Bulbbul Movie Review: A Powerful Portrayal of Woman Mistreatment & Justice

83 / 100

Anvita Dutt’s Netflix original movie “Bulbbul” is a Clean Slate production film that is owned by Anushka Sharma. Her last production series, “Paatal Lok” streaming on Amazon Prime Video, got extremely positive feedback from the audience.

Now she has come up with an interesting story that merges woman mistreatment with a touch of light horror.

Bulbbul Movie Review:


The story is set in the late 19th century Bengal, a child named Bulbbul humming and dangling her feet on a tree taken away by her Pishima (aunt) to the mandap.

Yes, at a very tender age, she is getting married to a Zamindar Thakur Indranil played by Rahul Bose. Bulbbul seeks her companionship with Satya, a younger brother of Indranil.

The story moves 20 years ahead. Soon both are grown up and still enjoy each other’s company in telling and writing stories, running around in the big mansion.  

Bulbbul finds happiness in being with Satya, but her fate has some other plan, and soon both get separated. Indranil consciously sends Satya away to London.

Satya has returned now after years finding Bulbbul a different person. Binodini is now a widow and living in an outhouse, and Indranil has left the mansion.

There is a rumor of a witch with twisted feet roams around at night and kills men, which Satya doesn’t believe. He wants to investigate and convinced that the murderer is Dr. Sudip, played by Parambrata, who frequently visits Bulbbul.

As the hunt begins, so does the climax of the story.

Bulbbul movie review

Analysis of Bulbbul Movie:

I was pretty much intrigued since I watch the trailer of the Bulbbul movie. It’s not a random horror flick. The movie is beyond that.

Tripti Dimri, as the beautiful young Bulbbul has played her character perfectly fine.

The character transformation from a free-spirit girl who loved climbing the trees, plucking mangoes, and running around to a contained Bado bahu is sublime.  

Her relationship with Indranil is pleasing, it is being shown that Indranil respects her wishes, but the story is different.

The three brothers Indranil, Mahendra, and Satya, represents the patriarchal society. As long as Indranil is convinced that he controls Bulbbul he is calm.

But when Binodini provoked him with incessant ideas about Satya and Bulbbul, his demonic nature of control and mistreatment on Bulbbul starts. Later again, it is about the weaker vs, the stronger.

Dutt’s film has an incredible way to take on the feminism side and a tale of repressed housewives. Both Paoli dam as Binodini and Bulbbul (Dimri) is the society’s victim of oppression.

There is a very strong dialogue delivered by Binodini, ‘every large house has secrets…keep quiet.’

The movie is ambitious and trying to prove a highly relatable and disturbing issues that are going around on women today.

It is a revenge drama. ‘Bulbbul’ combined superstitious, mythology, fantasy to deliver a tale of sadness and mistreatment that women are suffering at the hands of men across centuries.

The rise of ‘bulbbul’ as a powerful witch who fights and saves the dignity of a woman at the night hours is something felt like the work of a vigilante.

The most striking quality of the movie is the cinematography. Its use of high contrast crimson background signals an entirely different fantasy world.

It’s artistic and gives the audience a thought to differentiate between reality and superficial world of fantasy.

Dutt’s ideas of using the metaphors in the film are highly applauding.

There is mythical symbolism of Goddess Kali in the film in her fearsome avatar that represents ‘Bulbbul’ in the scene where Dr. Sudip gets the first glimpse of Bulbbul on the tree.

In the scene when Indranil is attempting the violence on Bulbbul, it is shot on slow motion with the portrait of Ravana chopping off Jatayu’s wing.

Using symbolism, the film tries to convey a deeper meaning.

Apart from the cinematography, I admire the writing and direction of Anvita Dutt though the dialogues make the story more predictable.


No film is ever made without flaws. The movie Bulbbul has a couple of flaws that grab my attention. The underutilization of both the actors Paoli Dam and Parambrata Chattopadhyay.

Both the actors are extremely talented, and as an admirer, I was expecting a bit more depth in their character with significance to the character Bulbbul.

Parambrata’s role as Dr. Sudip is small but could have hit hard and boosted the narration if the director would have given more time in nurturing his character.

Also, despite having a beautiful storyline and climax, the ending doesn’t satisfy.

The movie revealed the suspense too early, which is a disappointment.

Avinash Tiwary, as Satya has delivered a mediocre performance. Satya being one of the prime characters, lacks emotions and expressions.

Rahul Bose is perfect in portraying his role as both the stoic Indranil and messed up Mahendra. His character comes out as an unpredictable one, a monster hidden beneath his uptight demeanor.


I would say, stream it.

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