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Amazon Prime’s Mind the Malhotras Review: Is it a Binge- Worthy Indian Web Series?

Amazon Prime has added a new Indian web series “Mind the Malhotras” starring Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar in the lead roles. Both are quite a public figure in the television world.

Amazon Prime's 'Mind the Malhotras'

The web series is produced by Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha. It is said to be an adaptation of Israeli series ‘La Famiglia.’

Well, it is an only a 9-episode series, so I finished watching it last weekend with my family.

So, what I felt after watching ‘Mind the Malhotras’ on Amazon Prime India?

Here is my review on the series below.


A modern-day couple who lives in the urban with their two teen daughters, a naughty boy and a servant who they treat like family.

The Malhotra couple played by Mini Mathur (Shefali) and Cyrus Sahukar (Rishabh) both are a happy couple but they got panicked when a few of their friends got divorced, and they thought they will be the next.

Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur

So, they went to a marriage counselor Dr. Rastogi (Denzil Smith) who will help them resolve the problem.

Basically, what they did is pouring their heart out and sharing their frustrations and dislikes towards each other’s specific activities on different occasions.

It is not only them; they have also narrated about their kids. Their actions on them as a parent and as a married couple.

With each episode, we see a common theme that is, the modern-day family drama and perils of married life. The show has highlighted the struggles that ordinary man goes through.

How after a few years of marriage a couple lacks romance, get caught in the daily duties of maintaining their family, external factors affect their relationship, keep complaining about small stuff of each other and etc.

Likewise, the show has also managed to highlighted about ‘parenting.’ Though it is not the dominant theme of the web series, as a viewer, you can see a few glimpses of parenting tips too.

Now, does Amazon Prime’s ‘Mind the Malhotras’ is worthy of binge-watching?

I would rather say ‘no.’

The excellent factor is both Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar with their great comic timing that has managed to hold the attention of me (viewer). But I felt quite repetitive and monotonous after a few episodes.

It is definitely not worthy of binge-watching but the series has a touch of refreshing content which is light-hearted and can lift your mood up after a hectic day.

I found the character of Cyrus Sahukar quite relatable to my husband, which makes me fond of the character Rishabh. Mini Mathur’s performance was subtle. The dialogues of both the character were humorous at times, yet again the transitions are boring.

I didn’t like at all the performance of Dr. Gulfam Rastogi. His performance didn’t add any charm to the series. Being a therapy conductor, I felt his character should be more active and positive, not depressing.

A large percentage of married couples in the cities do visit a marriage counselor to save their marriage from sinking.

“But I genuinely feel and think, it is only you who can save your marriage. A stranger can never solve your existing problems.”

This is entirely my opinion. Although I shouldn’t bring this in my review, I did think it is positive marriage advice.


Indian web series are improving and trying to make a difference in the bigger picture. There are a few other web series that you might watch if you haven’t yet. Before watching, it is always better to read through the reviews.

I recommend you to watch Amazon Prime’s ‘Mind the Malhotras’ on a lazy weekend with your family and enjoy.

Do let us know your opinion and feel free to contact me.

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