Chaman Bahar Movie Review: Talented Jitendra Kumar Once Again Onscreen

80 / 100

Just a day back, I watched Chaman Bahar on Netflix, and to my surprise, Jitendra Kumar did it again.

Chaman Bahaar movie

Story: Chaman Bahar Movie

Here is the story about. The film is set in a small village in Chhattisgarh. Billu, played by Jitendra Kumar, dreams of becoming a famous panwala of his town. Well, that’s only a dream.

The reality is he opens his small shop in an area, which was once a crowded place, but now it is deserted with no one goes by. Nothing much is going around him; his life is dull and boring. Soon the entry of Rinku (Ratika Badianai) brings some hope and light in his life.

All the young boys of the town line up in front of Billu’s pan shop to have a glimpse of her look as Rinku’s popularity grows Billu’s sales spikes too. But his innocent heart craves for her love.

He dreams of her all day and night but jealous of the competition he has with the local politician Shiladitya (Alam Khan) and Ashu (Ashwani Kumar).

There are two friends Somu and Chottu, who create only confusion in the mind of Billu about Rinku and business. The end of the film is pretty much unpredictable.


Jitender Kumar is now one of the most talked actor of the industry because of his brilliant performance and his ability to hold the audience together.

After watching him acting in ‘Panchayat’ and ‘Subh Mangal Savdhan,’ I am convinced that he is a powerhouse of talent.

With Chaman Bahar released on the OTT platform Netflix, it has received a warm response from its audience.

Chaman Bahar is a friendly and sweet story about Billu’s dream and love. Jitendra Kumar has perfectly nailed the character Billu.

The show has a lot to explore, but the way it has glamourizes the stalking of a teen girl by a bunch of boys is a bit of disappointing to me.  Also, one big flaw in the film is the character Rinku.

Why aren’t there any dialogues given to Rinku?

The character Rinku has been given a whole lot of screen time but without a single dialogue. Rinku is being treated here as an object of male desire.

An attempt has been made to showcase the mindset of the small-town young boys where they picture a beautiful young girl as their object of pleasure.

Apart from Jitender Kumar, no other performance has interested me much. After a point, the movie loses its pace and becomes dull. The ending is the twist in the plot that manages to bring some spark in the storyline.

Overall a one-time watch movie only because of Jitender Kumar.

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