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11 Best TVF Web Series to Watch If You Have Missed

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Best TVF web series to watch right now?

Here is a quick question, how many TVF web series have you enjoyed watching?

Most of the Indian audience now knows or heard of TVF – ‘The Viral Fever.’  

They are the first to bring the concept of ‘web series’ to the Indian audience.

Also, it is one of the first Indian digital entertainment segment that made videos on social topics, Indian politics, modern relationships, and lifestyle.

The specialty of TVF web series is their content is more focused on the younger generation of the Indian audience. It becomes the pioneer of web series with hits like Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, and Yeh Meri Family.

Almost all the OTT platforms are now trying to make their original web series content. Like we have Sacred Games in Netflix, Mirzapur in Amazon Prime Videos, Asur in Voot, Special Ops in Hotstar.

Likewise, there are plenty of web series in TVF that you can watch right now on YouTube or on their TVF website. I will list out the best of TVF web series to watch right now.

11 Best TVF Web Series to Watch Right Now


IMDB Rating: 9.2

Watch on: MX Player & TVFplay

TVF Pitchers reminds me of Netflix’s film ‘Upstarts.’ Both movies talk about friends who are passionate about startup and quit their job to fulfill their dream.

The theme of ‘Pitchers’ is entrepreneurship, a storyline that connected millions of young men and women who dream of starting their own business line.

More than just entrepreneurship, the story explores the struggle that a person goes through in getting the funding, facing a financial crisis, a constant fear of failure, and hope that gives strength.

The 5 episode of ‘Pitchers’ is fun, interesting and captures your attention because it is relatable. The four characters, their 9-5 monotonous job, their aspirations, their decisions are so well-drafted that they almost feel relatable to our life too.

There are some quite memorable dialogues too like “tu ek beer hai…, entrepreneur banne ke liye spelling nahi spirit chahiye…and etc.”

Apart from everything, the performances four actors make it worth watching again and again.

best TVF web series to watch -

Permanent Roommates

IMDB Rating: 8.6

Watch on: MX Player & TVFplay

Permanent Roommates is known to be one of the earliest best Indian web series on digital entertainment platforms. The series explores the issues a couple faces in an urban lifestyle. It was TVF’s first attempt to make web series with Permanent Roommates in 2014.

The series tells the story of a young couple Tanya (Nidhi Singh) and Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas), who are in a long-distance relationship. The story begins when Mikesh comes back from the USA and proposes Tanya.

Each episode of the series describes the modern-day issues of a relationship and the live-in relationship in conservative urban-family.

The shows authenticity is the script and the performances by the entire cast. Kudos to Biswapati Sarkar for creating such an amazing story.

You can still watch the popular web series on YouTube or the TVF website.

Permanent Roommates

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Yeh Meri Family

IMDB Rating: 9.2

Watch on: TVFplay & Netflix

TVF ‘Yeh Meri Family’ is a web series that portrays a beautiful childhood every 90s’ kid can relate to. It is a great web series to watch that has not only a compelling story, but it has emotions linked to each character.

The story is set in 1998 Jaipur, a family of five where Harshu (Vishesh Bansal), the middle child of the Gupta household, shares his problem in a comical narrative.

Harshu complains that his summer vacation is going to be a boring one because of his elder brother’s upcoming exam. His parents aren’t letting him doing any fun and enjoyment.

What’s keep us engage throughout is the small details that connect us to our childhood. Every character in the series is worth appreciable and makes us feel good about our nostalgic childhood. It’s a trip down the memory lane.

Best TVF web series - Yeh Meri Family

Barely Speaking with Arnub

IMDB Rating: 8.5

Watch on: TVFplay & YouTube

TVF 2014 series ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ is a class comic series created by actor-writer Biswapati Sarkar, who impersonates TV’s most popular host Arnab Goswami. He called prominent personalities like Shah Rukh Khan, Arvind Kejriwal in his show that makes funny and sarcastic jokes on them.

It is a quite entertaining and hilarious TV show that you can watch right now.

Barely Speaking with Arnub

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IMDB Rating: 8.5

Watch on: TVFplay & MX Player

Amol Parashar, Maanvi Gagroo, and Sumeet Vyas in the lead played the role of siblings in the series. Tripling has two seasons. The season is remarkable, but it gets flat in season 2.

The story is pretty simple; three siblings who met awkwardly after years in a crisis and started a hilarious journey to find things about themselves and their relationship.

Amol Parashar, as Chitvan is fun to watch him perform. His weird and hilarious logic about everything stands out to be comic enough to make us laugh.

Maanvi Gagroo as Chanchal and Sumeet Vyas as Chandan have performed perfectly fine to maintain a balance.

With so many web series coming up on the OTT platforms every week, TVF Tripling is not the best but a good one if you consider TVF.

TVF Tripling

Humorously Yours

IMBD rating: 8.6

Watch On: TVFplay & MX Players

TVF ‘Humorously Yours’ is a stand-alone web series that follows the chronicles of adventures of comedian Vipul Goyal.

The 2 seasons showcased his life as a struggling stand-up comedian. Though not that humorous but it felt nice to go through a fictitious life of Vipul Goyal.

Season 2 explores the life of established stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal, who is juggling between his shows and keeping up his pseudo manager Ranjit Walia on his own.

Both the seasons are enjoyable to watch, and some episodes bring laughter.

Homourously Yours
Photo source: IMDB

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IMDB Rating: 8.4

Watch on: TVFplay

TVF ‘Cubicles’ is a web series that captures the life of young Piyush Prajapati (Abhishek Chauhan), who walks into his first day at a job in an IT company.

‘Cubicles’ is a beautiful reminder to our first day at the job and the days of living with a roommate in a shared apartment.

The series has only five episodes where it manages beautifully to portray the friendship and chronicles of Piyush inside and outside the cubicles. It is a one-time watch series that presents a simple story we could all relate to.

Cubicles (TV Series 2019– )

Kota Factory

IMDB Rating: 9.1

Watch on: TVFplay

TVF ‘Kota Factory’ is an engaging web series with brilliant performances. The series is created by Saurabh Khanna, that frames the story of 16-year-old Vaibhav, who moves to Kota to prepare for the  IIT entrance exam in a sepia mode.

The series has showcased how millions of student depends on cracking the IIT joint Entrance Exam. More than thousands of applicants go to Kota, which is the hub of coaching institutes for the IIT.

The series has three lead characters, aka IIT aspirants – Uday (Alam Khan, Meena (Ranjan Raj), and Vaibhav (Mayur More). The series revolves around Vaibhav; he struggles to fit in the hostel lifestyle, his struggle to cope with the academics, and his journey throughout.

The performance of Jeetu bhaiya (Jitendra Kumar) is one of the best to look forward to in the series.

The series has exposed the culture of coaching institutes that isolates them from their childhood, discourages them from attending schools and get involved in other extra-curriculum activities.

Overall, it is one of the best TVF web series to watch right now if you have missed it.

TVF Kota Factory


IMDB Rating: 7.4

Watch on: TVFplay & YouTube

TVF ‘Fathers’ is a story of three fathers played by Brijendra Kala, Atul Srivastava, and Gajraj Rao played in season 1. Rakesh Bedi, Manoj Joshi, and Virendra Saxena in season 2.

They are retired fathers and want to spend their time with their family but unable to fit in the world of their younger generation (sons).

These dads try to become the ‘cool dads’ playing PUBG, binge-watching, try to have conversations with their sons about trending topics.

Both the seasons of TVF’s ‘Fathers’ is fun to watch and a great combination of a good script and acting. Concept wise it is something fresh and new. While watching ‘Fathers,’ it will make you think about your relationship with your father.

Most importantly, the theme of the series apart from the comical reflects the importance of having a cordial relationship between a father-son or father-daughter.

TVF Original 'Fathers'

Aam Aadmi Family

IMDB Rating: 8.5

Watch On: TVF play & YouTube

TVF’s ‘Aam Aadmi Family’ is an Indian family comedy-drama series that garnered more than millions of views on YouTube and Facebook content. The entire web series is about every middle-class family in India and their classic family values and logic.

The series has some lovely characters on each season, which makes ‘Aam Aadmi Family’ an excellent web series to watch. You can relate to all the characters.

For me, every episode reminded me of some great moments of my childhood or similar moments that I also had with my parents.

It is a series that every Indian middle-class individual can relate to.

After TVF’s ‘Yeh Meri Family,’ I would say ‘Aam Aadmi Family’ is an excellent TVF web series to watch.

The Aam Aadmi Family


IMDB Rating: 9.2

Watch On: MxPlayer & TVFplay

TVF gave us ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and ‘Aam Aadmi Family’ that reminds us of our childhood and middle-class family habits and values.

The Timeliners has created a series named ‘FLAMES’ that showed us, young teenage love. Rajat, Ishita, Gaurav, and Anusha are close friends who study at the same coaching center.

Love ignites between the two young buds Rajat and Ishita. More than just a teen love, there are other subplots too that have been added. Ishita’s cordial relationship with her father on screen makes us feel wonderful.

There is another thing that has been shown in the series is how parents often put pressure on their kids for excellence in academics.

Rajat is an arts-loving boy who finds it difficult to study the science field. Despite communicating his issues with his parents, it showed how they are negligent towards his wishes and forced him to study what they felt is right for him.

TVF best web series FLAMES

Indeed, one of the best TVF web series to watch of all time.

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