Top 8 Common Relationship Myths That Make You Unhappy 1

Top 8 Common Relationship Myths That Make You Unhappy

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Believing in common relationship myths can be disastrous in your love life. And while some myths are well-intentioned, it’s best to let go and embrace real expectations. Read on to discover some of the common myths that can keep you from enjoying a happy relationship.

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For most people, falling in love isn’t complicated. But building and sustaining a thriving relationship is no mean feat. And it gets more challenging when you hold on to unhealthy myths.

Your relationship can be more rewarding when you have realistic expectations instead of believing in fairy tales and myths.

To help you maintain a happy love life, we take a deep dive into the common relationship myths and facts out there.

Common Relationship Myths

1.   Great Relationships Are Always Easy

Most people often think that finding the right partner equals a smooth sailing relationship. This is one of the common love myths promoted by idealized love stories in the movies and society.

The truth is relationships require a lot of continuous work.

During your honeymoon, most relationships can feel euphoric. And that’s because people tend to put their first foot forward at the beginning. But humans have flaws and can bring myths, emotional issues, and baggage into their love life. With time, the flaws become clear, and all your partner can do is adapt.

If your relationship is going to survive for long, it needs maintenance efforts from both parties.  Sticking together, regardless of personal myths, issues, and life’s burdens, can never be smooth sailing.

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2.   Jealousy Means Your Partner Loves and Cares About You

Pop culture has led people to believe in the myth that jealousy is the ultimate yardstick to gauge love between couples. People believe that if your partner seems jealous when you interact with the opposite sex, then they love and care about you.

And while it may feel romantic when your significant other gets slightly jealous, it’s not always a sign of love.

But the reality is that extreme jealousy and possessiveness are unhealthy traits that indicate a dysfunctional relationship.

When left to chance, jealousy can trigger recurring fights that eventually drive a wedge between you. Always remember that true love isn’t based on myths – it is based on mutual trust and respect are vital.

3.    Good Relationships Have No Fights

Many people easily fall for the myths thanks to conditioning through media and society. And while fights can be irritating parts of social interaction, they happen all the time. Just because couples are not fighting doesn’t mean they’re happy.

Since different people have unique characteristics, it’s impossible to always agree with your partner. But this doesn’t mean you are with the wrong person. Disagreements and arguments are normal, and they help you understand your partner better.

According to research by The Gottman Institute, at least 69% of relationship fights keep recurring. In fact, occasional fights can strengthen your love life as long as your approach is right. Contrary to popular myths, fights don’t break a relationship. Instead, unresolved conflicts and myths often deepen resentment and remorse.

4.    Frequent Sex Means You’re in a Good Relationship

Overemphasis on sex perpetuates myths and misconceptions about relationships. While sex is a vital part of a healthy romantic relationship, judging people on the premise of sexual activity and myths is erroneous.

Different people have different sexual needs, and the frequency can vary from one couple to another. There is no universal standard to determine how much sex is enough in a relationship. Besides, it’s not about the number and myths; it’s about the satisfaction and fulfillment you get.

In a healthy relationship, sexual activity shouldn’t be dependent on societal parameters and myths. Instead, intimate relationships are about mutual agreement and needs.

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5.     The Passion Should Never Fade

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The initial stages of most marriages are loaded with fluttery, excitement, and sky-high passions. But as time goes by and love matures, the intense sparks tend to dwindle.

And this is when people believe the myths and act as though the relationship is crumbling.

But most people who hold on to open relationship myths don’t understand that stable relationships have fewer moments of breathlessness and fluttery.

Time has a unique way of deepening affection and making love feel stronger. And this doesn’t mean the spark is a myth, or it’s lost. It’s there, and it can be reignited.

You wouldn’t want to focus on myths and excitement and miss all the opportunities to experience romance as you grow together.

6.    Your Better Half Meets All Your Needs

The belief that your partner must meet all your needs is among the myths that exert unnecessary pressure on common relationships.

But like most things in life, there isn’t a universal solution that can solve all myths and issues.

Therefore, your partner can hardly meet all your expectations and fulfill all your needs. While your significant other can be so many things to you, there are several needs that ought to be met by other people in your life.

Instead of believing in myths and asking too much from your partner, try to understand your needs and figure out how to meet them.

7.     A Loving Partner Can Always Read Your Mind

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It’s fun to imagine a partner who can read your mind and know exactly what you need. But this is just one of those dating and relationship myths. It’s unrealistic to expect your partner to anticipate all your needs and moods.

If you’ve been together for many years, you definitely understand what your partner likes or dislikes. But this doesn’t mean you can always tell how your partner is feeling and what they need you to do.

Instead, it’s your responsibility to let your partner know how you’re feeling and what you need from them. Just don’t expect them to follow the myths and fill in the blanks.

8.    Marriage and Babies Will Solve All Your Problems

Couples who have had turbulence in their relationship think that settling down and having a baby can solve their differences.

In fact, some people can dive into marriage expecting that recurrent conflicts in the relationship will fade away completely; this relationship myth is far from the truth.

Using marriage and babies as a solution to struggles in your relationship may be unrealistic. At times, the added responsibility may end up extra pressuring both parties.

Unless you’re ready for marriage or raising a child, there is no point in making rushed decisions based on myths about love.


Myths can have a powerful grip on life and limit our relationships.

Instead of struggling to conform to misconceptions and myths, it’s best to understand that perfect relationships don’t exist –only real ones. And you can dispel long-distance relationships by first meeting myths by yourself.

What’s your take on relationship myths, and which ones have you dealt with? Let us know in the comment section.

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