31 Best Movies Based on Books to Stream Now (Updated)

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Are you looking for movies to watch that are an adaptation of books?

In this blog post, I will share some amazing movies based on books, and they are available on several online streaming platforms.

Filmmakers these days are more inclined towards making movies that are an adaptation of books. Some movies are extremely popular, like the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring series, more than the books.

There are several such movies that you don’t even know; they are an adaptation of books.

Being a movie enthusiast, I always look for better movies to watch and recommend here in my blog.

I have compiled a list of 30 best movies that are an adaptation of books, and I feel they are worth watching.

Best Movies Based on Books to Watch

Best movies based on book

The Dig (Streaming on Netflix)

The movie is a Netflix original adaptation of a novel of the same title, ‘The Dig,’ written by John Preston. An excavation of a great ship burial took place in 1939.

Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan are the two actors who have lifted the film on their shoulders with their brilliant performance.

The discovery that the story talks about is historical, and the film depicts how the excavation was conducted.

It is a remarkable, and an underrated film to watch.

The Dig'

The White Tiger (Streaming on Netflix)

Not very long back, Netflix’s original movie ‘The White Tiger’ stars Priyanka Chopra, Rajkumar Rao, and Adarsh Gaurav in the lead. The film received international appreciation and is critically acclaimed for its best screenplay and performances by each actor.

The plot of the film revolves around an ambitious driver whose fate changes by his deed. The movie focuses on the grey shades of human nature, desire, and needs of two classes of people – rich and poor.

Indeed, it is one of the best movie adaptations of books to watch.

The White Tiger (2021 film) - best movies based on books

Pride & Prejudice (Streaming on Netflix)

‘Pride & Prejudice’ is a classic romance movie based on book that is awesome to watch. The movie is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s 1813 novel.

The movie revolves around Mrs. Bennet and her sisters, who are destined to get married and are looking for the perfect match.

Pride & Prejudice is not only about marriage but about several other social issues that women have been facing for centuries.

It is an amazing period drama film where Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet performed brilliantly.

Pride & Prejudice

Little Women (Streaming on Amazon Prime Videos)

‘Little Women’ is an adaptation of the 1868 novel by Louisa May Alcott. There are two versions of the films. One is directed by Gillian Armstrong in 1994 and another in 2019 by Greta Gerwig.

Both the films are exceedingly well crafted, keeping in mind the period. I found the 1994 version of the film more authentic and accurate.

Little Women

Gone Girl (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

With an IMDB rating of 8.1, the movie ‘Gone Girl is based on the book of the same name written by Gillian Flynn in 2012.

‘Gone Girl is a psychological thriller drama with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, who goes missing mysteriously.

If you like watching thriller movies you should watch ‘Gone Girl.’

Gone Girl

If you like watching thriller movies you should watch ‘Gone Girl.’

Harry Potter Series (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

One of the massively hit movie series which is based on J. K Rowling’s superhit fantasy novel is perhaps the m=one movie series that everyone has watched.

Indeed, the Harry Potter novel series ruled in the hearts of the readers, but the movie series, when released, got a massive positive response globally.

Harry Potter

IT (Streaming on Netflix)

‘IT’ is one of the best of Stephen King’s horror movies based on books. The children and teens mostly like the movie.

The best thing about this movie is the performance of Bill Skarsgard as pennywise, a shape-shifting clown which haunts, torment, and is the worst nightmare of the children.

The book by Stephen King is way better to read and has the thrilling factor which lacks in the movie.

Stephen King IT

The Perks of Being Wallflower (Streaming on Netflix)

‘The Perks of Being wallflower’ is one of the best coming-of-age movies based on the book.

The novel is written by Stephen Chbosky, where the story follows Charlie, an introverted teenage boy, and his course through high school from meeting new people, making friends, finding love, and finding himself.

Both the book and the movie are amazingly well-crafted and truly touch the heart.

Both the book and the movie are amazingly well-crafted and truly touch the heart.

the perks of being wallflower

Room (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

With an IMDB rating of 8.1, ‘Room’ is truly an amazing movie of 2015 that got highly appreciated, and Brie Larson got the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role.

The movie can be extremely uncomfortable yet astonishing when it comes to delivering performances.

The story is profoundly based on the mother-son relationship in a very crude and crime-filled situation.

Room (2015 film)

Call me By Your Name (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

After watching the movie, I was so moved that I purchased the novel to read. Both the book and the movie are extremely soothing and touching to read, but the movie has touched me more because of the performances of both the actor Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ is perhaps one of the best gay movies based on books.

call me by your name

Wonder (Streaming on Netflix)

Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay starring film ‘Wonder’ is a wonderful film to watch and is based on the 2012 novel of the same name.

The film follows a boy suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome trying to fit into the world courageously.

The movie revolves around him and his small world. Julia Roberts playing the role of a mother is encouraging and endearing.


The Notebook (Streaming on Netflix)

If you are looking for a romantic movie to watch with your bae, ‘The Notebook’ would be the perfect one. The movie is the adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s bestselling novel of the same name.

The story tells a love story of Allie and Noah, who are separated by fate and are destined to meet again.

The story may sound like old wine in a new bottle, but both the actors’ passion made it one of the best romantic movies.

The Notebook (2004)

The Shinning (Streaming on Netflix)

Stephen King’s ‘The Shinning’ is one of the best horror movies that is an adaptation of his novel. The movie is a classic psychological horror movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

The story revolves around Jack, a writer who took the job of winter caretaker at the isolated Overlook Hotel in Colorado, but as the days are passing by, he started to lose himself and becomes a danger to his family.

The movie won’t spook you with a ghost appearance but have significant terror in the transformation of Jack from sane to abnormally insane.

The Shining (1980)

127 Hours (Streaming on Amazon Prime Video)

The movie is an amazing biographical survival drama film directed by Danny Boyle. The movie is an adaptation of biographical book of Aron Ralstone’s unforgettable surviving story when he goes for hiking and got stuck in the canyons for hours.

It is James Franco’s one of the best film ever to watch.

127 Hours

The Fault in Our Stars (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

2014 coming-of-age romantic film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is a heart-warming adaptation of John Green. The movie’s plot is no different; two cancer-afflicted teenagers fell for each other and shows their painful journey towards death.

The movie is heartbreaking and emotionally driven. Not all love stories have a great ending; some are painful, and this is one.

The Fault in Our Stars

Crazy Rich Asians (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

I loved watching this amazing Asian romantic film where the story focuses on Rachel, a professor dating a rich man named Nick.

The family of Nick is a wealthy family of Singapore, and they are very much fond of their Asian roots. Rachel, on the other hand, though she is an Asian too but raised in America.

It’s a refreshing movie that represents Asian culture and diversity.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Murder on the Orient Express (Streaming on Hotstar)

‘Murder on the Orient Express is a mystery thriller film based on the best-selling novel of Agatha Christie. It portrays a murder that took place on a train journey, and a detective investigates the case.

The film is a compilation of stellar casts and a well-tailored film.

Murder on the Orient Express

Alice in Wonderland (Streaming on Disney+Hotstar)

‘Alice in Wonderland’ is one of the amazing live-action animated Disney movies based on the book of the same name written by Lewis Carroll.

I have read fantasy fiction and watched the movie; however, I find the book more inspiring and interesting.

But, indeed, it is worth a watch.

 Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Eat Pray love (Streaming on Netflix)

I have watched the film a few days ago since I am a huge fan of Julia Roberts I loved her in the movie. The movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same name.

It is a biographical romantic movie that portrays her career, unsuccessful marriage, and her journey towards attaining salvation and love.

Eat, Pray, Love

The Chronicles of Narnia (Streaming on Disney+Hotstar)

‘The Chronicles of Narnia is a series based on the book of the same name by C.S. Lewis. It is a wonderful fantasy film ideal for kids to watch. It is a series of films, taking you to the world of fantasy and magic.

Life of PI (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

The storyline of the movie is about a boy’s survival against all odds after a shipwreck where he lost his parents and was left alone to survive.

‘Life of Pi’ is written by Yann Martel in 2001. The movie got Academy Award for Best Music (Original Score). It is a beautiful and emotional story about faith, hope, perseverance, and friendship.

It is indeed one of the best movies based on books to watch.

Life of Pi (2012) -

Silver Lining Playbook (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead movie ‘Silver Lining Playbook’ is yet another one of the best movies that is an adaptation of Matthew Quick’s 2008 non-fiction of the same name.

The movie deals with Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, suffering from bipolar disorder, unable to get over the fact that his wife cheated on him. Jennifer as Tiffany helped him to cope with his thought and motivated him to enter into a dance competition.

It is a good romantic movie to watch.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

P.S. I Love You (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

If you are looking for a romantic movie to watch on a date at home, ‘P.S.I Love You’ is one of the best I would recommend.

I have had the opportunity to read the book during my graduation days, and I was touched back then.

Later on, on Netflix, I watched the film.

 P.S. I Love You (2007)

Time Traveler’s Wife (Streaming on YouTube)

If you like sci-fiction movies, you can try ‘Time Traveler’s Wife,’ a romantic science fiction movie based on the novel of Audrey Niffenegger of the same name.

There are quite many time travel movies but not any romantic movies. This movie is quite refreshing to watch two individuals in love.

The Time Traveler's wife

There are quite many time travel movies but not any romantic movies. This movie is quite refreshing to watch two individuals in love.

Forrest Gump (Streaming on Netflix)

Tom Hanks, starring the movie ‘Forrest Gump’, is one of the best movies in Hollywood. The movie is an adaptation of a 1986 novel of the same name by author Winston Groom.

No many know the name of the author or haven’t read the book, but every movie enthusiast knows about the movie.

It is also one of the best movies of Tom Hank’s career. However, the movie differs in certain scenes from the novel that’s minor.

It received several awards and is a critically acclaimed movie.

Forrest Gump (1994) -

The Book Thief (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

Based on the 2005 novel by Marcus Zusak, the story is about a young girl during the Nazi era is an ardent reader.

She started sharing her books with the Jewish family, whom her foster parents provide shelter.

The movie showcases the horrifying times of World War II and the perils of human life. The movie is effective enough to watch.

The Book Thief:

Water for Elephant (Streaming On YouTube)

It is not a very known film, but it is worth watching and can add to your list of best movies based on books to watch.

Inspired from the novel of Sara Gruen, ‘Water for Elephants’ is an ode to the existence of circuses. It shares a heart-warming tale of elephants and a love story of Jacob and Marlena.

The movie focuses on the traits of the character and deepens the meaning of life.  

Surely, you should watch this lovely if you haven’t yet.

l Water for Elephants

Into the Wild (Streaming on Netflix)

If you are a travel enthusiast and love watching travel movies, I would say, ‘Into the Wild’ is the best travel movie so far.

The movie depicts the journey of Christopher McCandless, who, post his graduation, donated everything to the charity that he owns and hitchhiked to Alaska to live his dream of wilderness.

The movie is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer. I have read and watched both, and I feel this movie is one of the best movies based on books.

Into the Wild -

To Kill a Mockingbird (Streaming on Amazon Prime)

‘To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic critically acclaimed movie that won the hearts of every movie enthusiast. This is a Hollywood masterpiece based on Harper Lee’s best-selling novel.

The story portrays the issues of racism and injustice during the Depression-era.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Queen of Katwe (Streaming on Disney+Hotstar)

I watched ‘Queen of Katwe’ last year, and it left me amazed by the true story of Phiona Mutesi, a young girl from Uganda growing up in the slums who fought her way through zillion adversities and learned to play chess to become one of the top international players.

The movie is very inspiring and should be watched.

Queen of Katwe (2016)

The Kite Runner (Streaming on Netflix)

Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’ is one of the most endearing, emotional, and heart-touching stories I have ever read. It tells about friendship, hope, the condition of Afghanistan, forgiveness, and perseverance.

The movie got released in 2007, receiving several awards and appreciation. The movie is a well-adapted version of the book.

The Kite Runner (2007)


The above mentioned are the best movies based on books that I find are worth watching. I am sure there are plenty more beautiful and inspiring movies to watch, but these are some that l have watched and can recommend you.

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