11 affordable ways to celebrate Mother's Day at Home

11 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home on 2021

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The world still hasn’t gotten over with the deadly impact of Covid-19 that had hit last year. It still is a threat to us and continues to dominate our lives in fear.

The truth is despite of it; we can not live in fear forever. We all have accepted that we have to survive with the Covid-19 virus and have to take the utmost care of ourselves and our family.

Amidst everything, we all celebrate Christmas, New Year, and other occasions to keep ourselves motivated for good.

Mother’s Day is right on edge, and this year too, unlike the last year, will be no different. You can not go out and celebrate the day like a couple of years ago.

But the celebration has to be done, and it can be arranged at home also.

This blog post will share a few amazing and creative Mother’s Day celebration ideas at home, just like I have shared affordable and romantic dating ideas for couples at home.

This year, I am feeling lucky as my mother is with me, and since there is a lockdown in India, I have planned a minimal celebration.

11 Affordable Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home During Pandemic

Make her Breakfast & Serve Morning Tea

It’s a special day, and your duty is to make your mother feel special from the moment she wakes up. You can make her day feel warm by serving bed tea in the morning with a delicious yet simple breakfast. I can imagine how delighted she will be.

affordable ways to celebrate Mother's Day at home

Give Her a Special Handwritten Note

The next thing you can do is to give her a hand-written note where you can express your gratitude, the immense love you have for her, and how much you care for her.

All mothers deserve to know that they are being loved by their children, and we should always be thankful for their selfless love and support.

Thank you note

Make it Official It’s Her Off-Day

Indeed, all mothers need a day off from all the responsibilities, but that’s only a dream for them. They have tons of responsibilities, and they can never rest.

But as a grownup son or daughter, you can make it possible. Announce it to her that she isn’t allowed to work and it’s her rest day.

Let her relax, watch TV, take a long bath, enjoy music, and so on. You can do all her chores early and spend the rest of the day with her.

Let her relax, watch TV, take a long bath, enjoy music, and so on. You can do all her chores early and spend the rest of the day with her.

mother daughter love

Watch a Movie Together

Who doesn’t love watching a good movie?

After you are done with your chores, you can sit along with your mother and watch a good light-hearted film with your mom.

Let her choose a film of her choice, and both can enjoy with a bowl of popcorn and snacks.

No other feeling is great than a whole-hearted laugh with mother. There are unlimited options on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and other streaming platforms.

I love watching movies with my mom, and I am planning the same on Mother’s Day this year.

Give Her a Head Massage

We all love to get pampered. Since it is lockdown and you are not allowed to go out, it is not safe to go to a salon either. You can arrange the pampering session at home itself.

You can give her a head massage and oil therapy the way you want and let her feel relax.

You definitely can not provide the salon-quality massage, but that won’t bother your mom. She will be more than happier about how you both are spending the time.

Enjoy a Virtual Dance Class Together

Everything is virtual for the past two years now. People are working virtually, studying online, even attending recreational activities virtually too.

If you stay far away from your mom and do not want to miss having fun on Mother’s Day, you can plan a few things to do virtually.

For example, enjoying a virtual dance class together is one of the creative things to do on Mother’s Day at home during a pandemic.

You can set up a virtual video call on your laptop, and after a pep talk, both can start dancing on a song.

It is fun and a happy act to do with your mom.

Arrange a Mini Picnic at Your Backyard

I am not running of ideas, though, but I feel this idea of arranging a mini picnic in your backyard is the best Mother’s Day celebration during quarantine.

Since you can’t celebrate at any restaurant or travel outside somewhere, we all need fresh air to get positive energy.

If there is an open space at your backyard or even at the balcony, you can easily set up a mini picnic and enjoy a few hours of togetherness.

It can also be a cheap anniversary dating idea.

mother-daughter picnic

Do Craft Together

Does your mother enjoy craft? If she does, it is a great creative thing to do together, especially when you are stuck at home.

You can join an online craft class or do it without even spending a penny at home with whatever material is available.

Either way, it is a fun thing to do on Mother’s Day.

Craft can be anything; it can be DIY, painting, sketching; any artwork is a craft.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a pro, but you can surely encourage your mom to do it and do not forget to appreciate her effort.

Homemade Gift

You definitely cannot forget about a gift. But what can you do if you are in a lockdown and all the gift shops are closed?

Indeed, there is even a better way to gift your mom, and that’s a ‘homemade gift.’

A homemade gift can be anything small or big, but I am certain that your mother will love it more than a gift bought from a shop.

Because you will make with more care and love, and your effort in making the gift will be beyond any luxury gift. All mothers know the value of it.

You can gift her a handmade craft, painting, a mixtape full of old classic songs, and so on.

homemade gift

Watch Old Photographs Together & Recreate Memories

I love doing it when I am with my mom. We talk about my childhood activities; we watch old photographs, and she tells me the story behind it. It creates a beautiful moment full of memories.

You can do the same as well. Old photographs are a great reminder of old memories, and when we are grownups, mothers often can’t share their feelings.

Give her the opportunity and create a friendly environment where she can share her memories and past moments with you. These moments and memories are valuable treasuries for every mom.

It is indeed a touching and heartfelt way to do on Mother’s Day at home.

mother-daughter hugging

Do Selfie Photo Shoot on Your Phone

As there is nothing much to do at home to celebrate the day. You can think of doing some fun things with your mother, like you can do a random photoshoot on your phone and use a filter on it.

You can save them all in a folder.

Leave no chance of making her smile and happy, though I believe every day is a Mother’s Day, but we celebrate one particular to make it special.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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