21 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now (2022)

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Recently I have compiled a list of best horror movies on Hulu and best horror movies on Netflix to watch. Today I shall be providing you with a great list of best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

Well, the perks of watching a great many movies are I can suggest my readers, which are the best ones under different categories of movies and shows.

Recently, Amazon prime has come up with quite a new addition on its list of movies and series. If I have to talk about the top of horror movies, then I would say after Netflix, Amazon Prime has an impressive collection.

Starting from the best horror movies of Hollywood, terrifying classic horror films to the indie horror films and other regional horror films, Amazon Prime has it all.

The collection is so wide that it takes time to filter and select. So, this blog will help all the horror movie fans.

Let’s focus on the –

Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

The Lodge (2019)

‘The Lodge’ is one of the best thriller horror movies to watch on Amazon Prime. It is a low-level melancholic ice-chilling story of two siblings Aiden (Jaeden Martell) and Mia (la McHugh).

They along with their father Richard and his girlfriend Grace (Riley Keough), have planned to spend Christmas in a hilly remote location.

Both Aiden and Mia recently lost their mother, and they didn’t like Grace, but Richard is soon to marry Grace, so she wanted the kids to spend some quality time with Grace for bonding.

What happened next in a couple of days is a slow-burning horror. The chilling dark atmospheric setting, traumatic past of Grace, and the prank of the kids take the incident on a different level.

The Lodge captures the mental illness of Grace and the isolation in a hostile environment incredibly. Overall, it’s a terrifying film to watch.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Like I mentioned above, Amazon Prime does have classic horror movies too, and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is the one such psychological horror film that one should watch.

It is based on the novel of 1967 by Ira Levin. You must have heard of the director Roman Polanski. It is an artful film of Polanski that is filled with unspeakable danger and fear.

There is nothing extraordinary in the story, but the execution and inducing the horror element in the heart of the audience is what makes this film so evergreen in the horror genre of films.

It has great character development, a hallmark of Polanski’s direction, and of course, acting.

Rosemary's Baby - best horror movies on amazon prime

Mother (2017)

Darren Aronofsky’s film ‘Mother’ is a difficult film to understand. It is a metaphorical film that has several layers of meaning. As the title of the film suggests, ‘Mother’ is a little confusing, Jennifer Lawrence’s character is the mother.

The plot explores the biblical symbol of the Old and New Testament.

The film is ambitious, tricky, and one of the best horror movies on amazon prime right now to watch.



Suspiria is a cinematic art horror-thriller film that is insane and hard to explain. Dakota Johnson plays the lead character of a dancer. As per my understanding, the theme of the movie is rebirth amidst the chaos.

The movie is a woman-centric film predominately female cast led by Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Angela Winkler, and multiple other supporting female cast.

The suspenseful tone of the film drives you into the plot to think about the deeper meaning of each dance step.

It is a compelling film, where Susie (Dakota) volunteers to play the lead role in the company’s signature dance piece. Blanc’s modern dance moves are insanely beautiful, yet each dance move has a deeper thought.

In the review of the film in Variety, it says, ‘Suspiria’ is that rarity, an extreme horror movie made by a deeply serious maestro of a director.

If you like art films, you will adore Guadagnino’s technical brilliance with filmmaking. It is a high-end and highly conceptual best horror movies on amazon prime.

The Conjuring

‘The Conjuring’ is based on the reports confirmed by the Paranormal investigators’ Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Conjuring has several sequels that tell demonic powers possess the story of a doll Annabelle.

The first film, ‘The Conjuring’ got released in 2013 that tells the story of the Perron family, who moves into a big farmhouse that is possessed by evil forces.

The Perron family started experiencing strange and scary paranormal activity, and they consult Ed and Lorraine Warren to get rid of them.

The film has quite several jump scares that super scary and won’t let you sound sleep at night.

It has a 86% rating in Rotten Tomatoes. Surprisingly, of all the Conjuring movies, this is the most frightening.


According to Indiewire, “Oculus is one of the scariest American horror movies in years.”

Yes, that’s true. I have watched the 2013 horror film ‘Oculus’ on Amazon prime, and it scared me to death at night. Director Mike Flanagan has made this film exceptional.

The story revolves around a family who moved into a new house. Tim and Kaylie are two siblings who haven’t yet get over from their traumatic past.

The narrative plays between two timelines, past and present. In the past, it tells what happened with the family that impacted Tim and Kaylie so much.

‘Oculus’ shows an antique mirror as a haunting object that plays with the mind of Tim and Kaylie, also grabs the full attention of the audience.

It is a great horror film that narrates a supernatural phenomenon in a different and surprisingly interesting way.

Oculus - best horror movies

I Am legend

‘I Am Legend’ is a post-apocalyptic horror thriller movies of 2007 directed by Francis Lawrence. The story revolves around Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, who is a scientist and is the last human survivor along with his dog.

A virus outbreak wiped out humankind, but Neville is immune to the virus, so he works to develop a cure using his blood.

The fear and danger lie at night when the nocturnal flesh-eating brain-dead animals come out of their den. It’s a great film to watch.  The entire movie has one and only Will Smith and his performance.

I Am Legend (2007)


After watching the Indian horror film ‘Tumbbad’ I was convinced that Indian cinema still can make good horror movies. It’s the truth, Hollywood makes great movies each year, and some of them are pretty good horror genre of movies.

I can’t deny that movies like ‘The Shining,’ ‘Autopsy of Jane Doe,’ ‘Hereditary’ and several more are some of the top of horror movies.

For years, the horror movies of the Indian cinema are mediocre and directors using the same old technique. But after years, ‘Tumbbad’ is a movie that impressed the audience and the critics too.

The story revolves around a character Vinayak (Sohum Shah) who is greedy for the gold coins fetch from the hidden underneath treasure of the so-called ‘earth’ is unique storytelling.

The plot has a take on Indian mythology, a part of the story that is unknown to us and is very much interesting.  


2017 ‘IT Chapter One’ is an adaptation of the novel of the same name as Stephen King.

The story revolves around a group of friends living in the town of Derry, Maine, who is tormented by an evil shape-shifting clown named Pennywise.

Pennywise appeared in Derry and continues to feed on kids by luring them. Bill Skarsgard playing the clown Pennywise is terrifying and a compelling character.

The best thing about the film is the young actors, they have performed so naturally and organically. As an audience, I could connect to them with their stories, pain, and bullying.

There comes a sequel to ‘IT Chapter Two’ in 2019 that becomes a box office failure and not at all impressed with mainly the performances.

The first part should be on your ‘to-watch’ list on amazon prime.

It (2017)

13 B

13 B is an amazing Tamil-language horror- thriller film starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in the lead. The story is about a family that moved into a new apartment on the 13th floor of the building.

After a while, their peace got disrupted. A demonic spirit possesses the house.

It is a great time pass film in the home quarantine period. There are no creepy ghostly images or jump scares, but you will get the chill and thrill when you will watch the first time.

 13B - horror movie


Director Ari Aster has earned her name with the great success of the modern horror film ‘Herediatry.’ And with the 2019 ‘Midsommar,’ she has redefined the horror genre altogether.

The movie is a story of a group of American graduate students who got invited by a Swedish friend to attend the summer festival. But the plot metaphorically developed a happening summer festival into a cult ritual practice of murders.

The film is full of imageries and symbols that have layered meaning. I love Ari Aster’s use of imagery in her films. It explains the story a lot better with great details.

So, If you ask me, is it good to watch? I would it is the best horror movie on amazon prime 2019.

A Quiet Place

John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ is the best horror movie in 2018. It’s different, unique, and with great performances, the movie stood out well in the box office.

The film got an amazing response from the audience. Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 96%.

It is technically perfect, visually impressive, and with some scary moments, the movie managed to survive exceedingly well without much dialogues and sound.

The story follows the Abbott family, who survive the situation where if making a sound leads to death.

There are living far from the city in a secluded area; everyone is seemed to live with extra caution of not to make a sound. They communicate with sign languages.

The moment of danger and horror came when the vicious monster attacked them.

The Ring

‘The Ring’ is a dark horror film that will give you a creepy feeling watching it all alone. If I say how impressed I am story-wise? Not that great. The story follows a video that whoever watches it will be dead in a couple of days.

A Japanese horror-thriller inspires the story by Hideo Nakata. The Ring has a brilliant visual effect that jump scares you right on edge.

I believe there are better horror movies to watch than ‘The Ring,’ but this movie is a good choice for a one-time watch on amazon prime. It is a creepy film.

The Ring

Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton’s 1999 mystery-horror movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is an amazing film where Johnny Depp has played the character of Ichabod Crane, a charming detective from New York.

He has been sent to the creepy town of Sleepy Hollow to investigate the series of murders taking place. It is a gothic horror story that is rich and visually vivid.

The predominant theme is supernatural vs. science.
The classic horror-thriller movie is streaming on amazon prime, and you should watch it.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

The Woman in Black

James Watkins’s 2012 horror film ‘The Woman in Black’ is an adaptation of Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name.

The film stars Daniel Radcliffe in the lead; he plays a lawyer Arthur who has been sent to an isolated village to examine a house that belonged to a deceased woman.

But at reaching the place, he wondered the place a bit weird and heard rumors about the house that he is supposed to examine for property-related issues.

The more he spent his time staying in the house; he discovered the evil spirit of a woman that begin to torment him and the small children of the village.

The USP of the film is the haunted house.

The Cabin in the Woods

Whenever someone speaks of the ‘best horror movies,’ ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ will be there in the list.

The story follows a group of five college friends who went to spend the vacation in a remote forest cabin, but soon they arrive at the place, little do they know that the horror awaits the night.

Each is getting killed or chopped off in the woods by the supernatural entities. There is scream, bloodshed, horror, supernatural element, and killing.  

Though the movie is my least favorite, you can stream it online on amazon prime based on the audience’s choice, a majority of people have liked it.

The Cabin In The Woods


Once again, one of the best horror movies on amazon prime, Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary.’ The movie has made a new landmark in the horror genre.

The story revolves around a family grieving on the loss of their daughter, Charlie, who died too soon. Her death is too horrific in the film, and it is now Peter who is slowly being tormented by the demonic force.

A series of the unspeakable incident started to happen after Charlie died. The ending of the film justifies everything, and you can link to every scene from the beginning of the film.

If you expect jump scares or creepy ghost figures, you will be disappointed. Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’ is the starting of a new horror genre film that combines psychology, cult ritual practices, and death.

Make sure you watch this film if you are fond of horror movies.

Hereditary (2018)

The Neon Demon

‘The Neon Demon’ streaming on amazon prime is yet another underrated horror movie that you should consider to watch. The story follows Jesse, an aspiring model who moves to LA to pursue her career in modeling.

Like we all know how the modeling industry is ruthless, competitive, and only a bold person can survive. Jesse, who is young and only 16th years old, soon faces the reckless and ruthless individuals who are preying on her.

It’s a unique way to explore the horror genre in the high-fashion modeling world of the LA.

The character transformation of Jesse is vivid and justifies the name ‘Neon Demon.’ It shows how her existence in the modeling world transforms her into a demon inside.

The Neon Demon (2016)


2018 has released several horror movies, and ‘Unsane’ is one of them that follows the character of Claire Foy, whom we have seen in the Netflix original one of the best series ‘Queen.’

In ‘Unsane’ it’s the tale of a woman confined to a mental institution and her psychic condition. The surprising fact about the film is it is said to be shot on the iPhone 7 Plus.

In Indiewire, the director told that it’s one of the most liberating experiences as a filmmaker.

There are some glitches in the video quality that you will find while watching the movie, but still, the idea of shooting an entire film on the phone is bold and gives a reason to watch it more.


The Babadook

The Babadook focuses on the psychology of a troubled single mother who has lost her husband recently. She is struggling to raise her son all by herself.

Babadook is the metaphorical dark figure that represents the mental state of hers.

It is the debut film of Jennifer Kent, who has tried to tell the story of a mother and son that is enriched with layers of uncertainty and a story of motherhood.

The Babadook (2014)

Doctor Sleep

2019 horror film ‘Doctor Sleep’ is the sequel of the very popular Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Director Mike Flanagan has tried to pay tribute through this film.

Also, it is the adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 novel of the same name.

If you have watched ‘The Shining,’ you would be able to relate better with the plot of the movie. You can watch ‘The Shining’ on Netflix.

So, the story follows Dan Torrance, son of Jack Torrance, who survived the horrible incident that took place in the Overlook Hotel as a child. Dan Torrance is now a traumatized and a shattered grown-up who is struggling with alcoholism.

He meets Abra, a teen girl who has the same power that Dan has, and together they fight against the ‘True Knots.’

Who are the True Knots?

Well, you can’t expect me to tell the story here, so watch the film and get terrified.


These are the best horror movies on amazon prime that I would recommend you to watch.

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