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Amazon Prime’s ‘Hanna’ is an action-packed spy thriller adventure story

The weekend is always a great time to watch movies or TV series at home with family. I chose watching Amazon Prime’s ‘Hanna’ this weekend. After watching the trailer, I was convinced enough that Amazon Prime’s ‘Hanna’ will be worth my time.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2011 movie version of ‘Hanna.’ Now, that I have seen both the movie as well as the TV series, it is hard to say which one is better.

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Although, I have read several reviews and opinions where they feel the movie version is a better one.

What do I say?

Indeed, it is a good one, but I find Amazon Prime’s ‘Hanna’ more gripping. As it is a series, the creators have made few changes keeping the story intact.

The action-packed spy thriller ‘Hanna’ is an exciting story of a teen girl, raised by Erik, an ex-mercenary, living in the forest completely cut down by the outside world. When she asks why she can’t leave the forest, Erik would say, “Human beings are dangerous and not to be trusted.”

From the very first episode, you will see there is a story build up of the character. There are two lead role Hanna played by Esme Creed-Miles and Erik played by Joel Kinnaman. Both of them were extraordinarily amazing in performing their roles.

Hanna is a part of a mission in which Erik was also a part of but soon he finds out the ugly truth of the mission, and he runs taking the baby ‘Hanna.’

Hence, they took shelter in the forest where nobody could find any trace of theirs. But soon they both got themselves in danger and begins their action-packed journey with the ‘bad men.’

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But in her journey, Hanna understood that all people aren’t bad. She found a friend in Sophie, the girl of her same age who tries to keep her safe. Erik on the other hand, holding a secret from Hanna which is the reason they both got separate.

What’s the secret?

I won’t tell that, make sure you watch Amazon Prime’s ‘Hanna’ for that.

The action and punches of a teen girl are superb to see. She is a ferocious killer. At the same time, she is just a teen girl with the desire to know the world, wanting to enjoy and laugh with her friends. She does things that all teens love to do singing, dancing, eating nut bars and so on.

The music of Amazon Prime’s Hanna is fantastic. The background music plays when the loneliness of Hanna shows is soothing to our ears.

The character Marissa, a ruthless CIA agent, shouldn’t be missed in the review because Marissa has played an essential part in Amazon Prime’s Hanna.

She is a calm and manipulative character who does some horrific job for the agency named ‘Utrax.’ She is afraid that her past might pose a threat if Erik and Hanna expose her and the agency. So, the entire team is behind Hanna and Erik.

‘Hanna’ the sci-fi action-oriented adventure tale tend to lose its energy at few scenes in the long eight-episodes of series. But the character of Sophie brings back the get-up-and-go mood.

The movie version was more intact maybe because it was a movie and this is a TV version, which is a way of telling a more extended version of the story that actually happened/matters.

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I personally feel the creators of Amazon Prime’s Hanna could have ended the first season in seven episodes. They have given more time to the friendship of Hanna-Sophie than Erik-Hanna’s relationship.

There were also episodes where Khalid Abdalla who played the role of Jerome Sawyer, which made me reminded of another movie named “The Kite Runner”, based on the book of the same name. It’s a fantastic story of two friends.

If you ever get time watch the movie.

If you like Amazon Prime’s Hanna, you may also want to check out the original movie of “Hanna.”

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