Cheap countries to visit from India

17 Cheap Countries to Visit from India in 2021

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‘Cheap’ is a very interesting word. We, the middle-class travel enthusiasts, always look for places where we can travel on a budget. Traveling doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or luxurious.

These days one can travel to international destinations from India easily on visa-free or on-arrival visas. Traveling has become so much fun.

But all has changed with the 2020 pandemic. The travel industry got a major hit financially, and travelers aren’t free now to wander around. There are restrictions; precautions have to be taken for ourselves. But the good news is 2021 is going to bring a ray of hope.

If you cannot restrict yourself to indoors anymore and want to rejuvenate yourself for the new year, following Covid precautions. Here is a list of the cheapest countries to visit from India this year.

Cheap Countries to Visit from India in 2021


Thailand is one of the most popular international destinations that Indians love to travel. It is budget-friendly, near, and needless to say, beautiful.

Thailand offers a diverse travel experience, starting from enjoying the beach life, spa, clubbing, adventurous sports, diving, and experiencing the wildlife.

It also offers economical accommodation, flight fares, and cheap food.

Thailand offers an on-arrival visa, so Indians need not worry about the visa thing. Most travelers visit cities like Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, Phi Phi Islands to experience a week of vacation.

A Thailand trip will come around 45k – 50k if you go for budget-friendly.

Thailand - cheapest countries to visit from India

Sri Lanka

A beautiful country situated right around India downward is yet another one of the cheapest countries to visit from India. Sri Lanka is an underrated tourist destination.

If you are wondering why to visit Sri Lanka, I could give you reasons for that. First of all, from India, especially from Southern India, traveling to Sri Lanka is cheap and time-saving.

Secondly, the cuisine, language, and environment are very similar to that of South India. The country has a line of mesmerizing beaches, historical stories and temples, wildlife, tea plantations, waterfalls, and vibrant culture make it a wonderful international tourist destination.

If you plan your trip 3 months ago, the flight and accommodation cost will be cheaper than you expected.

Sri Lanka


A beautiful, neat, and clean country like Bhutan is so close to India and so safe and cheap as well. Those who have traveled to Bhutan are in awe of that place, the people, culture, and tradition. I have never heard anyone saying that they had a bad experience on their Bhutan trip.

If you plan your trip properly, you will face no issues. The average cost of traveling solo in Bhutan from India would be around 30k on a round trip.

You can visit all the popular monasteries, experience the Buddhist heritage, culture, and their cuisine.

The people of Bhutan are very specific about cleanliness, so if you travel, ‘do not throw garbage or plastic here or there.’

Bhutan - the cheapest country to visit from India


Nepal should be on the bucket list of travel enthusiasts who are looking for budget-friendly destinations. For any adventurer or mountain trekker, Nepal is the perfect international destination for the Indians.

Under the strong influence of Buddha, it is a land of peace and serenity. The small country is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and greenery. Nepal offers the best hospitality and respect for its tourist as tourism is one of its major revenue sources.

Also, Nepal has been featured in Lonely Planet as the Top Ten Destination in South Asia.

The average cost for a solo traveler may range around 20k roundtrip, including everything accommodation, food, travel cost, and other small expenses.

Nepal -


Vietnam is another South Asian country that Indians can add to their bucket list of travel in 2021. It is one of the best budget-friendly travel destinations from India.

There is so much to visit in this country; it nestles Asia’s largest cave, a line of islands, bay, forests, religious places, and farming lands. You must not miss the floating markets that are a treat to experience.

Indians can travel on e-visa to Vietnam, which expires in 30 days of arrival. So, travelers have plenty of time to explore the entire country.

Typically, the average cost comes within 45k for two that includes everything, and if they choose to stay cheaper, you can save a lot.



With all other South Asian countries, the Philippines can not leave behind. The country is widely known for its islands, pristine beaches, rice and paddy fields, mountain ranges, and monuments. The country has widely remained unexplored.

Traveling to the Philippines from India will cost around 35k on a round trip. It is a great international tourist destination that is cheap and safe as well for the Indians.

It takes around 6 hours of flight time from India, and the must-visit spots are Chocolate hill, Panglao Island, Boracay, and several more.

Philippines travel
Photo Credit: Karl Paul Unsplash


Cambodia is a small country, but culturally it is extremely rich. The Cambodians are said to be generous and warm people. They are very proud of their ancient heritage and culture. Though not a financially rich country still it is one of the cheapest countries to visit from India.

Most backpackers choose to go to Cambodia to explore the ruins of Mayan and Angkor. Also, to volunteer the underprivileged children and want to make a positive difference in their life by educating them.

If you are someone who enjoys the experience and adventure of exploring Cambodia will make a difference.

A trip to Cambodia will cost you around 40k, considering looking for cheaper options of staying and backpacking.



The Maldives is the new trending holiday international destination for the Indians. Though a trip to the Maldives is considered an expensive one, you can make it a budget-friendly trip if you want.

Undoubtedly, Maldives is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It attracts tourists from across the world for its pristine beaches, islands, water life, and luxurious resorts.

What’s costly in the Maldives? It is accommodation. But if you choose to look for cheaper ones it will fit your budget. Instead of staying in a luxurious resort, you could opt for a local stay with limited amenities and facilities.

Maldives island


Why should you visit Laos?

The hospitality is remarkable. The Laos people are warm and respectable. They follow Buddhism and are very much in grip with their culture and tradition.

Laos has tons of Buddhist temples; some are ruined, and some are highly popular. The country is surrounded by nature’s beauty, green forest, colonial architecture, waterfalls, art, and heritage.

You can connect with the local people and get to know their life if you hire a local since English isn’t a very common language in Laos.

If you are planning for Laos, you will have break journeys from India as there are no direct flights to Laos. An estimated cost for a person will be around 30k – 35k.


Myanmar is surprisingly one of the most underrated international travel destinations. Indian travelers usually prefer to visit Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and never consider Myanmar.

There may have been some political unrest over the years, but its strong ethnic heritage, natural beauty, and landscape make Myanmar a great place to visit.

Its ancient tradition, historical, and cultural significance brings an authentic experience for a traveler.

Coming to the question, is it cheap enough to travel from India?

Indeed, it is. You just have to select your state wisely. There is a direct flight to Yangon from only a few specific states.



How can I forget about the UAE? Dubai is a popular and economically developed city in UAE. Indians love to visit Dubai. They often prefer going to Dubai for a vacation over other countries.

Dubai’s impressive skylines and duty-free shopping experiences are the key reasons that attract tourists.

Why Indians prefer Dubai?

One of the main reasons is it is cheap and value for money. You can easily explore Dubai in under 25k that includes your stay, food, sight-seeing, etc.



If you are a backpacker and want to explore some offbeat places, Azerbaijan is one of the cheapest countries to offer that kind of experience.

There are plenty of budget-friendly hostels and local homestay you will find in Baku. The cost of living in Azerbaijan is cheap, and so does the accommodation, food, and other expenses.

Travel insurance is a mandatory thing when you travel to Azerbaijan.

Coming to the point, how much does it cost from India?

As it is not a very touristy destination, so availability of flights is limited from India. It would be best if you plan at least 4 months ago, book your flight tickets and so on.

Overall, India’s flight tickets aren’t the cheapest compared to the South Asian countries, but the other expenses are very cheap that will eventually cut down your trip cost under 45k.

Watch this video on YouTube, you will get a lot of information about Azerbaijan.


For Indian travelers, a trip to Kazakhstan would be very cheap. Once again, a very offbeat international travel destination but indeed a beautiful one.

Situated in Central Asia, people have the misconception about this country. Kazakhstan is an economically developed country where oil is abundantly found and one of the major revenue sources. It is popularly known for its local cuisine and delicacies. It is a very budget-friendly country for travelers.

Indian travelers can book their prior either from Delhi or Mumbai at an estimated cost of 25k per person.


Malaysia is one of the most visited international countries by the Indians. Also, for generations, Indians have been living in Malaysia peacefully. Malaysia has a vivid culture and tradition. Kuala Lumpur is one of the major tourist destinations that is also the financial hub of Malaysia.

There are many non-stop and one-stop flights from the major International airports in India to Malaysia.

The average round trip cost from India to Kuala Lumpur would be 25k. The local stay and travel cost in Malaysia is not so costly you can opt for public transport, and you will find plenty of Indian restaurants.

 Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur


Indonesia is home to our beloved romantic destination, ‘Bali.’ Couples love to travel to Bali for their honeymoon. Indonesia has become a trending destination for young Indian couples, too, because it is reasonable.

Not only this, Indonesia is widely known for its active volcanoes, and there are government certified tour guides who can assist you to these amazing spots.

The airtime from India to Indonesia is only around 5 hours if you take a non-stop flight. Usually, non-stop flights are a little bit expensive as it saves your time. But if you have no time constraints, you will easily get a good overall deal within 40k round trip for two per person.

Photo Credit: Steve Douglas Unsplash


Taiwan is a densely populated country with a vibrant traditional Chinese culture. Taiwan is immensely culturally and has a rich heritage.  There is so much to explore in Taiwan. Their language, people, colorful festival, landscape, everything experiences differently.

Though it is a small island, it is absolutely a safe country for solo travelers and Indians. Taiwan is very much affordable from India.

You can skip traveling to China and visit Taiwan instead. A few famous festivals across the country with a great pomp and color, i.e., the Chines New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Autumn Festival.

The street food in Taiwan is cheap, and so does the accommodation.


Seychelles is a new trending honeymoon destination that young Indian couples prefer to explore. You can say it is an alternative to the Maldives.

It is a beautiful offbeat destination that is basked with coral reefs, islands, and pristine beaches. Those who want to cut the crowd they can try this budget-friendly beach destination.

The accommodation, meal, and sight-seeing are pretty much cheap here. So, if you plan a 4 days trip, it will cover within 50k for two persons.


Everybody dreams or wishes to travel aboard and experience that place and the culture. Now, within your budget, you can explore several places that are near to India and fulfil your dream.

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