17 Best Relationship Advice for Teenage Girls 1

17 Best Relationship Advice for Teenage Girls

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Are you a teenage girl looking for answers on relationship advice?

Or, are you a mother of a teenage girl and want to give her some piece of relationship advice before she finds herself with a partner and makes a wrong decision?

Either way, this article will be going to help you by giving some workable relationship advice for teenage girls.

Advices that are simple yet will make sure of your daughter’s or your safety and will make your dating journey go smoother.

I feel this is an important topic to discuss. As I have made pretty much good mistakes in choosing and falling for wrong guys during my teenage days.

I had none who could give me a couple of good relationship advises. My parents, those days, had a conservative mindset about dating. I want to make sure the teenage girls of today won’t have an awful experience while dating someone.

Teenagers are at the age where they are not only discovering themselves but also others. They get easily influenced, provoked, confuse and often make the wrong choice.

When in a relationship, they need to know how to deal with their relationships in a healthier way.

Both teenage boys and girls have their issues when dealing with relationships. A few good old tips always work the best.

In this, we will talk about specifically how teenage girls can deal with their relationship and stay in a positive relationship.

Relationship Advice for Teenage Girls

Set Boundaries

Teenagers are always vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. Setting boundaries often helps balance a relationship. Before you slip into a serious relationship, it is important that you communicate your boundaries clearly to you, partner.

Girls are tender, emotional, kind-hearted, mature and so on. Basically, these are a few basic traits of a teenage girl. They go through a thousand of mix emotions while being in a relationship.

As they hit the teenage age group, they get physically developed and mentally quite confusing with things like ‘love.’

Teenage love feels like crazy. Setting boundaries would help both the individuals to navigate themselves better in their relationship.

Boundaries can help teenage girls feel safe, confident in their relationship, and make them feel in control.

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Date People of Same Age Group

My next and one of the most important relationship advice for teenage girls would be to date someone who is like your age.

There are two reasons why I have mentioned this. First, if you are dating a boy who is of your class or from other school but same age, both will probably to have common experiences and interests.

Second, both will have an easy understanding and comfort level.

Now, if you think otherwise, you are a teenage girl who is dating an older person, say, 7 years of age gap. How much chance does this relationship have to last?

Even if it does, but there will be a huge disparity between both in thinking, sharing common interest, opinion and so on.

See, marriages work in age gaps. My parents have 10 years of gap and I have known many such married couples who have a considerable age gap.

But, as we are talking about teenage girls, it is better if you consider dating or taking your relationship to the next level with someone of your age.

You will probably have to face fewer challenges and lesser negativity in your relationship.

Date Only When You Are Ready

It is an advice to all the teenage girls that you should always date or being in a relationship when you are ready.

Teenage girls are physically and mentally vulnerable. There are a lot of changes that they go through. Sometimes these changes confuse them. They can’t prioritize. They have always something to prove.

For example, if you see your best friend has a boyfriend, you will also feel like having one. Even if you are not ready for a relationship, you might jump into just for the trend to look cool.

Dating or relationship is not something that should be done hastily. As you are a teenage girl, before taking any decision about relationship, talk to someone elder who can guide you and show you the right pa

Be patient with yourself. If you are not ready, do not go for it. Wait for the right time and the right person. Your heart will guide you if you follow.

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No Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is something that teenage girls should always be careful of. It is quite obvious to have physical desire because of the hormones.

If your boyfriend wants you to get physically intimate with him and you are not ready, never get afraid to say ‘No.’

It is important that both have the complete knowledge about how to safely involve yourself in getting physical, what are the consequences if done wrongly.

If you are scared, it’s best to get the right knowledge first.

Always remember, you are just a teenage girl and you have an ample amount of time to explore. Thus, do not rush into getting involve sexually.

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Stay Away from Dating Toxic People

Before you jump into a relationship, I would strongly advice to wait and find the right person.

It is extremely hard to keep yourself positive, alive, and happy in a toxic relationship. As a teenage girl, you have to be patient enough and look for the behaviour of boys you are dating.

Obviously, you are young enough to evaluate a person. Here, take help from your parents or elder siblings. It is always better to wait and observe than to stuck in a toxic relationship.

I have seen a few of my friends during our teenage days, how their boyfriend used to emotionally blackmail them and how they were trapped and stressed being in a toxic relationship.

So, to all the teenage girls, beware and if you are already in a toxic relationship, dare to open up to someone who can help.

Keep Your Relationship Off from the Social Media

As you know, the world of internet is a web of dark and dirty tricks. It is a never-ending playground for people who seek attention. There are online predators too who can use your photos and data without your knowledge.

Several studies and research works show how internet exploits the teenage boys and girls.

If you are in a new relationship, you don’t have to put pictures on social media or have to declare the internet world that you are dating.

Keep your relationship private and off from the social media. It will keep your relationship away from unnecessary attention. As long as you are happy and content with your partner in your relationship, there is no use of social media.

Do Not Get Too Attached

It’s feels good to be in a relationship in your teenage. You experience a new feeling, emotion and understand loving someone selflessly.

But when that love becomes too much, you are suffocating yourself and your significant other in your relationship.

The more you will get attached with your partner, the more you will become fragile emotionally and if the relationship fails, you will be very much affected.

Can you deal with heartbreak in your teenage?

I know how too much invested in a relationship is not good, especially when you are a teen. You will have a lot of ups and down. Sometimes it gets hard to manage yourself when you are vulnerable emotionally.

Your mental state will affect your overall everything. It will affect your academics, health and your relationship with the other people in your life.

One of my best relationship advice would be to keep your relationship casual when you are a teen. Give your boyfriend space, establish trust and have fun.

Casual dating is a rather great idea.

Show Gratitude to Each Other

It has been often seen that teenage love lacks mutual respect and gratitude.

Always remember gratitude is a powerful emotion that can strengthen your relationship. If you have a boyfriend, show them the gratitude that they deserve.

You can show your gratitude through small gestures like by writing a short note, thank you note, a thoughtful gift if your pocket money permits.

Author Laura Doyle says, “Thank you is a simple expression, but there is magic behind these words. Consider looking for ways to express gratitude each day by really examining what you admire about your boyfriend,” she recommends teenage girls try not to focus on their boyfriend’s shortcomings because what you focus on increases. 

Teenage love can be short-sighted, mainly because you don’t have the life experience yet but Laura encourages you to intentionally make gratitude an important part of your day. Start by saying thank you when he does something nice. 

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Keep Your Expectations Low

You are a teen girl and might be in love, which is great. But if you want to stay protected and keep yourself safe from getting hurt, keep your expectations low.

See, when in a committed relationship, partners can expect a lot from each other. But in a casual relationship, you should be less worried about fulfilling each other’s expectations.

The best way to let know each other of expectations is through a proper communication. The more you are willing to talk about expectations, the easier it will become for both to maintain a balance in your relationship.

For example, if you are expecting your boyfriend will remember each and every small likes and dislikes of you, instead you find him the opposite.

It will be a reason for fight, you can easily ignore the fight if you communicate your expectations clearly to him.

Be Yourself

Teen girls and boys believe in showing off more than being themselves. Their perception about the outer world is very different. They think if they pretend and show off, that will make them cool and opposite gender will attract.

Completely a wrong notion.

If you want to make your relationship last longer and make it better, be original. Be the person you are with your partner. Let them know your good and bad personalities. Let them accept you for who you are.

No matter what your age is, teen girls or boys, authenticity always wins.

17 Best Relationship Advice for Teenage Girls 2

Protect Yourself

It is crucial for teen girls to have a strong self-awareness of their identity, rights and should know how to protect themselves in relationship with boys.

Not all teen boys are the same. Some lacks the empathy, don’t know to respect girls, have conservative mindset and behave ruthlessly with their girlfriends to have them under control.

Research studies consistently show how teen abusive relationship are increasing. Some boys believe that they are tough and hold power over women/girl, the dynamics of a relationship change when one partner’s thinking gets oppressive.

Teen girls must know when exactly they have to get out of their abusive relationship and how to protect themselves from their boyfriends.

Always keep in mind to listen, observe, understand, and evaluate a person before you commit something.

Be Ready to Face Heartbreaks

Heartbreaks in a relationship are inevitable. If you are in love or dating someone, it won’t be always butterflies in the stomach. There will be challenges, difficulties and heartbreaks too.

For teen girls, boys, adult, heartbreaks in love give the worst feeling. You will have breakups and you need to learn how to deal with them. Or, you may find yourself in an unreciprocated love, in simple words, one-sided love.

As a relationship advice for teen girls, I will say, you don’t have to be ready to face the heartbreaks, neither do you have to get afraid.

If something unexpected happens, the situation will make you strong enough to deal with the pain and heartbreaks. Teen girls are more mature and sensible than boys, they know how to handle themselves.

But that shouldn’t restrict you from enjoying the feeling of being in love.

Never Ignore Your Studies for Dating

You are dating, or in a relationship as a teen girl, you should never skip your studies. You can continue taking your studies seriously and encourage your partner to do the same.

After high school, both will take the college to pursue further education. You can utilise your time to study together. Dream to explore the world outside after schools together.

I have known many couples who had a successful long relationship and now they are happily married. They started dating from their high school and continued staying together by supporting each other in pursuing education and job.

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Always Give Yourself Priority

You are just a teen girl. You don’t have to sacrifice or compromise in your relationship. This is the time to grow, study and have fun. It’s not healthy for you to stay unhappy in your relationship and thinking about your boyfriend first without giving yourself the priority.

If you are a teen girl and have already put yourself on your boyfriend’s shoes and living his life. You are playing a dangerous game at this tender age.

It can take a toll on your health and well-being.

Stop trying to make your partner happy all the time. Think about yourself first. It’s fine to be a little selfish. You are a married couple or have committed yourself to him.

You are a teen girl who has a life and family apart from a boyfriend. Make yourself happy and do what’s best for you.

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Accept Rejection Positively

It can be hard for a teen to accept rejection in a relationship. But this is just the start.

There could be circumstances where you have given your best to make the relationship work, but your significant other bother less about you and doesn’t make you feel the way you do. It will hurt certainly. Can you deal with it?

Be mature enough to understand why you are being rejected. Gracefully accept and move on.

Don’t Let Your Partner Control You

Your boyfriend can be manipulative and controlling. He will love you dearly, but holds control over your thoughts and decision.

Do you think that’s good? You could be happy?

The sooner you realize, the better you can help yourself.

If you recognize your boyfriend is having controlling behaviour issues, talk to him. If that doesn’t change, better you move on.

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Take Time to Date

 If you are dating someone, here is an important relationship tip that I could give.

Take your time and do not rush into finding the right partner. You are just a teen, dating field is an open market. You have a plenty of time.

So, move slowly, observe the traits you are dating the one, understand what you are looking for in your Mr. right and wait for the right time.


The teen years are an important time in life. Many teens try to make their first “real” relationship work for the experience or to gain some kind of desired attention or love.

Certainly you don’t have the experience as someone older than you. The above mentioned relationship advice will help you to navigate through your first relationship.

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