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38 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix for 2022

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Halloween is the best time of the year to watch horror movies. What are you planning to watch this year?

Halloween isn’t far from coming. Just like Christmas or Thanksgiving, people love planning for Halloween costumes, party and buy candies. But there is another thing that people love is watching best Halloween movies at home with family.

Halloween is a busy day for both kids and adults. You get to decorate your house in Halloween style, ready a Halloween costume for yourself and your kids, or throwing a Halloween themed party.

After doing all this, when you have a little bit of time left in peace at home, you sit tight with a big bucket of popcorn and start a watchlist of horror movies.

Netflix gives great importance to Halloween, and every year they add new Halloween special movies and series for us all. From classic to new series and original movies, you can see the complete list on Netflix. But, there are so many that it will take around 10 minutes to decide which one to see.

Now, some movies will give you a chill; also some movies are not for faint-hearted people, and neither are for the kids. So, I have added the films that everyone can watch.

So, as I spend my time watching a lot of Netflix movies, I have compiled a list of 38 best Halloween movies on Netflix that you can watch on this year’s Halloween.

The Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

Netflix has released a new Halloween themed teen comedy film that follows a secret group of babysitters fight a magical boogeyman Grand Guignol who kidnaps kids on Halloween night.

The movie is not at all scary so children above 7 can watch.

A Babysitter Guide to Monster Hunting -

The Babysitter

The American teen comedy horror movie “The Babysitter” is one of the best movies to watch on Halloween night with friends. Teenager Cole has a crush on his babysitter ‘Bee’ who is involved in a satanic cult. The movie has some hilarious killing patterns and death—it a fun movie to watch.

Netflix releases “The Babysitter” sequel, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen” in 2020. In the sequel film, Cole and Melanie are grownups, Cole still gets bullied at the high school, but Melanie is her savior. The story takes a surprising turn, with Melanie now being a part of the satanic cult.

Both the film is entertaining and perfect to watch the back to back movies on Halloween night on Netflix.

The Babysitter - halloween movies


I watched ‘Eli’ today, and it is the newly added horror film on Netflix. The story begins with an eleven-year-old boy who suffers from an illness.

To cure him, his parents have checked him into an abandoned building clinic where Eli is hallucinating and struggling as his situation is getting worse.

‘Eli’ is the new Halloween movies on Netflix, which is a little creepy and the unsettling atmosphere brings an eerie feeling. Even with a minimal cast ‘Eli’ has plenty of scary scenes and makes it a good horror film for kids.

'Eli' Halloween movies on netflix

Hubie Halloween

Adam Sandler’s latest movie with Netflix is a Halloween-themed comedy movie where he plays Hubie Dubois, a kind-hearted, helpful, little weird personality who lives in Salem with his mother.

The residents of the town bully him, but he makes it his duty to protect Salem’s people from the threats of Halloween night and teach children about the moral values of Halloween.

It is always a pleasure to watch Adam Sandler’s movie. The movie may not please the critics, but the audience will love it. “Hubie Halloween” does not have any joke or comedy that is worth memorable.

The only exception is the multi-functional thermos. But Hubie is a good company for all old fans who love Adam Sandler.

Hubie Halloween


IT is one of the best horror films on Netflix to watch, based on the novel of Stephen King of the same name. Pennywise, the dancing clown, is scary and will give you nightmares.

The clown, tormenting six kids in an unnatural manner with one kid, goes missing. There are several scenes whenever Pennywise appeared on the screen, it becomes frightening and evil.

If you watched IT already, you could watch it again with the lights go off to get a real Halloween feeling.

Best Halloween movies on Netflix is 'IT'

The Conjuring

The story of the film ‘The Conjuring’ is itself alarming when heard. Set in 1971, the story is inspired by one of the incidents that took place while investigating a paranormal activity by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

It is a hit horror film depicting the story of a couple and their five daughters who moved in a 150- year- old Rhode Island farmhouse, where they started experiencing the horrors of the spirits.

Train to Busan

Now, if you don’t want ghost movies, then Korean blockbuster film ‘Train to Busan’ will take you to the zombie world. An outbreak of dead bodies turning into zombies, where a father runs away from the millions of zombies protecting his daughter.

There is nothing more to see except peoples running around from the zombies here and there. Amidst all, it is the story of a father and a daughter, which will melt your heart.

Best Zombie movie on Netflix Train to Busan

In the Tall Grass

Another film from the adaptation of Stephen King and his son’s novella. The film begins with two siblings Becky and Cal, who are driving through an abandoned town and jumps inside a massive field of tall grass to rescue a kid ‘Tobin.’

Now, have they rescued Tobin? Did they find their way back to the road? What had happened inside the field? I think a Halloween night with kids will be enjoyable watching the recently added In the Tall Grass on Netflix for the Halloween month.

In The Tall Grass


Netflix’s produced Stephen King’s adaptation ‘1922’ is one of the best horror genres of films on Netflix. A grim story about a farmer Wilfred James who murdered his wife and suffers from guilt and regret. Actor Thomas Jane’s performance is perhaps the best of his career. This could be the movie to watch on Halloween night but not with kids.

Halloween movie on Netflix to watch '1922'


Coraline is one of the unique and best Halloween movies for the kids that you can watch on Halloween night on Netflix now. It is a motion animation film, which tells a story about a girl who slides into a wormhole to discover a better world and a better version of her parents.

How Coraline will reach the real world and back to her parents, leaving the disoriented and wicked world far behind?

Do watch this fantastic film with your family.



Director Mike Flanagan has earned his name by creating quite a few brilliant horror movies and series. Among them, series and movies like ‘The haunting of Bly manor, The Haunting of Hill House, Gerald’s Game, Oculus and the very recent Midnight Mass have become popular.

Hush is a 2016 horror thriller movie about a deaf writer played by Kate Siegel, who got attacked by a masked killer in the house where she lived amidst the woods.

It’s a simple story that draws you in completely.

Hush 2018

Fear Street Trilogy

The American horror film series has three parts which tell chilling and epic fearsome stories that involve a group of teenagers during Halloween.

It is the best Halloween movies to watch with your friends on Netflix.

Fear Street: Part One - 1994 (2021) - IMDb

Things Heard and Seen

The newly added American thriller film ‘Things Heard and Seen’ is a predictable story though, is a fit to watch on Halloween day.

Amanda Seyfried plays a woman who moved to a small town with her husband, soon started suspecting him of seeing changes in his behaviour while living in their home that harbours dark secrets.

There is nothing much going around in the movie but is watchable.

38 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix for 2022 1


If you are looking for better and subtle horror movie to watch alone on Halloween day, ‘Winchester’ is the one for you. The story is based on an ancient haunted house built by Sarah Winchester that contains hundreds of room where vengeful ghosts have been locked over the centuries.



‘ Nightbooks’ is the new dark fantasy movie for kids that got recently released on Netflix. The story revolves around a kid named Alex who is trapped in a magical apartment and he must tell stories every night to keep himself alive.

It is a sweet yet scary tale meant for the kids to watch on Halloween.

Nightbooks - IGN


If you want to watch a zombie thrilled movie, watch ‘Alive.’ It is a Korean drama and I think after watching ‘Train to Busan’ this one is a fair movie to watch.

The story revolves around Joon-Woo, who locked himself up inside his apartment to keep himself protected from that zombie attack outside. Just when he loses hope, he found another survivor, and both tried to escape the city.

Alive (2020) - IMDb

Vampires Vs the Bronx

When a group of teen discovers that the city is filled with vampires and they are conspires something sinister. Together, they fought and restore the city.

This is great film for teen adults to watch and enjoy on Halloween day.

38 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix for 2022 2

Truth or Dare

On Halloween night when a group of friends encounter a haunted house and start playing a game ‘truth or dare’, it turned into a nasty play.

I won’t say it is scary, but definitely a time pass film to watch on a Halloween night.

Truth or Dare (2018) - IMDb


‘veronica’ is one of the best horror film to watch on Netflix. The story revolves around a teenage girl who mistakenly summoned evil spirits using an Ouija board and it took over her body and consciousness.

It is one of the best horror movie I have seen and would recommend watching.

Verónica (2017) - IMDb

The Invitation

If you ask what the best cult supernatural horror movie, I would say, watch ‘The Invitation.’ The story follows a group of friends enjoying a dinner party while the event unfolds a sinister plan that involves uninvited bloodshed.

The Invitation (2015) - IMDb


Insidious is one of the creepiest movies that need the courage to watch. Directed by James Wan who has also made films like The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, and Aquaman. The story is about a boy whose body has become a vessel for ghosts. After the film becomes widely popular in the horror category of movies, James Wan also directed a sequel of Insidious, i.e., Insidious 2 and 3.

Note: Do not watch this film with kids


The Silence

Kiernan Shipka in Netflix’s The Silence is a film that resembles A Quiet Place, where if you make a single noise your death is unavoidable. How will she and her family survive without making a noise?

A movie, although it has received several negative reviews, it is watchable on a relax Halloween night without giving a deep thought about the film.

 The Silence

Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow is one of the best Halloween movies on Netflix to watch this year on Halloween night with your family and friends. Depp, who plays Ichabod Crane, a police detective who lands in a shady town situated outskirts of London to investigate multiple murders. While investigating, he comes across many other stories and horrifying incidents which makes it a worth watching film.

Sleepy Hollow (1999) - IMDb

Game Over

Game Over is an Indian psychological thriller movie where Swapna is a game designer and is going through a stress disorder with a chronic fear of darkness. You can interpret several meanings of the story. It is a multi-layered film. The movie revolves around only two main characters Swapna and her caretaker Kalaamma.

Game Over is a very nicely constructed thriller film focuses only on the core story of the character Swapna and her mental state with a twist. It is a disturbing, terrifying and highly captivated movie to watch on Netflix.

Game Over (2019)

Bird Box

Netflix Original movie ‘Bird Box,’ which has Sandra Bullock in the lead is an apocalyptic horror film where the end of the civilization comes in forms of mass suicide if you keep your eyes open. So, one has to close their eyes to survive.

It is the story of a lady Malorie who survives with two young children, with blindfolds. Bird Box is chilling, will give you goosebumps when the two kids and Malorie get separated for few minutes while on their way to the destination.

On a Halloween night, after the party and treat or trick everything, when you sit on the couch with your kids lying on your lap, ‘Bird Box’ is a pleasant movie to watch.

Bird Box

Hotel Transylvania

It’s Halloween, and how can I not add such an adorable, animated comedy family movie that is about a hotel owns by a Dracula where all the creepy creatures and his beasties come for vacation.

Dracula has a daughter for whom he is very protective and is utterly infuriated when she develops a liking towards Jonathan, a funny loveable lost hitchhiker.

All the sequels of Hotel Transylvania are fun to watch and are the best Halloween movies on Netflix for kids.

Hotel Transylvania (2012) -

Monster House

How many of you loved watching Monster House still today?

‘Monster House’ is a frightening yet marvelous feature animated movie for kids that ignites several childhood imaginations. It is a story of three friends who are curious to know about the derelict house of Mr. Nebbercracker, which is located in their neighborhood. There are so many ghostly scenes but are fun to watch. The narrative is written in a way to keep in mind their audience ‘the kids.’

So, needless to say, start streaming ‘Monster House’ on Netflix this Halloween.

Best halloween movies on Netflix - Monster House

The Witch

‘The Witch’ is a horror film that tells a New England folktale. Set in 17th century England where a family is tortured by a wicked witch who steals their children and souls.

The grim story and atmosphere in the film give a chill feeling. It’s a beautiful movie with a story no unnecessary ghostly activities. The slow progress of the story will take you to that era of England.

The Witch - halloween movie


Netflix’s horror film ‘Sabrina’ is a wide-eyed creepy doll that reminds of another popular horror film ‘Annabelle.’ Sabrina is an Indonesian horror film about a couple whose daughter is possessed by the spirits that ended up possessing in the doll.

Sabrina’s ghostly story is different from that of Conjuring and Annabelle. You can pretty much get a spine-chilling feeling while watching the movie.



Another supernatural horror film that comes on my mind is Sinister that is streaming on Netflix. It is a story about a crime novelist who is desperate to write a hit novel and moves into a crime scene to do research on an unsolved murder, but something wrong happened, and supernatural things started to get into his way.

 Sinister - best halloween movies

Annabelle: Creation

Annabelle Creation is a good horror film, which is a prequel story of The Conjuring. The story follows about a group of orphan girls who live in a home where horrific paranormal activities are happening with them.

Somehow, one of the younger girls awakens the demon inside the doll and torments all the others using her.

In this movie, there aren’t much spooky or terrifying scenes that will give you a spine-chilling feeling. But for a Halloween night, you can shortlist this movie to watch at night with your friends.

Annabelle: Creation (2017)


If you are too scared to watch horror films and wouldn’t mind watching zombie fun-filled instead, then Zombieland of 2009 is the movie that you should consider watching.

It is a story about four individuals who are surviving against the zombie-filled America. There are so many other zombie-based stories of TV series and movies on Netflix too.

Zombieland (2009)


Pixar’s Coco is a beautiful and touching story of a boy who wants to become a musician against the wishes of his family and unknowingly ends up in the land of the dead.

The movie is a family-friendly folk myth story stunningly executed and touched the heart of millions when it was released in the theatres.

This Halloween Coco is always that movie which you can sit with your entire family and watch happily.

Best Halloween movies on Netflix for Kids to Watch 'Coco'

Super Monster Save Halloween

Netflix’s Original animated series ‘Super Monster’ returns with ‘Super Monster Save Halloween’ just right on time before Halloween. It’s a fun kid show about a super monsters’ crew who are celebrating Halloween with their friend Albert, who is afraid of the Halloween holiday.

So, the team helps Albert understanding that Halloween’s holiday doesn’t have to be scary. It is a holiday where everyone together can have fun and happiness with many small gestures.

A sweet and pleasant animated film to watch with your children at home.

“Super Monsters Save Halloween” on Netflix


Eerie is a Philippines’s based horror drama on Netflix that tells ghostly stories that take place in a Catholic school. There are blood, gruesome death scenes so definitely not an ideal movie for everyone. Eerie is very grim and dark film.

How much the haunted Catholic school will haunt you in your school? It depends on your ability to digest such scary movies.

So, this Halloween night Eerie is the movie that will be fun to watch with friends.


I am the Pretty Things that Lives in the House

Not all movies are creepy, and ghost keeps coming out every now, and then, some movies are slow having an atmospheric chill and slip you into a nightmare onscreen. This movie serves a simple story about mortality than ghost appearance.

The narrative is slow and tensely. Although it’s not a movie for everyone, say you couldn’t join your family on Halloween and living all by yourself at home then you can watch this quiet movie.

I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016)


We came across this movie on Netflix and watched it a few days ago. Scary, creepy, and it will give you screams while watching. Though, this is not an American horror movie, ‘Shutter’ is originally from Thailand.

The story is about a married couple named Ben and Jen who are being tormented by a ghost that appeared from the photographs. If you want to explore more Asian horror movies, watch The Ring and The Grudge.

Shutter (2008 film)

Disney’s Hocus Pocus

Disney’s Hocus Pocus is a decade old movie that is considered as the best Halloween movie to watch. The Sanderson sisters who are witches and returned from the dead, the 1993 classic cult Halloween movie is loved by all kids and adults.

I watched Hocus Pocus on Halloween day with my family last year, and this year too, I am planning to watch as it is streaming on Netflix.

 Disney's Hocus Pocus


So, above are the best scary movies that, according to me are the best Halloween movies on Netflix to watch this year. Although, for the horror movie lovers there is no shortage of movies on the streaming platforms now.

I have also compiled a list of best Tv series for Halloween on Netflix, which will be my next post. So, keep following and get to read the many upcoming contents.

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