The Ultimate List of Best Travel Backpack for 2021

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Are you looking to buy a new and best travel backpack for 2021 your next trip?

But you are too much confused about which one to pick as there are so many available in the market.

Now, before going to the section ‘how to choose or what to buy,’ I would like to say that a good travel backpack is like a friend, it is the best thing you have while you are traveling.

Why Should You Spend Money on Buying the Best Travel Backpack for 2021?

Wouldn’t suitcase be easier while traveling?

The answer is no.

Backpacks are an essential thing when you think of traveling. A person when travels always think of having a ‘comfortable journey‘ at the end of the day.

Suitcase tends to get dirty and damage easily when you are traveling vigorously around the world whereas a backpack is like your companion in traveling.

A decent backpack not only gives you a feeling of being adventurous but also it is far easier carrying in flights and public transport

If you buy a good quality of backpack with enough space to stuff all the essentials, then it is value for money. You can skip paying baggage charges in airlines and end up saving a fair amount of money.

Backpacks are long-lasting. If you buy a good quality backpack, you can use it for at least five years.

There are a great variety of different shapes and sizes of backpack you will get to see in the market both online and offline. You can buy any of the ones as per your need and usage.

Carrying a backpack, you can hop, run and jump. You can do anything. You can also make it your temporary pillow in camp. It is a very flexible and useful thing to buy for travel fanatics.

Important Features in a Travel Backpack You Should Check Before Purchasing/ How to choose your best backpack

Now, there are tons of travel backpacks in the market by seeing them you will quickly get confused. Each is different and have different features.

Before buying, you first need to know your requirement. Like, do you need a hiking backpack or daypack, a backpack for an expedition, overnight pack, laptop bag. Each is designed for a specific purpose.

For example, if you are out for a couple of hours just walking the streets of that destination or exploring restaurants or a city tour, then a ‘daypack’ is ideal.

Likewise, if you are going on for 2-3 days of hiking, what you need then is a backpack that can accommodate between 40-60L capacity.

So, what I intend to say is, ‘your purchase depends on your need.’

The Ultimate List of Best Travel Backpack for 2021 1

Here are the following features that can help you with choosing your best travel backpack:

Size and Capacity of a Travel Backpack: 

As I mentioned above the size of a backpack depends on its usage. You must always pick a backpack which is light and can be carried easily.

You can understand the size of the backpack by (liters). Liters means how much weight the backpack can take.

When you are in the store checking out the backpacks, make sure to buy the one which you are assured of concerning comfort.

It isn’t necessary that you have to buy a big 60L of a backpack for your next trip thinking you can stuff more of your things. If that backpack doesn’t fit you well, you might end up having issues carrying the backpack on your trip.

Think carefully about the size of the backpack before making a purchase.

Durability: Most of the excellent quality of backpacks cost above $50. Some of them are even above $200. Now, you should feel okay that you are spending on a good durable product which will not only guarantee to prevent damage but also last for several years.

Zippers: I love backpacks having at least 3-4 zippers or pockets. These are some of the best features a backpack can have. Not all brands of backpacks come with as many pockets.

With many zippers/pockets, you can organize your things in a better way. You can keep small things in the separate zipper and others in the conventional one space.

Again, too many compartments or zippers aren’t useful even. Sometimes, it gives you a sad day when you see your backpack having a broken zipper on your way to traveling.

Straps: Having quality straps makes the best travel backpack. Comfortable and light straps are essential in making your trip calm and composed.

If the straps of your pack aren’t good, then it is a serious issue. As bad straps can give your body trouble while carrying the weight of the pack.

The best travel backpack must have a comfortably padded hip belt, padded shoulder straps and strap across your chest (optional).

Weather Resistance: When you are traveling to places, you may face rain which is natural.

If your backpack which consists of pretty much all of your valuable things isn’t water-resistant or waterproof, can you imagine?

Yes, it will ruin everything. So, it is essential you buy a water-resistant backpack, not just any pack. Look for the material before you buy. It might cost you higher, but it is value for money.

I bought my waterproof laptop backpack a few years ago that cost me around INR 7000 ($100).

These are the few basic features that you must consider before purchasing a travel backpack.

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List of Best Travel Backpacks for 2021

Let’s have a quick look at the best travel backpacks that I have shortlisted among a lot of many backpacks.

best travel backpack for 2021

{Please note: The list that I have prepared is based on my personal experience and research}

Tortuga Travel Backpack

The Tortuga Travel backpack is a perfect carry-on size backpack that is designed for the urban traveler.
It is a 44L front-loading backpack with a padded shoulder strap and padded hip belt. The pack also has handles that are quite handy.

One of the most amazing things is the Tortuga travel backpack consist of a laptop zipper too. It does consist of a two-water bottle pocket along with an external zipper. You can easily keep your handy stuff there in the outer pocket.
Another fantastic feature that this backpack has is ‘lockable zippers’ that keeps your bag and belongings safe from the thieves.

TORTUGA travel backpack

Osprey Aether 70L

The popular and most backpackers favorite Osprey’s Aether is a 70 L standard backpack with exceptional durability and comfort.

Aether is perfect for a long trip. It has added plenty of compartments to keep all your things compact.

Osprey’s Aether is ideal for light mountaineering, and with a heat-moldable foam hip belt, it will give you extra coziness and ease while walking.
Almost all the backpacks of the Osprey brand are highly reliable due to its advanced features.

OSPREY AETHER 70L  travel backpack

Osprey Aura 50L

Osprey Aura 50L is designed specifically for women travelers across the world. The backpack has an anti-gravity suspension feature that makes it comfortable to carry, also it provides outstanding back fitting.

The backpack also has a removable floating lid which you can easily replace with a flap jacket to protect your gear.

The additional features of the Osprey Aura backpack are amazing.
1. Anti-Gravity Suspension (already discussed above)
2. Adjustable harness
3. A zipper in the hip belt where you can keep small items
4. Removable sleeping pad straps
5. Integrated safety whistle
6. Mesh pocket stores for rain gear

I would say if you are a lady and soon will be going on a trip and you are in need of a backpack. There is no better travel backpack than Osprey Aura.

OSPREY AURA 50L travel backpack for women

Osprey Atmos 65L

Osprey Atmos 65L is like the big brother of Aura 50L. The majority of men backpack travelers prefer to travel carrying Atmos for plenty of reasons.

1. It is lightweight and durable
2. It has an Anti-Gravity back panel that covers the back and hip belt straps
3. It is a beautifully designed pack
4. It comes with a lot of compartments, not only this it has front and side pockets too

A fantastic product for travelers to make their journey at ease.

OSPREY ATMOS AG 65 best travel backpack for travelers

Deuter Aircontact 65L +10L

Deuter is a well-known brand that makes extremely durable and urban looking backpacks.

Some of the advanced feature that Aircontact has:
1. The Aircontact is a compact and well-fitted backpack that comfortably holds the weight of the pack close to the body.
2. The new ActiveFit shoulder straps are contentedly padded and flexible. There are side compression straps
3. The backpack has a wet laundry compartment too which is a pretty amazing feature.
4. It has revolving Vari Flex hip fins which allow you to move freely with great comfort.

Deuter Aircontact is a fantastic backpack for those who love hiking and spend days outdoor. This pack is highly recommended. It is a bit pricy but worth your money.

DEUTER AIRCONTACT 65L+10L travel backpack

REI Rucksack 40

The REI Ruckpack 40 is a great carry-on backpack.

The look, material, and features of the backpack is solid. It comes in both men and women versions. So, you have a choice. If we talk about its features, these are the following:

1. The straps have foam which keeps your shoulder comfortable — also, a padded hip belt at the bottom. Along with the hip belt, there is an elastic keeper for strap management; you can adjust the strap as per your comfort.
2. There are compartments and side pockets that allows you to keep your belongings in a more organized way. There are two mesh pockets on the inside panel.
3. There is a zip compartment on the bottom of the bag which can cover your backpack when it rains.

Overall, I can say REI offers you a great urban travel pack. You can stop at any REI store, and you can see your own before buying this product.

REI RUCKPACK 40 a great travel backpack

Osprey Porter

Another backpack from the Osprey brand which is a traveler’s favorite. It is ideal for urban traveling.

Although it comes with different sizes 30L, 46L, and 65L.

I especially like the Osprey Porter 30L because it’s small, comfortable and incredibly versatile. Nothing extraordinary from the other backpacks.

It pretty much covers everything. It has a small laptop compartment. Also, it has an added security ‘lockable zippers.’

To make it easier for you, you will notice that I have a soft corner for the Osprey brand and I highly recommend buying Osprey. So, in case you want to check out their products you can directly visit their website

Osprey Porter travel backpack

To the conclusion, I would say I hope you found what you are looking for in this article. If you have any view or opinion regarding the same or you want to ask anything. You can contact me directly at

Thank you all.

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