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Best Travel Blogs to Read: My List of Favorites

Do you want to know my list of best travel blogs that I relish reading?

Well, we know that Google is now over saturated with travel blogs but there are a few that we enjoy reading in our free time, and slowly it gets added to our list of favorites.

Traveling is a beautiful experience. Getting to know new cultures, new places, foods, the beauty of each place all these together creates a memory for us.

Some bloggers love to share their travel experience, travel tips and some like to share with the readers about the destinations, food, little photography and information on stay. Whatever be it, travel blogs have relatively grown popular over the years.

Because I love reading all types of things be it magazine, or book or online articles. As I have a keen interest in traveling, I read a lot about travel too.

So, I have realized that I should make a post about the best travel blogs that inspire me and I often read. So, here are some of my favorite travel blogs that you can also read.

Nomadic Matt

Matthew Kepnes, popularly known as Nomadic Matt, among the travel bloggers. He has traveled to almost 100 countries, continues exploring the world. Through his website, he guides other travel enthusiast. If you read his blog, it will give you a personal touch and inspire you to start traveling.

He is also a New York Times bestselling author of his travel book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.”

Image of one of the best travel blog  'Nomadic matt'

Expert Vagabond

Coincidentally, the founder of Expert Vagabond is also named Matthew, with a different surname and he has been traveling for the last 9 years.

I love reading this blog because the home page looks great and comprised of countless inspiring travel articles on destinations, travel tips, and photography. He is a full-time professional travel blogger.

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All the images of his travel make me think of traveling more. His experience of meeting new people, his way of embracing the nomad life is so cheerful and inspiring.

I wish I could do the same.

Image of the best travel blog Matthew Karsten in  'expert vagabond'

The Savvy Backpacker

If you want to travel to Europe, you can follow this fantastic travel blog. The Savvy Backpacker is a blog run by a husband and wife (James and Susan). They love traveling in Europe. You can get all Europe travel related information on their blog.

If you are wondering why I love ‘The Savvy backpacker,’ you better check out their blog.

The Barefoot Nomad

Indeed an amazing travel blog to read. Charles and Micki Kosman love traveling and write only about travel. They have a great list of travel-related contents like travel tips, tech, how can you save money in traveling things like those.

I love their ‘Travel blogs’ and ‘travel tech’ section, so many things that I learn and realize that I know very less about the world.

Traveling is indeed a great feeling and makes a family happy the most.

A Broken Backpack

A Broken Backpack is a travel blog by Melissa from Quebec, Canada. Her love for traveling is intense and that I could sense from her blog. She writes such amazing and inspirational travel stories and tips. I can’t stop myself from reading more than 1 articles of hers.

Maybe her blog isn’t that popular like Nomadic Matt, but ,A broken Backpack is one of my favorites.

Roads and Kingdoms

It’s one of my all-time favorite websites now. I love reading travel stories of places. One of the best things is they have also covered my country ‘INDIA.’

Not only cities but they also feature on ‘food.’ The photos of scrumptious food tempt me to click the page and look for more. All the pictures that the site has are incredible.

If someone opens the website, the images itself will attract the readers.

I don’t see many travel bloggers talk much about them, but I think Roads and Kingdoms is worth my time.

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Image of the blog Roads and Kingdoms

Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam is a beautiful and clean website, runs by Mark and Paul. They share their travel journey of places. I like the blog because of eye-catching pictures.

How can I not fall for this blog?

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Travel Tales from India

Well, there are some best travel blogs in India as well. Among the many, one of my favorites is Mridula Dwivedi’s ‘Travel Tales from India.’

Her passion for travel is highly inspiring. At a young age, she had the guts to pursue her travel passion and her blog was also recognized as the ‘best Indian travel blog.’

Not only this, but her blog has also get featured and highly praised in the Guardian and the BBC.

Image of Indian blogger Mridula dwivedi founder of Travel Tales from India

Lakshmi Sharath

Once again, an Indian travel blogger, whose heart follows her dream of traveling and she continue doing that happily.

She covers her Indian travel stories. She quit her corporate job and started travel blogging which nowadays many amateur bloggers like me thinks of. But how many can really do that?

Image of Indian blogger Lakshmi Sharath


Mark is the man behind ‘Migrationology.’ He is a popular YouTube food blogger, who travels for the love of food.

Migrationology is his personal blog where he shares his life story, the experiences he had in each travel.

The most amazing part is his wife also accompanies him in his travel for the search of delicious local food.

Everyone travels to explore beautiful places, but he travels only for food. It’s different and unique, and that’s the reason I love reading and watching his videos too in my leisure time.

Best travel and food blog 'migrationology' with Mark Wiens


This is a small list of 10 best travel blogs that are currently my favorites. I am sure there are a lot of other good travel blogs too.

All the above personalities are an inspiration that made us believe nothing is better than traveling and making memories.

The most important thing is if you follow your passion money will follow you automatically.

I will update this list with time and my choice of reading. Until then, enjoy reading.

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Hello, I am Paulomi Dutta, a passionate blogger, content creator, a travel enthusiast, and a hard-core movie-lover from Pune, India. I am happily married for 4 years now and like to help other couples by providing them relationship advice to attain happiness in marriage. I am the author and founder of Worldupclose.in

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