4 Simple tips to follow that can assure your safety from using Public WIFI services while traveling

When going on a vacation, you may sometime look for free WIFI connection services to catch up your daily emails, posting a status on social media. When you see free WIFI network services anywhere, without even thinking once you jump right on.

Now here is the question. Is it safe and secure to use public WIFI services wherever you get?

When the internet is dominating the world, it has also raised the risk of personal data being hacked from unprotected networks. You should remain alert to what types of sites you are browsing at when using public WIFI services because hackers can easily watch your activities and can put you at risk.

Say for an example, you are on business travel and you need to transfer some amount on your parent’s account which is urgent. You are on your way to the airport where you are sure that you will get free public WIFI services. You reached the airport, and the first thing you did is connect to the WIFI open your bank site and start with the process but unaware of the situations like any hacker on the same network is spying on your personal information.

You could imagine how dangerous it could be. To avoid these things to happen there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that you are safe.

  1. WIFI services at the airport

We often end up spending long hours of layover time at the airport which is incredibly dull. Most of us try to kill time through the internet. Be always aware of the fact that it is an untrusted network service so as long as you are just browsing it is fine but try not to log in to banking sites and other sites that require personal details and password.

2. Strongly suggest using VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is the most effective network program for staying safe on public WIFI. To some extent, installing a VPN gives you secure network access; still, I believe it doesn’t offer a complete assurance on security. A VPN service protects all the data that you pass. It must be kept in mind that free VPN services are the most unreliable source so, always choose the best-paid VPN which is available in the market. If you are on Business Trip, then use Office authorized VPN services to check emails and confidential documents.


  1. Always check for HTTPS

In the URL, always check for ‘HTTPS’ when you are opening a site. Websites that contain ‘HTTPS’ are encrypted hence make it impossible for a hacker to interpret your data. Also, check whether the security certificate of the website is valid or not by clicking on the Secure link beside URL address bar.


     4. Go for personal WIFI hotspot

If you travel often and needs to use the internet now and then, using a mobile data connection is more secure than a free public WIFI. You can get mobile data connection from your wireless provider. You can also use it on your laptop by just turning on the mobile WIFI.



If you follow the above four simple steps, it will help to keep you safe and tension- free while traveling. I don’t use public WIFI for any financial transaction. I prefer hotel WIFI for basic browsing. And when I am out on a trip, I always use the mobile data connection for it keeps me safe and secure from the darkness of the web world.


12 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to Make your Trip More Responsible

Have you ever thought of considering an eco-friendly trip?

Well, we travel to explore new things, to discover ourselves and the most important thing is to enjoy. But we all know about the environmental changes that have taken place due to several reasons.

To protect the environment is our fundamental responsibility of being a global citizen. Why not take the initiative in keeping the environment clean even when you are on a trip? Maybe your one small attempt can inspire others. Eco-friendly travel doesn’t have to be boring it is preferably an active effort towards a sustainable livelihood.

Let’s figure out how to be a responsible traveler.

Here are the 12 best eco-friendly travel tips that you should know and follow.

  1. Use Efficient transportation

Saving fuel and energy is simple if you opt to travel on a non-stop flight. I would say it save time too. I hate airport layover so everytime there is a travel plan I try to book e-tickets and choose non-stop flight if that is available.

Several airlines nowadays keep an option for e-ticket over printed ones which is yet another one of the best way to make your travel eco-friendly.



  1. Turn off the lights

Now, this is one of the fundamental things that you should always do at home and in hotels. Before leaving your sweet home make sure to unplug all the electronic appliances. Even when you are at the hotel don’t go out keeping all the lights and ac on. Keep your hotel windows open and let the daylight enter your room.



  1. Bring reusable things

Use reusable things like water bottle, bags, travel mug and drinking straw. You will find plenty of such products on the market. Reusable products are incredibly travel-friendly.

I have a reusable water bottle and a snack bag. I carry both wherever I go.



  1. Avoid using plastic

Plastics are harmful and considered dangerous for the planet. Several stores now use paper bags instead of plastic. I appreciate their effort to decline the use of plastic. Even, if you see others throwing down plastics on the road, please tell them why they shouldn’t use plastics.

Sometimes we need to step up to educate others.



  1. Don’t waste water

There are places in the world where people don’t even get sufficient water for their livelihood. Even a drop of water is everything. Water is life and being a responsible person, you should never waste water. Don’t leave the tap water open or make an effort to cut down shower timing when you are in the hotel.



  1. Use hybrid cars

If you are planning for a road trip, I will insist you go for a rental hybrid vehicle for fuel efficiency. I think a road trip is the best way to enjoy a vacation. Also, you can use public transport like bus and train more.



7. Take a walking tour

Exploring a place by foot is always better. Walking keeps you physically fit and the best way to go eco-friendly. I believe if you walk around a city you will discover more.



  1. City tour with a bike

Well! I am not a much walking kind of a person so wherever I see a rental bike, I seek an opportunity to grab that and ride throughout the city. It is indeed a good exercise as we all know.


  1. Buy local

Buying local organic products is a great way to explore a place and indeed it is environmental too. It also gives the locals an opportunity to earn from a traveler like us, and an even best way to support the local community. I love buying local organic products.



  1. Always use trash

I have seen multiple times people throwing trash here and there without thinking of the consequences. The government should make strict guidelines on cleanliness across the world. Join support groups and volunteer in environment cleaning activities. Do promote your event and inspire others to do the same.


  1. Recycle

Recycle is economical and environmental both. You will see bins or boxes painted ‘Recycle’ on them, make sure to throw recycle items there so that waste materials can be recycled. You will find recycling bins in airports, hotels and even on the roadside in several cities.


  1. Enjoy low-carbon activities

Traveling will be fun if you do try low-carbon sports activities like trekking, swimming, rafting, kayaking. These are entirely ‘go green’ activities that everyone enjoys.



Be purposeful when you travel. It is only us who can keep our planet green. Billions of people are traveling, and several baby steps by us all can make a significant change. All the above 12 best eco-friendly travel tips is a way to contribute towards maintaining the ecological balance.

Know 12 amazing reasons how traveling can strengthen your relationship

Who said marriage or maintaining a relationship is an easy task? We all have our bad experiences when it comes to dealing with a relationship.

We are so busy in our daily life that there isn’t a much exciting thing to do. We work hard to earn money and aim to provide a better living for ourselves. Doing the same activity and dealing with the stress of city life makes our life dull and boring. It leaves no spark in a relationship.

My Husband and I have a similar story. Living in a city can be hectic, hardly have time to communicate with each other. We can’t complain because I believe in this competitive world if you want to live a good life then you have to work hard to succeed in your dreams.

This lifestyle has taken a toll on our relationship. But every penny you earn and dream you run after will goes in vain if you aren’t happy.

So, we decided to travel more and give our relationship more time and understanding. We make sure to go on a frequent holiday. I can guarantee from my experience that “travel is a therapeutic experience.” Travel brings us closer to each other and bonds us strong.


Here I will share 12 amazing reasons that every couple should follow and know how traveling can strengthen their relationship.

  1. Develop mutual trust

Trust is the key factor in every relationship. The more you will travel with your partner; mutual trust will tend to develop. There will be situations where you need to keep faith in each other altogether. There will be several decision-making situations on your way, with the mutual trust you can rely on each other.

Note: Traveling teaches you to trust each other.

  1. Spend more time together

It is strange that when you are at home due to circumstances like work or a busy schedule or too much involvement in laptops and mobile phones you don’t get to spend much time with each other. But when you are traveling all the time is yours.

Traveling is the best way to dedicate all your time to each other. You can spend more time together in exploring beautiful places, in eating or relaxing.

  1. Improves intimacy and romance

Traveling together and exploring new places is stress-free. Travel makes you forget about your work life and refreshes your mind. As a result, it brings you closer and improves your intimacy with each other.

It says that couples those who travel often are much happier than those who lead a regular hectic city life.

Romance and intimacy is an essential factor in a happy relationship.

  1. Improves Communication

As you get to spend more and more quality time together, eventually communication between the two increases. Both can communicate about things, life, plans, places and it goes on. Make conversations; most couples fail to understand each other’s needs because they fail to communicate. Communication in any relationship is about connecting with your partner, emotionally or verbally.

  1. Travel teaches to keep patience

Every person doesn’t have this positive trait- “patience.” When you are traveling with your partner, both will have a different opinion, likes, and dislikes. Keeping patience on your partner will boost love whereas impatience might ruin your moment.

  1. Live the best moments together

Try to share and live all the good moments together. Create your exciting travel experiences that you can cherish later in your life. Throughout your travel, there will be several such moments that will be forever unique and unforgettable. Try to live those precious time it will increase the mutual love and take your relationship to one step ahead.

  1. Respect each other’s limitations

When traveling together, you will discover each other’s weakness and strength. As a partner, treat with respect and complement each other. If your partner isn’t comfortable hiking into a jungle because she is scared, tell her “its okay.” There are tons of adventurous activities to do. Encourage her, support her and make her feel safe. Say these words like “don’t be scared, I am with you or okay if you aren’t comfortable, we can enjoy something else.”

I can tell this actually works.

  1. Be each other’s emotional and mental support

Traveling teaches how to support and take care of each other emotionally and mentally. When you step out of your comfort zones, you can’t be sure of any situations. When you are together, that means you have each other in bad and good times.

If your partner falls sick, then don’t leave her in your hotel room and go alone to explore instead be there by your partner’s side.

  1. Travel makes you more responsible towards each other

Traveling will make both you and your partner responsible. The more you will start traveling it will make you accountable and courageous enough to keep each other safe and secure from the risk.

Like for example, while traveling both won’t do such things that might put you in danger.

  1. Go on an early morning walk

Walking miles together by the beach side or in a park is a fantastic thing that a couple can always do.

We as a couple love to cherish small moments like having tea or coffee or a walk or take selfies which is fun.

Try to enjoy doing small activities. It isn’t always important that we do grand celebrations to cherish even to strengthen your relationship small efforts are enough.

  1. Do travel packing together

Help each other by doing travel packing. Make a list of things that you will carry along. Pack those items that you think you both need, but it is worth to make an effort to do the packing together.

It is a fun and quite an enjoyable thing to do. To make it interesting, both can discuss and then start packing each other’s suitcase and bag for the travel.

  1. Share secrets with each other

You all have dirty and funny secrets. When relaxing at your hotel room, both can share funny secrets that you have experienced or done in your school or college days. Share crazy things that you might have done with your friends on a trip. It is an attempt to know about each other.

You can share and do crazy, unnecessary kinds of stuff when you travel because both have plenty of time and ultimate freedom from the hectic life.

A relationship is like a long road which needs love, care, respect, commitment and it is a long list. Traveling together will give you time to build your relationship and a lifetime of memorable moments. Travel teaches a couple, a lot of traits which is helpful in maintaining the relationship in the long run.

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14 Best Ways to keep yourself fit and healthy while traveling

Let’s start this way if you take fitness as a key focus in your life, and you think how you can stay fit when you are traveling. How can you keep working out and continue to enjoy your trip too? How can you stay healthy to explore more?

Then there is the answer.

This article will give you all the proven ways that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy on your trip. Travel is a great way to rejuvenate your inner being and so does staying fit. Both will boost your confidence and strength to a new level.

But it seems often we find ourselves caught in the moment of enjoyment so much that we tend to forget the importance of staying healthy when you are traveling.

So, from my experience, I am giving my audience 14 best and easy ways to keep yourself fit and healthy while traveling.

  1. Don’t skip your breakfast

Starting your day with a good and healthy breakfast is crucial as it gives you the energy for the rest of the day. Try to include oatmeal, cereal, eggs, yogurt, juice and add a bowl of fruits in your breakfast menu.

Many hotels offer complimentary breakfast. Choose to stay in those hotels and take the benefit of enjoying a full healthy meal without spending an extra penny.

    2. Avoid eating junk food

When you are out wandering around the place, try eating the traditional cuisine of that place instead of end up eating burger and fries from nearby Mcdonald’s or KFC.

Explore the local food more, it will make memories, and you will take home new experiences in the end.

   3. Avoid drinking Alcohol

It is always better to avoid drinking alcohol when you are traveling. Alcohol distracts a person, and it leads to unforeseen consequences. You mustn’t invite danger into your doorstep.

But still, for enjoyment, you can have a glass of wine.

   4. Drink enough water

How drinking water is beneficial for health everyone knows that, so make sure to keep a bottle of water always with you and drink as much as you can. It is crucial to keep your body hydrated and stable.

   5. Eat frequently while traveling

It is advisable to always keep enough travel snacks with you like dry fruits, biscuits, protein bar or nuts. Traveling can be exhausting, and you will get hungry. You will need to eat to regain your strength. You might not always get a restaurant nearby so eating travel snacks a couple of times a day will keep you energized.

I prefer carrying a box of mixed nuts, chocolates, and some biscuits when I travel. I eat at a short interval of time, so these travel packs of mine always help me.

   6. Go for an early morning walk

Avoid going to a hotel gym instead take an early morning walk, look around the area and keep walking. You will end up burning calories, and the effort will make you feel light and energetic.

I start my day by sipping a cup of tea, and then I go for a walk. You can do the same or reverse but starting your day with a morning walk will boost your positivity and brings forth a fresh mind.

   7. Get sufficient sleep

When you are traveling getting an adequate amount of peaceful sleep is essential. Your body will get tired, and proper rest will help recover both your body and tired mind.

Whenever I go out on a trip an 8 hour of sleep is what I always crave for otherwise, I get so cranky and moody. The same thing can happen to you as well to avoid, sleep, sleep and sleep in your cozy hotel bed.

  8. Drink Tea instead of Coffee

Tea revitalizes your energy. I mostly carry tea bags and a bottle of hot water with me. Whenever I feel, I pour hot water into my cup and dip the tea bag into it.

   9. Do usual fitness exercises at your hotel room

Maybe you don’t feel like to hit the gym because you are in a holiday mood. You can start a quick 10-15 minutes of usual exercise at your hotel room. You can start with stretching, push-ups, plank, and squat.

Enough to kick-start your day.

I mostly skip work out in a gym when I am on holiday with family. Instead, I do these basic exercises that I mentioned above. It gives me a happy feeling, and it will provide you with too, give it a try.

  10. Eat fresh fruits every day

Maintaining a healthy eating habit even on a trip can be exciting. You are on holiday, traveling to places exploring local foods and street foods. But my suggestion is at least having a bowl of fruits or smoothie a day. It will balance your nutrition values.

  11. Go for a bicycle ride

I love cycling. It is an excellent form of physical activity. If you are too lazy to wake up early and go for a walk then probably nothing can beat cycling around the city. Pack your backpack, get a rental bike and roam around by cycling.

One can explore more when on a bike. It is comfortable and environment-friendly.

  12. Go for a hike

Hiking is an excellent way of physical activity. Miles of walking amidst nature will give you courage and an opportunity to discover yourself.

Wear fitness band; you can track your fitness record instantly.

 13. Take the stairs more

Say no to an escalator and start taking the stairs. It is a good work out, going up and down through stairs. An active and easy workout method. Although I am a bit idle to use the stairs every time, it is still the best thing to do to keep your body functioning well.

  14. Go for swimming on a beach holiday

Suppose your holiday destination is a beach. Forget about your usual workouts, go and dive into the deep blue sea. Swim and conquer the waves. One of the best physical activity.

It doesn’t have to be a sea or ocean. Almost all the resorts have a swimming pool, and you can practice swimming there for an hour.

Note: It is only for them who can swim.

These are some of the simple ways to stay fit and healthy while traveling. Stay fit, and you will enjoy your trip even more. If you haven’t yet started doing exercises and fitness workout, then start with taking a small step towards your goal. Remember, with fitness and healthy mindset you can overcome many hurdles on your way to traveling.


10 reasons to know why you should purchase a travel Insurance

“Hey! Are you going on a trip to Thailand?

Yes, we are.

That’s great. You have travel Insurance, right?

Oh, no. That’s not needed. We will be fine.”

This was the conversation between my friend days back with me.

It’s not only him, but many people think buying travel insurance isn’t worth it. Ensuring your trip from the uncertain and unforeseen event is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling domestic or international, but if you add travel insurance to your package, it will keep you and your family safe from the worries.

If you are still thinking and have that notion that you don’t need travel insurance, then you must know all the reasons why it is so important.

Why these days everyone who flies frequently and travels to places should get a full coverage travel insurance.

Here are all the reasons that you should know:

  1. Cancellation of your trip

We all know that how bad it feels when our trip gets cancel due to some circumstances or issues. Likewise, imagine you have made all the plans for your trip. You have paid all the expenses of air tickets and hotels. But your trip got canceled in the last moment. Now, what will you do?

In this situation, if you have a trip cancellation coverage with your travel insurance, you can recover all your expenses without any hindrance.

    2. Medical Emergency

When you are away from your home, you can never say that nothing will ever happen to you. You won’t fall sick or needed medical emergency. As you know, medical expenses are hefty, but if you choose such a package that will cover 80% – 90% of your medical costs won’t that be good?

You will find a wide range of packages or schemes, read all the policies of insurance and buy whichever you feel is the best suited for you.

3. Coverage for baggage loss or stolen

Baggage loss or stolen are the typical things that most travelers face during a trip. Now, imagine you are carrying a bag that contains all your clothes along with other belongings, and you realized that it gets stolen. What will you do now?

You cannot bring back your stolen or lost baggage instead with the help of baggage loss insurance you can reimburse the amount and purchase a set of things.

  4. Natural Disaster

No one can control natural calamity. You have planned to travel, and on the way to your journey, you heard the news of Natura disaster. Your holiday destination plan is ruined, and you have to come back home.

Now, some travel insurance packages cover this kind of situations and refund you the whole cost that you have to spend for the travel. Don’t expect to get the refund immediately but eventually; you will get your money back.

5. Accident Coverage

An accident can happen anywhere and anytime. An added travel accident insurance will give you the coverage for the emergency medical and hospital expenses and keep you save.

6. Lost your Passport

Losing a passport is the worst thing that can happen during your travel. Because without a passport you can’t travel.

With coverage for lost passport package, you will get speedy recovery in replacing your passport with the new one, and it will also cover your payments.

  7. In case of a missed connection

Sometimes connecting flights get delayed due to technical fault or weather issues. Say you have to catch another flight from your destination airport and you missed it.

You probably lost your money and time both. But what if you choose a missed connection coverage, which will compensate your amount and you can take another flight.

8. Rescheduled Flight Fees

There are some travel insurance policies like change fees coverage, which covers an airline-imposed change in rescheduled flight fees. They will reimburse you the expenses, and you can enjoy booking another.

This is, in fact, an excellent package, you might have to change your travel date due to some emergency and cancel your flight. In that situation, the travel insurance will help you solve the flight charges issues.

  9. 24/7 Free services

With trip insurance, you will get 24 hours emergency assistance service. You can call at any time for emergency help.

10. Annual Insurance policy

Some Insurance companies have yearly coverage; it is pretty beneficial for them who travel frequently. It may be a business trip or family; if you buy this policy, it will cover pretty much all the expenses of your travel inconvenience.

There is a wide range of policies that you can buy to make your trip go smoother and easier. You will have peace of mind whenever you step out of your home and travel. So, getting the right travel insurance is essential.

Whenever I go out on a trip with my family, I use HDFC ERGO travel insurance. It is one of the best in India and covers mainly the trip cancellation and emergency medical.

I hope this article has enough reasons to make you believe why you should consider buying travel insurance.

If you have any idea or any suggestion please you are welcome to leave that in the comment section below.


Thanks all.







14 Best Safety Tips that every Solo Travelers should follow

Now when you have decided to travel solo, it is an excellent choice, but safety should be your priority always.

You see, there are thousands of incidents happening every day in every corner of the world. But that doesn’t stop us from following our dream and urge to wander around the world. The world is a predator, and when they see a solo traveler, you will be the target.


They say if you got scared you wouldn’t be able to enjoy and explore the world. Fear is an emotion, but fear should be left behind when you set off your journey to an unknown world.

Following some simple safety measures will always keep you safe and sound.

When you travel, you will encounter people from different cultures and backgrounds. Some might try to take advantage, and with some, you might share beautiful memories of your life.


I bet independent solo traveling is entirely safe, all you need to do is plan well, listen to your gut feeling and follow these 14 basic safety tips below.

  1. Travel Insurance

Many think buying travel insurance is a waste of money. But I strongly advise purchasing travel insurance which will keep you stress-free and will bear the cost if anything wrong happens during your travel.

I use HDFC ERGO travel Insurance in India. But there are many other reliable insurance companies. You can always choose which offers you the best.

    2. Try to join a travel group

I believe, traveling in a group is a better idea than going alone. If you enter a group of other travelers, you will be safe and will get the opportunity to meet new people.

    3. Hide your emergency money someplace safe

You should always keep or hide extra cash someplace safe either in a secret suitcase pocket or backpack. You will never be short of money even if you ever get robbed.

    4. Be smart on the street

When wandering around the city or place, always keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of your surroundings and be smart. Don’t ever let anyone think you as their target.

    5. Avoid wearing gold or diamond

I have seen many travelers wearing a diamond ring or gold band while traveling on the road. Wearing expensive metal ornaments will tend to attract thieves and which will eventually lead to danger. So better to avoid wearing than to put yourself in the hands of thieves.

You can wear handcrafted jewelry if you want.

    6. Never entertain a stranger

When you are traveling solo, you should always keep faith in your gut feelings. You shouldn’t get involved with any stranger even though they offer you to give a company.

You might feel a little lonely sometimes, it happens but tries to utilize the time in learning and exploring more about the place. Make an attempt to know about the history of the place, its people, and culture.

   7. Say no to alcohol

Never consume alcohol when you travel. You might get distracted when drinking which might result in stealing your belongings.

   8. Don’t travel carrying expensive gadgets

You should never bring with you costly electronic devices on your solo journey.

A good DSLR camera, a mobile phone, and a laptop are enough to carry forward all of your work.

A good camera will serve the purpose of taking pictures.

A laptop for booking and checking hotels, flight tickets, and other necessary details.

Most importantly, a mobile phone for letting your dear ones know of your whereabouts.

   9. Don’t share your personal information with strangers

Like always, never share your details with anyone. If someone asks for your details, then you better think twice before considering it. Ask them why they need it, cross-question them.

  10. Stay in public place at night

It isn’t safe to roam around alone at night. Make all your plans in the daytime. Try to ignore moving around at night. Instead, you can enjoy a cozy and relax time at hotel room spend the night reading books, guidebook, travel magazine or you can plan for your next day.

   11. Dress up appropriately

You should always pay attention to what you are wearing and where. Always wear comfortable and decent clothes when you are a solo traveler. Different country has different cultural norms. You as a tourist should respect and follow their standards to avoid situations.

  12. Use credit and debit cards wisely

When it comes to money, you should take extra precautions. Try to use cash whenever needed but if you use cards then use it wisely. It is always better to get money from the reliable bank ATMs rather than money exchange kiosk.

  13. Say no to lift on the roadside

Choosing public transportation for traveling is an ideal thing to do when you are a solo traveler. Get a guidebook download from the state department website, and there you will find all the bus stand and railway stations information.

If you ever get stuck on the road, I would instead suggest you call helpline than take a lift from a stranger.

   14. Carry First-aid kit

Injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. You might not get a medical store nearby always. That’s why traveling with a medical kit will help you in treating minor cuts, sprain or a headache. Carry only necessary medications with you. Don’t stuff your bag with a bunch of medicines as that might cause you trouble in the airport.

Lastly, I will say enjoy your trip that is important. If you follow these safety tips while traveling there won’t be any trouble, and you will remain safe.

NOTE: Always be safe and alert when you travel. Don’t ever try to act smart if you ever get robbed or attacked, give them whatever you have and run away from the spot.

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6 necessary things to keep in mind when traveling alone on a trip

The thought of traveling alone sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable even though we want it. We mostly prefer to travel with family or friends, enjoy and exploring new places is always fun. But what if, you take a chance of traveling alone where your guts and courage will be your best companion. A trip that is entirely driven by you will lead you to self-discovery and boost in confidence. Make your mind and step out of your comfort zone, traveling solo is indeed a fun and adventurous thing to do at least once in your lifetime.

According to reports from tourism agencies, it is found that the demand for a solo trip has risen over the years. So, to make your very first solo journey pleasant and safe, my focus is to provide you with some tips that I followed, and you should consider too.


  1. Plan and do a proper research

Planning and researching are two vital elements in any traveling. You must plan out the places and spots that are worth visiting. Study and note down in a diary of the routes that connect those places, about bus and train stations, and local helpline numbers. Keeping this essential information will make your journey easier.

  1. Keep copies of all your necessary documents

You must keep copies of documents of your id proof so that if anything wrong happens while traveling like say if you get robbed, or you lost your passport or ticket, this will help you solve the problem. Like when I travel, I make sure to keep at least two copies of all my documents in a file. One should always be prepared when traveling alone.

  1. Always pack light

As you will be traveling alone, so it is wise to carry a light backpack. Only pack those items that you feel are needed. You can pack a few comfortable clothes, a pair of shoes, medicines, and other essential travel items.

  1. Keep emergency contact number

Keeping emergency contact or helpline number in your phone is important. Also, keep your family and friends informed about your daily travel plans, the hotel where you will be staying, and other relevant information. They will be your immediate contact if something goes wrong.

  1. Keep a guidebook

Keeping a guidebook or map will always help you. When you are traveling all by yourself, you need to believe your gut feeling, and rather than depending on a stranger it is still good to follow the guidebook. A guidebook will direct you the routes, places and other details of the area.

  1. Don’t lose your mind and sight

Yes, you might get little cranky and irritate on some situations. Things might not always be the way you want when you are traveling alone, you have to handle and look out for yourself. The best way is to keep yourself calm and be aware of your surroundings.

Traveling solo isn’t scary instead you will enjoy and learn a lot. Take a chance and start your research for a trip. Enjoy and capture moments of beautiful places, devour some of the best traditional cuisines, step out and see what the world has to offer you. You will come back home with a great lifetime experience.

I hope this article is helpful. You can leave your comment below. Any suggestions or advice are always welcome.

Thank you.