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Disappointment that Games of Throne’s Final Season Brought to the Millions of Fans is Hard to Digest

Like a million others, I am also in distress after watching the final episode of the most awaited TV show ‘Games of Throne.’ Not only the fans but the cast were also quite disappointed, it seems from their interviews.

As per the reports says, the final season of GOT is the most watched than its previous seasons. With the hope and excitement that this season of Games of Thrones will surprise us and undoubtedly, it did shock us with its upsetting ending, which is fragile and lame.

I started watching ‘Games of Thrones’ last year on Hotstar. As I was watching, I felt instantly that this is something unique and different. I completed watching the entire show from Season 1- 7 in just two weeks and from then I was eagerly waiting for the season 8.

I won’t lie, I did actually like the beginning of season 8, but the last two episodes were vaguely and couldn’t hold my attention any longer.

The Games of Thrones is a story of a fantasy world that we all love to imagine.

I wonder what went wrong in the creator’s team that the “Iron Throne” episode went down and wiped our expectations of a perfect ending.

Arya Stark

Yes, Season 8 was full of surprises, with the long-going battle and Arya Stark emerged as the hero of the entire season by stabbing the King of Dead. This was a significant element of surprise for the fans.

 Arya Stark games of thrones

I am a die-hard fan of Arya Stark, and like me, many wanted to see her existence more in the final episode.

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But in the last two episodes, the writers showed Arya Stark nothing but a lost character.

Arya, in pursuit of killing Cersi, ends up amid the bloodshed, dead bodies, and ashes struggling to save herself. She is different, right?

Then, where has her confidence and bravery gone? She avenged the murder of her brother and mother, she killed the Night King, and she suddenly became weak when watching a city go down by a dragon.

Do we need to believe this?

In the finale episode, Arya Stark set on a voyage to explore the world. This entirely doesn’t what I expected as a fan of the show.

Jon’s Ending

I am highly disappointed with the character of Jon Snow. The hero of the show who has such significance and whose character has such charisma ended up following only the footsteps of his Queen Daenerys.

He couldn’t stop the mass killing by his Queen but could stab the love of his life. He could have made her understand, but the writer didn’t think of giving their love a chance to survive.

All he delivered dialogue is “she is my queen’ again and again.

Jon Snow and Queen Daenerys in games of thrones season 8

How unacceptable it was to see Jon Snow killing Daenerys. Apparently, he ended up losing his honor when Bran, the newly elected king, sent him to the wall.

Didn’t we all expect Jon Snow to emerge as something more than just a mere Knight watch?

The Dragon Symbolism

The moment Jon Snow killed their mother, the Dragon sensed it and burned the throne instead of Jon Snow. Why?

He was standing right in front of him, and still, he spared his life?

Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Cersi’s Easy Death

Cersi, the cunning and shrewd queen of the King’s Landing, who posed quite an active threat on the others. The creator could have given her role a little more resistance and power to fight against Queen Daenerys.

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Throughout the show, Cersi’s character has been a questionable one who can do anything for power but in the final battle for the throne, what action did she take?

Nothing but standing in her balcony and watching her city to turn into ashes.

Why the creators let Cersi die together with Jamie Lannister?

Cersei Lannister's death in Games of Throne

There was literally no struggle shown in the part of Cersi. How could she die so quickly and easily?

A major flaw which left the fans scratching their head.

Of course, a Stark would be the King

Well, as we all know Jon Snow is the bastard son of Ned Stark until Bran told Jon about his truth. I wanted Jon Snow to be the King of the Westeros because he is the true heir.

Bran Stark in Games of Throne season 8

Obviously, a show like Games of Thrones will have to end leaving behind a big controversy.

There is a possibility that Bran Stark has known about the future King of Westeros, but that’s not certain because nowhere in the show that has been conveyed.

But after episode 5 of the final season, it was known that Bran would be the King. After, the rule of Cersi and Queen Daenerys, it was time for the peace which Bran Stark thought to established.

Still, I wish to see Jon Snow in the Iron Throne. A name who is the embodiment of noble, brave, valor, and honesty.

Noble Daenerys turned into Mad queen

Now, who thought this will happen in the final season of GOT?

Daenerys, the “Breaker of Chains” and “Mother of Three Dragons” who freeing the cities and it’s people from the hands of slaves and barbarians. She wanted to make the world a better place, she helped Jon Snow to fight against the Dead.

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Queen Daenerys in Games of Throne

After all these, how can you turn her into a mad queen who mass murdering people?

This was the most unacceptable and unreasonable thing that had taken place in the GOT final season which made all the fans disappointed.

Turning a protagonist into a sudden antagonist and then killing her through the hands of Jon Snow. There is too much drama involved which made the finale season a disaster.

This wasn’t the tragedy of a character; it was the tragedy of the writers that they couldn’t bring justice to any of the character neither to the ending of the show.

Tyrion Lannister

I never liked Tyrion Lannister.

He was supposed to be the wisest man of the queen because he was her ‘Hand,’ but he is a man with stupid ideologies that never worked for the ‘Dany’ neither for him.

Tyrion knew that Daenerys is isolated, lonely, and isn’t in her right set of minds. Her loneliness and anger have overpowered her ability to see what she is doing is wrong. Tyrion should have taken the responsibility of guiding her instead of drinking wine all the time and lecturing others.

 Tyrion Lannister in GOT

His idealism was harmless and good, but that never worked on his favor.


There is a saying, “All’s well that ends well.”

This wasn’t the case with the Games of Throne.

This show was nearly a perfect fantasy TV show in the history of the entertainment.

Thank you for reading the article. This was pretty much my opinion about the ending of the show. If you want to share your views and want to contribute, please feel free to contact me.

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