34 Cheap Date Ideas at Home for Couples This Christmas

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We all love to listen to or read when it comes to ‘cheap date ideas.’ Dating is a way to spend time with your love partner and express your feelings. People often spend lumps of money on gifts, going to luxury restaurants to date. What’s the need of that when you can arrange easy and cheap date ideas at home.

2020 was a very clumsy year and a lot of people have lost their life due to covid.

Due to the long lockdown, people were stuck at home for a long time. But with the current situation going around in the world, staying at home is the best possible solution.

Why Dating is Important?

In a relationship, dating frequently is essential to keep the bonding between the two strong and attractive. No matter what kind of relationship it is, you are a live-in couple, married couple, or in a long-distance relationship, you have to keep dating.

Staying at home with family and spouse can be fun and exciting if you plan that way.

I am happily married for six years, and I and my husband date every week, you can say almost every day. It is one of the reasons for our strong bonding (touchwood).

Life is busier, but that doesn’t stop you from dating each other. It’s okay that you don’t have time to go outside and this lockdown is giving you the time that you might have missed in the past.

The concept of at-home date idea is simple: stay indoors, get fun, and spend quality time being with each other.

In this blog post, I will share 34 interesting cheap date ideas at home in the lockdown that will give a couple a way to spend quality time together.

Here are some date ideas that we follow in our relationship too. Trust me, stay-at-home date ideas can be a lot more fun and creative.

Cheap Date Ideas at Home for Couples to Follow

Play Board Games

How many of you love playing board games?

Even though we are adults, board games are amusing and a chilling date idea at home. If your girl turns out to be a little competitive, it might infiltrate a romantic spark in your relationship. Weird, but it’s true.

There are several board games like scrabble, which is my favorite board game, chess, and Sequence.

 couples who play board games

Make Pasta

Do you love eating pasta in a restaurant?

If you love, then have you ever thought of making it instead at home together?

I love eating and cooking pasta, and so do my husband. Often on Friday night, I cook pasta, and my husband (Atanu) lovingly lends his hand in helping me in cutting the vegetables or washing the utensils. He set the table, and we end up cherishing the delicious dinner together.

Sounds good, right?

Cooking is the best Sunday date ideas for couples at home.

Couples cooking

Do a Painting session at home

Do you enjoy painting or drawing?

You may not have the creative side, but that’s the fun in a painting session date idea at home. You can both arrange a few painting materials like canvas, color tubes, pencil, brush, and let your imagination flow on the canvas.

It is creative, fun, and a mind relaxing date idea.

cheap date idea
Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

Play Puzzle

Grab a puzzle-solving board and sit together on a weekend morning. If you are looking for a cheap date idea at home, this is one such idea that is entertaining and cheap. You can spend a couple of hours playing and laughing with your lady luck.

There are several puzzle games available in the market and online. Check for yourself which game do you and your partner find enjoyable.

puzzle game date idea

Plan a Backyard Picnic

If your house has a beautiful backyard, you can utilize the space for a picnic just for you two. All you need to do is clean up the backyard properly, place a chair or sheet, and arrange a few snacks or dry food.

The best thing about a backyard picnic is you can plan it any time of the day.

Now, those who do not have a backyard?

If you don’t have a backyard, I am sure you have either a balcony or at least a roof. You can plan and arrange a romantic picnic there.

Picnic at the backyard - cheap date ideas
Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

Create a Bucket list

Everybody has a bucket list of things that he/she wants to do. Take time to create a bucket list and read out loud to each other. You can create a travel bucket list or a random bucket list. Both can then plan to do the things together that you find are interesting.

You don’t have to spend a penny, but still, it is a fantastic dating idea that a couple can do at home

Write a Letter to Each Other

Writing a letter to each other is a very romantic thing to do. You can pour down your emotions through words. Writing a letter to each other is a beautiful gesture towards love. It also creates sweet moments between a couple.

On your date, you can leave each other a small letter that contains all your love, appreciation, and gratitude. This will make each happier than you can think of.

This is also an amazing way to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ without saying it.

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date idea by writing a letter to your partner

Take a Bath Together

How often do you take a bath together?

In the initial days of a relationship, usually, a couple does love and enjoy taking a shower together. It increases the intimacy between a couple. Intimacy between a couple is essential to keep the spark keep going on.

You can enjoy your date at home by taking a bubble bath together, which is also a good idea.

Date ideas

Listen to Music & Dance

When you and your partner are together at home, you can enjoy listening to some peppy or melodious music and dance on its tune. This could also be an amazingly fun way to spend time with each other at home.

Listening to the music and dancing is a very romantic date idea. You could plan this for your date evening if your partner is sick. It is a great idea to uplift her/his mood.

couples dancing

Drink Wine & Eat Pizza

I love pizza, and my husband often brings a medium size pizza while coming back home from the office, and we kind of enjoy our homely date at night.

Wine and pizza are a great combination to enjoy at home. When you are planning to have a date at home, you can arrange two glasses of wine with pizza and decorate your room by dimming the light to have a romantic feeling.

Try this at home, I am sure you won’t go out anytime soon for a date with your partner.

Couple enjoying dinner

Roast Marshmallow

We often enjoy roasting marshmallows when camping outside near a lake or in the forest. How about roasting marshmallows on your date at home?

Like I mentioned above, about the backyard picnic date idea, if you have a backyard, you can do a small bonfire, especially during the winter. You can sit together in front of the fire with a blanket wrapping around you both and roast marshmallow.

How beautiful does it sound, is it not?


Watch a series of classic romantic movies

A day at home with your partner can be even more fun when streaming a series of classic films. You can sit for hours together in each other’s arms and enjoy watching movies on Netflix/Amazon Prime or can rent movies.

To make this date more exciting, you can order food and popcorn while watching movies.

binge watching

Read Books to Each Other

When you want to plan a budget-friendly date at home, it shouldn’t be boring and let you both feel aloof. So, reading each other’s favorite book aloud sounds creative.

Of course, everybody won’t like this idea. Those who love reading and listening to stories this eccentric dating idea is for them.

reading books
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash


When you are looking for a cheap date idea, an activity like gardening is a productive and also an ideal way to spend your day with your partner at home.

You can buy a few saplings from any local nursery and start prepping in your backyard or balcony.

Let your hands get dirty in plowing and enjoy gardening together.

couple gardening
Photo Credit: Pexels (Anna Shvets)

Watch sports at home

Many couples like watching sports at home on their television with a big bowl of salad/popcorn. Some enjoy watching a tournament of cricket or football or even baseball.

Atanu and I enjoy watching a Cricket match. It is excellent to date your spouse/partner at home by watching a tournament and encourage your team to win.

Make Cookies

Making cookies is a very common thing to do on a date at home. We all love cookies, and when you have an extra hand, it is always better to use that energy in baking.

You can bake cookies on any occasion like on an anniversary date, birthday date, college teen date, and even with family.

So, bake a batch of cookies together and get close to each other.

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couples made cookies

Decorate your House

How about changing the interior of the house or decorating a few corners of the house together? I always believe marriage or a relationship can be better when a couple does things together.

It may be anything cleaning the house, decorating, cooking, mutual discussion before making any decision and etc.

Say, you are at your girlfriend’s home, and she is busy re-decorating her home for the upcoming Christmas or any occasion. You can get involve and help her in finishing the task.
You will see how much you like each other’s company.

couples decorating house

Watch your Wedding Album/Video

Take the time, sit together, and see the photo collection of your wedding or childhood album. Share with each other your happy and embarrassing memories.

Introduce your family members from the photo album to your partner. It is a great way to get to know and understand each other well.

If you are a couple that has spend 5-6 years together being in a relationship, there is always a scope to know about each other more.

Cheap date ideas

Playing Videos Games

Most of the teen couples love playing video games. If you are going short of money and don’t want to spend on a date. You can invite your partner to your place to play video games.

couple playing video games

Arrange a Candle Light Dinner

Nothing can beat a perfect candlelight dinner at home. You can surprise her/him by cooking their favorite meal and with all the arrangements. Your love partner will fall for you even more.

There are a great many ways to arrange a perfectly romantic candlelight dinner at home. You can decorate your home with rose petals and fragrant candles, and food awaiting on the table.

Candle light dinner

Coffee Date at home

This is something new that I have come up with. You go on a coffee date at Starbucks or at any café to spend an hour or two engaging in a heartfelt conversation. You will probably spend $10 but what if you can enjoy the same at home.

These days everybody keeps coffee at home for their morning and evening relaxation. So, without driving to the nearby Starbucks, you can make two cups of coffee, sit in the balcony together, and talk.

I feel this is way more peaceful and worth creating a memory for life.

Cheap date ideas - coffee date

Enjoy any conversation

In a relationship, it is essential to enjoy any kind of conversation with each other. You can talk about serious life matters, office stuffs, embarrassing and daily unimportant things too.

Now, to talk about anything, both should have that level of comfort zone and trust between each other. Trust and compatibility don’t build in a day or two.  

A couple has to give each other more time. You will see talking about anything for hours too feels extremely enjoyable and pleasant.

enjoy the conversation
Photo Credit: Brides

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Enjoy Doing Yoga/Exercise Together

Whether you both are a fitness freak or just enjoy a stroll. Doing it together can give others a relationship goal.

To do this you don’t have to join a fitness class or gym, you can practice yoga/exercise at home as well.

I love taking a stroll regularly in the morning with my husband. If not a walk, then we do exercise together at our balcony. It feels good as we talk about things related to our respective work, our parents, and many other silly matters.

34 Cheap Date Ideas at Home for Couples This Christmas 1
photo credit: Yannic Laderach (Unsplash)

Watch a Stand-up comedy

How about enjoy watching a stand-up comedy together?

I am not telling you to go out; instead, you can enjoy streaming it online at Netflix. Watching a stand-up comedy sometimes is good. It lightens your mood and makes you laugh.

So, when you watch it together, it will give you a boost and makes you feel good when laughing together on silly jokes.

There are many good stand-up comedy shows that you can watch on Netflix like Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King, Trevor Noah, or Vir Das.

At my home, we enjoy watching Trevor Noah stand up comedy shows.

Plan Your next trip

Well, planning a trip together is always exciting and fun. You don’t even require money for such a date. Yes, for trip money is needed.

When there is nothing to do at home, all you can do is grab a pen and paper, start listing out the places that interest you both and make a budget.

But is this a date?

Why not? Both would love to go on a trip, where they can spend quality time together and know each other well. A trip can do that brings both closer and ignites love.

But while planning too, you can consider it as a very homely date. I know it might sound a little dull. So, you can make it enjoyable by ordering food, checking out the travel pictures of those places and etc.

planning a trip

Play an Instrument

There are many other musical instruments like guitar, piano, violin, or tabla, that you might know to play. It sounds very romantic when you play it for your partner.

You can play a romantic tune with her/him and create a romantic moment for both of you.

An evening with both and playing some beautiful music on your instrument would be a great example of a cheap date idea.

couples enjoying instrument on date

Make Ice Cream Together

Who doesn’t love having a big bucket of ice cream?

But imagine, wouldn’t it be more exciting if you and your partner make ice cream at home?

You can learn to make it from your mom or from YouTube and create something of your own.

couples making ice cream

Watch National Geographic Channel

Do you enjoy watching National Geographic with your partner at home?
I know this isn’t the usual thing that a couple does on their date at home. We often enjoy watching animal documentaries on National Geographic Channel. There are shows not only on animals but also on Earth, planets, and other things on National Geographic.

Try this. I am sure you could plan to watch beautiful shows on your dating.

watch national Geographic Channel

Order Food from your Favorite Restaurant

Everybody has a particular restaurant that he/she is very much fond of because they serve delicious food. Likewise, you can order food from your partner’s favorite restaurant at home and serve at dinner while enjoy watching a movie.


Stream Holiday Movies

Streaming movies online is one of the best cheap date ideas for couples. Literally, you can spend the best 2-3 hours of your time with your lovely partner just watching back to back movies.

This can also be a great date idea for parents. Young parents who have a kid but cannot go out frequently like they used to. Streaming holidays movies can give them respite and make them feel like a date.

I found one article that is focused on date night ideas for parents, you can check out this link.

A Little Chat by Sitting on Your Balcony Over a Cup of Tea

How many of you sit quietly in the morning with your partner and chat a little?

I would say it is the best way I enjoy my free time with my husband. You, too, can start doing this if you haven’t already.

Talk more with your partner whenever you can talk about anything. It will always take you a step closer to your partner and create a strong bond.

date night for couples

Cuddle Each other

Cuddling is a thing that couples should frequently do. Cuddle just before you sleep, cuddle before you both leave for offices, cuddle whenever you can. Cuddling expresses love and cares for each other.

It is also the best free thing to do on a date at home.

couple cuddling

Living Room Camp out

Camping is always adventurous and exciting. Indeed, it won’t be as exciting if you plan camping in your living room.

But you can try to make it more interesting by using light decoration inside your camp and play some music. You can also read storybooks to each other. Get romantic, and see the magic.

Spilling Secrets

While dating at home making conversations, you can start talking about silly things that have happened in each other’s life and start spilling secrets.


Hence, these are some of the affordable cheap date ideas that I have for you. If you have some other ideas too, you can share them with me.

To all the couples who have regretted and complained of not having a proper date in the past due to busy life. Here, is your opportunity to fulfill that wish. Meanwhile, please stay at home, do not go out unless there’s an emergency or need.

May God bless us all in fighting this dreadful virus.

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