer, I felt the narrative could have been better by adding a bit more twists. There is a balance shown in the life of Saumya’s professional and personal.

In her personal life, she is an unhappy wife, and in her professional space, she is an ambitious woman who seeks triumph over men around her.

In her narrative, she tells the audience how much she desires to crack crime cases but she is only a pawn to DCP Anshuman. He sends her either to an event to dance or appoint her to act as the bodyguard of ministers. Saumya feels she is being demeaned not only by Anshuman but also by her husband, Pravin.

So, here we can see a lot of tension between her personal and professional life that she disgusts.

Netra is a free-spirit woman who breaks the shackles to enjoy her life. Her dialogues, her way of conducting herself is charming.

Karan Wahi, as Maddy, is enjoyable to watch. He has picked up a great Haryanvi accent for his role.

As a viewer, it is also entertaining to watch how the two women character are shown as sexually liberated.

Well, there isn’t much to tell in the story, but towards the end, it feels like a bit dragging.

There is one more thing that I would like to share is the background music. It is engaging, suspenseful, and quite catchy.

The bond of ACP Saumya and Netra is unique, and they had some tender moments to share. It is worth watching web series on Hotstar. I can say you will enjoy it.

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