Best Date Ideas for Couples to Celebrate

37 Best Date Ideas for Couples to Celebrate

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Are you married? In a relationship? In love? Whatever commitment you have with your partner, dating is a thing that every grownup loves.

I am married for five years, and I have no shame in admitting that I love dating. I love spending quality time with my husband, and whatever cute and romantic way we spend our time together is dating for me. Even before I got married, we dated numerous times in numerous ways.

Dating doesn’t always have to be expensive or lavish. Even a simple way can also bring happiness and add spark to your relationship. Couples often forget that it is very important to maintain a balance in a relationship.

Amidst the busy and super hectic life after a few years of marriage or relationship, it is often seen that the distance between the couple grows. Dating helps to reduce the distance, at least that’s what I believe.

In this blog post, I will share such amazing, fun and simple romantic date ideas for couples with my readers. Most of them I follow in my marriage life, and some of them are my favorite.

Valentine’s day is around the corner when all the young lovers, teen couples, and married couples celebrate the day making each other feel special.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Special

For my husband and me, Valentine’s day is just like a regular day. We don’t consider this day as a special day when we plan to date or celebrate and express our love.

But in many long-distance relationships, young lovers in relationships this day have a special significance and meaning for them. They buy gifts for their partner, surprise them a visit, and some plan explicitly something special to express their love, like proposing.

The date ideas that I will share are in general. You can consider them as weekend dates, Sunday dates, date ideas at home, or valentine’s date ideas.

I have said enough, now lets’ get started with the best date ideas for Valentine’s day

Best Date Ideas for Couples to Celebrate

Spa date

Surprising your girlfriend or wife with a spa coupon on valentine’s day would be a clever date idea. Usually, young ladies love to pamper themselves, and a spa coupon is a treat for them. Since it is a date idea so a couple of spa coupons would be more enjoyable.

 spa date

Book Reading Night

If you and your partner both love reading books like novels and stories, arranging a book reading night at home as your date night is an idea that I could give. After a nice dinner, both can enjoy reading a good novel or story to each other lying on the bed.

Homecooked Dinner date

If you are looking for a simple, cheap, and romantic date idea at home, nothing sounds better than a homecooked meal ready to be served on the dinner table.

You can plan this on a Saturday night or even on a weekday. It is one of the finest ways to spend time and talk with your partner over a glass of wine, or just a regular glass of water will work too.

It is one of my favorite and best date ideas. Instead of going out to a restaurant, we prefer to dine at home mostly. My husband either cooks his special chicken biryani, or I cook my special delicious pasta.

With good homecooked food, we make our dinner date a happy and satisfied one.

best Date idea for couples

Cooking Competition at Home

It is an interesting dating idea that I could think of. You can challenge your partner for a cooking competition at home and declare a gift for whoever wins the competition.

It is an enjoyable and fun date idea at home suitable for young and newlywed couples.

Picnic at your backyard/balcony

You can also arrange a beautiful picnic just for you and your partner at your balcony or backyard. All you need is a few snack items, beverages, and some good music to set the romantic vibe.

It is an incredible date idea during a lockdown. When the entire country was facing the lockdown situation and stuck at home, my husband and I arranged a picnic at our apartment balcony as a date to add positivity and freshness to our mundane lockdown life.


Take out Food at a Park or An Open Area

Now, as everything is turning out to be normal again. People have started going out and living their lives again following the safety rules like social distancing, wearing, and using masks and sanitizers.

I do not support dining-in a restaurant as the COVID situation still persists. You can certainly carry out food at a park or at any open picnic area where people are not standing close-by. It is safer than eating in a restaurant.

picnic at park

Funny Photo Shoot

If you are looking for fun and quirky date ideas, taking numerous funny selfies together could be a thing. We often feel so laid-back in doing anything. All we want is a box of barbecue pizza, cola, and chill. It is during that moment when taking funny photos makes us laugh later and create memories.

Volunteer Somewhere

Volunteering is always a noble thing to do. But could it be a date idea?

Indeed, why not?

If you and your partner love helping others and want to do some good work for a good cause, both can spend time together. You can join an NGO or any community where you both want to spend time helping others seeing others happy.

Do Gardening Together

It is one of the most common date ideas that almost everyone suggests. Gardening is a healthy hobby to pursue. Spending time together dirtying your hands and sowing a plant is all about patience.

Gardening is a very good date idea that I think couples should consider often doing. It is one thing where you lean upon each other, learn to trust, and grow.

It is definitely not an ideal valentine’s day date idea, but I could say a romantic date idea.


Shop at the Flea Market

Shopping at the flea market as a dating idea? It could be an interesting date idea for someone who loves frugal living and wants to save money at shopping.

My mother loves shopping at the flea market as she can wander around from one shop to another and buy things at half the cost. I am not much of a fan, though, as I find it time-consuming.

But shopping at the flea market could bring happiness to some couples.

Flea market

Plan a Short Road Trip

This is yet another one of my favorite romantic date ideas. Planning a road trip is always fun, and in several ways, it has the unimaginable power to bring two individuals closer romantically and emotionally.

In fact, traveling itself helps a relationship in building a stronger bond. A short road trip is an amazing valentine’s day dating idea for couples.

road trip

Go Camping

As the covid situation continues, camping is a safer choice for dating. If you have all the camping gear, you and your partner can plan for camping near nature. It is peaceful, adventurous and will give a couple of plenty of time to be together.

Usually, couples do not prefer to go camping on valentine’s day, but it could be a different experience, away from the city, just the two of you. Certainly, you can make valentine’s day special.


Go for Hiking

With camping comes hiking, which is another one of my all-time desirable things to do. Since I live in a metropolitan the option to go hiking is not always feasible.

But hiking is an awesome date idea for teenage couples. It not only is adventurous but also adds value to the relationship and character.


Tea & Snack Party at Home

Do you know even a simple tea and snack party at home could also be a date. In a healthy relationship, you don’t need to put in extra effort for dating at home, I believe.

We love our Sunday evening tea sips with snacks and play Ludo (an indoor game) at home, and this is our date.

What I intend to say is people forget to enjoy the small things in their life. Try to enjoy and find happiness in them you will see how your relationship turns out to be.

Go to an Offbeat Destination

There are several offbeat destinations around the places you live. If you want a peaceful and less crowded place, you can choose a night of staycation with your partner.

We love offbeat destinations, and before the Covid situation, we planned several such offbeat travel short trips as a couple.

road trip

Baking a Cake for Your Partner

How about surprising your boyfriend or husband by baking a cake at home? When you are in love, you do everything for him/her. Make an effort to bake a delicious cake and present it before your partner; you will see the expression of his/her face.

If you can’t, no worries, there are a ton of videos and cake recipes available on the internet which you can follow. It is also an amazing anniversary date idea on a budget, maximum effort, minimum cost but immense happiness.

bake a cake together


Binge-watching is a thing that my husband Atanu and I did the entire lockdown period. We binge-watch web series and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and what not.

This is actually a cheap and amazing last-minute dating idea when you have no other plans. All you need is some pizzas to enjoy binge-watching.


Listen to Music & Dance

Stuck at home? Or unwilling to go out for a date? How about some music and dance with your partner in your hall room?

Sounds amazing, right? It is a fun and sweet way to spend time with your date for few hours. It is tiring, though, but who cares.

Go to a Winery

When I was in Seattle, my husband took me on a surprise visit to a winery on our anniversary day. It was a very nice experience, we both were dressed up nicely, and he drove me to a fine winery that had an open space where we tasted the wine, cheese, and some gourmet local delicacies.

So, going to a winery is a classic dating idea suitable for any occasion.

best date ideas for couples

Make a Music Tape for him/her

When you are a teenager, and you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, I think the best way to express love is to make/create something that he/she loves.

If music is what your partner is fond of, you could make a mixtape to make him/her feel special. So, this is typically a teenage date idea.

Go for Shopping & Surprise her/him with a Gift

Did I mention that women love getting surprise gifts?

Though I don’t fall into that category, so weird of me, but in general, when husband or boyfriend surprise them with a gift, women get annoyingly happy.

So, surprising your girlfriend with a gift is always a better last-minute dating idea.

surprise gift

Have a Potluck

Arranging a potluck at home with some other couples is a great way to mingle and have fun. You can say it is more of double-date thing or a small gathering.

Again, when I was in Seattle, a friend of ours who got married and moved to the USA invited us to their place, and we had a potluck. I cooked chicken biryani and paneer and took it to their place.


Rent a Bike & Go on a Ride

In India, more than 70% of people have either a scooter or a bike as the two-wheeler is economical, time-saving, and fuel-efficient.

I had a wonderful experience of bike riding and going on several short weekend trips. It’s romantic. But when you have a kid, it is safer to drive a car.

If you are looking for a romantic date idea, I would say go on a bike ride.

Set up an Aquarium

It is a unique dating idea that I am sharing. If you love aquariums or have been wanting for years to keep them at home. You could buy a small aquarium with your partner, welcome it to your home and enjoy the moment of warmth that small fishes bring with it.


Re-decor Your House

As a date idea, you can plan to spend the first half of your day with your partner in redecorating the house. You can change the curtains, set flower vases on the corner of the room, set your cushions, and clean it will bring a positive vibe in your house, so does your relationship.

Watch the Sunset Together

This is yet another simple and sweet date idea that I could think of. Usually, people go to beaches to enjoy the view of a sunset. You could do that.

In my case, I am lucky that we get to see the sunset from our balcony. It looks amazing with all the beautiful colors.


Share Memories

Sharing memories is a unique way to rejuvenate your relationship or marriage. When you are in a committed relationship, you share a lot of good and bad memories over time.

Let’s keep aside the bad ones and talk about the good ones. Memories that bring laughter, joy, and reason to love each other more. More importantly, to be ‘with’ each other always.

A Romantic Weekend Gateway in the Mountains

Well, this is a date idea that I love. Since I have a soft corner in my heart for the mountains and greenery, I love the idea of going on a romantic weekend gateway in the mountains amidst the cool breeze and peace.

Weekend road drive

Hit the Club

It is an amazing valentine’s day date idea for young couples. You can hit the pub, listen to live music, dance, eat and feel the vibe. I can not say much about clubs as I haven’t been to any clubs in my life. I don’t drink neither I like loud music.

Cakes and chocolates

If you want a last-minute date idea and gifts for your spouse or partner?

Nothing is better and easier than a box of cake and chocolates. Cakes and chocolates are great gifts to celebrate any happy occasion. These are easily available and hassle-free.


Make a Reservation at a Premium Restaurant

If you want to take your date to a premium restaurant, it will cost you. But once or twice you can do that for your beloved, right?

So, this valentine’s day, you can book a table of two at a premium rooftop restaurant and enjoy a delicate, delicious dish.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night is the most common and feasible way to celebrate your day with your date. You can order pizza from home; you can take out pizza and then eat at home. You can grab a bite and binge-watch. You can carry out pizza and eat while enjoying your drive.

There are so many ways a box of pizza can make your day special. Also, very pocket friendly.

pizza night

Surprise him/her with your room decor with pictures

From my vivid memories, I am sharing this. After we got married on my husband’s birthday, I surprised him with our bedroom decorated with our old pictures and lights.

He was surprised and pleased at the same time. My small effort had brought so much happiness that day.

So, you can do something similar as well.

Make a Travel Bucket List

Yes, if both are travel enthusiasts, together, you can create a travel bucket list and plan which year you will target to go where. You can try this idea; it is fun to do, actually.

 travel bucket list

Give him/her a hair cut

Have you ever tried giving a haircut to your partner? This is actually an amazing thing that I have tried during the lockdown. As all the shops were closed and we were stuck at home.

I convinced my husband that I could give him a good haircut. After much effort, he had no other choice. I took 40 minutes to give him the finest haircut of my life.

Write a Letter

In the modern age of smartphones and Whatsapp, the value of writing letters is lost somewhere. Try going traditional and write a beautiful love letter pouring out all your love for your partner.

Writing a love letter is way more romantic than typing a few words on digital platforms.

Send her a Bouquet at her Workplace

If you are in a long-distance relationship and doesn’t have the privilege to meet or spend time with your beloved. Why not send her a bouquet of flowers at her workplace and surprise her?

bouquet of flowers


So, these are some of my best date ideas that I have shared with you, and hope you have a wonderful upcoming valentine’s day with your love partner.


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