24 Affordable Honeymoon Destinations in India for 2023

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Are you looking for affordable honeymoon destinations in India?

India is one such place where you can find wonderful spots with different topography. A honeymoon trip is a romantic thing. Every newlywed couple wants to travel to places where they can cherish the memories and spend quality time with each other.

These places are for everyone. No matter how much you earn, you can always enjoy traveling to these places. Since India is a vast country, there are places worth visiting in every state.

There are the best beach destinations in South India, breath-taking hill stations in northern and southern India. Also, there is a land of the desert that possesses a unique beauty.

Finally, for wildlife lovers, India has several sanctuaries and national parks that are considered the best honeymoon destinations in India.

In this blog post, I shall be discussing a list of such –

Affordable honeymoon destinations in India worth visiting


Goa holds a special place in my heart because it was my honeymoon destination five years ago. Back in those days, we weren’t financially stable, so we found Goa is the best and budget-friendly honeymoon destination in India.

Indians love traveling to Goa. It is an ideal honeymoon destination throughout the year where you can do many amazing things. (Things to do in Goa).

Especially during the new year both the crowd and the hotel cost get quite expensive. So, I always suggest my fellow readers and friends to avoid traveling to Goa during that time of the year.

You will find all types of a staycation – budget-friendly homestay, hotels to luxurious resorts. So, you can plan your honeymoon vacation the way you like.

Goa - affordable honeymoon destinations in India


Srinagar is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in India, where one must travel at least once in their lifetime.

Is it an ideal honeymoon destination? Indeed, it is, in all ways, the most romantic honeymoon destination in India.

Srinagar is situated in the northernmost part of India. For years, the place and its people are suffering due to the political turmoil, but that hasn’t compromised its beauty.

The place is extremely well protected and is safe for tourists. In fact, tourism is one of the major revenue sources. For a trip to Srinagar, it is always advisable to plan at least 3 months ago.

Srinagar offers the best for a newlywed couple. There is the beauty of unconventional Dal Lake, Tulip Garden, Char Chinar, Shalimar Bagh, and a beautiful Shikara ride. Not only this, you must try their local delicacies.

Srinagar - honeymoon destination in India


After Srinagar, I would say Shimla is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations by the Indians. The people of north find Shimla a-go-to place for a weekend vacation, family vacation, solo backpacking trip, and honeymoon vacation.

Shimla is yet another budget-friendly honeymoon destination in India that offers everything at its best. If you and your beloved love the mountains, want to explore the small quaint villages traveling to Shimla would be perhaps the best choice.

Shimla looks extraordinarily beautiful in both winter and summer. Together you can explore several places by taking a detour in summer or simply can enjoy staying at the resort and snowfall during the winter.

Shimla - the best honeymoon destinations in India
Photo Credit: Yash Kiran (Unsplash)

Andaman & Nicobar

A newly married couple can also choose to explore the Andaman Islands situated in the Bay of Bengal. As compared to other travel destinations in India, a trip to the Andaman & Nicobar Island would be a bit expensive.

But surely, it will give you both a memorable experience worth the money. A trip to the Andaman Islands is a package to explore and experience different things.

There are some extraordinary beaches to explore, adventurous water sports to do like scuba diving or snorkeling, heritage walk of the city, exploring the popular islands, etc.

If you consider a trip to the Andaman Islands for your honeymoon, I can assure you that it would be a paradise.

Typically, it costs around 60k – 70k for two persons, which I consider is reasonable for a honeymoon trip.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands


Darjeeling is one of my favorite hill station destinations for several reasons. Firstly, it is near my hometown—secondly, it is a perfect cheap travel destination in India for a short trip. Thirdly, I love the history and food of Darjeeling.

Though Darjeeling is not that a famous honeymoon destination in the south, west, and north of India, it is the best for the people of the east.

One can plan a trip to Darjeeling for 3 nights under 12k from West Bengal.

In recent years, though Darjeeling has become saturated with tourists, couples find solace in nearby places like Tinchuley, Lamahatta, and Lepchajagat.

All these places aren’t very far from Darjeeling. These are some of the offbeat places to visit in North Bengal.

But having said that, you cannot miss Darjeeling for its gorgeous landscape, tea plantations, and hot and delicious momos.



How can I forget to mention Gangtok? With Darjeeling, there is yet another hill station that offers to its tourists some breath-taking landscape and is absolutely romantic.

Gangtok is situated in Sikkim in the laps of Himalayan ranges. Couples usually prefer to travel to both Darjeeling and Gangtok. In a 7 days of stay, one can cover both the places at a very reasonable rate.

There are several amazing places to visit in Gangtok like Nathula Pass, Tsomgo lake, Buddhist monasteries, and Darjeeling’s road to Gangtok as it elevates road gets narrower. But the surrounding view that you will get is beyond your imagination.

gangtok - affordable honeymoon destinations in India
Photo Credit: Unsplash


After Goa, my second-best honeymoon destination is Kerala. Though it wasn’t my honeymoon destination, I have been to Kerala for an 8-day trip to explore every possible place in the state.

A trip to Kerala offers a complete honeymoon package. Places like Munnar and Alleppy are the most preferred honeymoon destinations.

Munnar is a small hill station with beautiful tea plantations surrounded, is a delight to be there. Once, it was a quaint little hill station, but now it has become crowded. Still, Munnar manages to impress its travels and tourists.

I have written in one of my blog posts, “2 days Itinerary travel Guide to Munnar,” for more detailed information. You can read it.



Alleppey in Kerala is famous for its serene backwater and luxurious houseboats. If you are in Alleppey and you haven’t tried a trip to the backwater in a houseboat, you surely have missed out on a great thing.

Now, for a newlywed couple who have come to Alleppey on their honeymoon trip, the experience is what they are looking for.

So, as a couple, if you have a flexible budget, you can book a 2-night stay in a luxurious houseboat that offers a complete package of backwater tours, authentic Kerala cuisine, and a unique experience to stay in the water.

If you have a tight budget, no worries, you can book a moderate houseboat for 2 hours at INR 800.

So, either way, you are going to experience an amazing backwater tour in Alleppey.

Alleppy, kerala
Photo Credit: Kyran Low (Unsplash)


Pondicherry is a worth visiting place for the couple. It is located in the Southeastern Tamil Nadu state, popularly known for its French quarters, colonial villas, rich culture, and history. There are plenty of things to do in Pondicherry for couples.

There are beaches, city walks, you can take a tour to understand the French colonial history and influence in Pondicherry, and if you have a taste bud, you must try their local delicacies.

French Quater in Pondicherry
Photo Credit: Danish Prakash (Unsplash)


If you don’t like the crowd but want to visit and stay near beautiful beaches, India has Gokarna for you. Gokarna is a small town situated in Southern India. There, couples can explore and experience plenty of outdoor activities like beach walking, trekking, paragliding, scuba diving, etc.

From Gokarna, couples can also visit Murdeshwar, which is only around one and half hours away.



Apart from the Himalayan ranges, India also has the Western Ghats that is beautiful, covered with dense forest, waterfalls, tea, and coffee plantations.

Coorg is a hill station in Southern India that is considered one of the affordable honeymoon destinations in India. A trip to Coorg is budget-friendly, ideal for both couples and family.

There are some amazing places to visit in Coorg like Abbey Falls, the Dubare Elephant Camp, Madikeri Fort, and several places to visit for trekking enthusiasts.

If you are driving or taking a rental car, the cost will get minimize. For a 3-night stay in Coorg, it would go around 12k-14k, excluding flight fares.

forest in Coorg


I have been to Ooty from Bangalore, but I had a bad experience with the terrific crowd. Ooty is one of the most frequently visited honeymoon destinations from Bangalore, I guess.

Not the best, I would say, but if anyone is looking for a budget-friendly honeymoon destination in South India, Ooty would be a perfect choice.


Nainital is an amazing romantic travel destination situated in Uttarakhand. It is indeed a perfect gateway for couples, family, friends, and backpackers too.

The beautiful hill station is home to several ancient temples, pristine lakes, mountains, and a gateway to several small quaint mountain villages.

Nainital is a perfect and favorite honeymoon destination for newlywed couples of the people of the north. A trip to Nainital is reasonable and a complete package of the beauty of nature and whatnot.


Leh & Ladakh

Leh & Ladakh is a dream travel destination for thousands of bikers in India and solo backpackers. It is the ultimate travel destination for couples, travelers, and backpackers.

Leh & Ladakh represents the ultimate beauty of nature, the mountain, and its landscape.

There are a lot of ways and routes to reach and explore the place by road and by air.

I wouldn’t say a trip to Leh & Ladakh is cheap, but I could definitely say that the trip would worth your money and for any newlywed couple, the trip will always remain imprinted in their heart and mind.

Photo Credit: Darshan (Unsplash)


Kasol is a small village with the utmost nature’s beauty that brings pleasure to everyone. Just like Kasol, Himachal Pradesh has several offbeat travel destinations that you might have never heard of.

Kasol is one of the offbeat honeymoon travel destinations in India that surprise traveler and is an ideal place for newlywed couples.

Several small mountain villages near Kasol exhibit the simplicity of life and the pure beauty of nature.

If you and your partner is someone who loves to explore and gives more importance to nature, a trip to Kasol will be astonishingly beautiful.

Kasol - best offbeat honeymoon destination in India


Dalhousie is a perfect weekend gateway for the people of North India. Be it summer or winter; people love to visit Dalhousie. Some of the major spots to visit are Khajjiar, Chamba, trekking in Dalhousie, and exploring the local market.



McLeodganj is a small hill station near Dharamshala and is quite a popular destination for backpackers. For the past few years, it has gained its popularity among young couples too.

McLeodganj is a culturally rich place under the influence of Tibetan and British. It is nestled amidst the majestic mountains, greenery and the small town has a profound Tibetan settlement.

McLeodganj attracts many tourists from across the country and even aboard for its uniqueness and everlasting beauty.

It is a perfect abode for few days for the young couples as there is nothing much to do, but the calm environment pleases the human heart and soul.

I would suggest a 3-night stay in McLeodganj would be romantic and will give the couples quality time to spend.

McLeodganj trip


Udaipur is one of the affordable honeymoon destinations in India, without a doubt. It isn’t cheap, but a trip to Udaipur worth every penny. It’s not a hill station or a beach destination; Udaipur is a land of rich history and culture.

There are massive and magnificent Mahals to visit, a memorable, authentic traditional Rajasthani cuisine to taste, also nevertheless, a honeymoon trip to Udaipur will always be special.

In fact, a trip to the entire Rajasthan will make you feel different. The most preferred destination in Rajasthan are Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur.

So, whenever tourists plan a trip to Rajasthan, be it a honeymoon trip or a trip with the family, they make sure to cover these three amazing places.



Like I have mentioned in my earlier point that a trip to Jaipur comes under the Rajasthan trip. Just like Udaipur, Jaipur is also considered as a travel destination that enriches a traveler’s experience.



Agra is yet another honeymoon destination that is famous worldwide for ‘Taj Mahal.’

The pure beauty of the Taj Mahal and its historical love story is romantic indeed.

Not only Taj Mahal, but you can also explore other tourist spots in Agra. Before planning to Agra, here is a post on Taj Mahal Travel Tips and Guide,” which will help you in planning things correctly.

Taj Mahal in Agra


Alibaug is a beach destination situated in Maharashtra state in western India. It is an overly populated place, but since the beach spreads along far away, the crowd doesn’t feel like an issue.

It is a very budget-friendly honeymoon destination. You can get homestay, hotels, and resorts of all ranges. Usually, people around Maharashtra prefer to visit Alibaug on their honeymoon.

There are several other line-ups of beaches nearby Alibaug, like Kashid beach, is worth visiting.



Just like Alibaug, Puri is a beach destination situated in Orissa state in eastern India. It is home to Lord Jagannath, and it also has one of the biggest Lord Jagannath temples.

People around West Bengal, Orissa, mostly visit Puri sea beach as their honeymoon destination.

It is also a very reasonable place to stay in a good resort for 2-days under 10k.


Mahabaleshwar is a great weekend hill station destination in Maharashtra. People around Maharashtra loves to visit the small hill station during monsoon and winter.

It is around 3 hours of drive from Pune and around 5 hours from Mumbai. It is a perfect short trip honeymoon destination in India.

Since I live in Pune, it is one of my favorite places to go during the monsoon.

The best thing is you can also visit Panchgani, which is on the way to Mahabaleshwar. There are no limitations of resorts and hotels in both places so that a 2-day trip will cost around 6k excluding flight fare.



Kullu-Manali is a complete package for a honeymoon trip. It is surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan mountains, valleys, streams flowing by, and a beautiful landscape to please the eyes.

There are many good resorts and homestays that offer great deals on honeymoon packages. Both the towns are ideal because of its climatic conditions, natural attractions, and unique mountain experience.

If you are taking a flight, the best way to enjoy the trip would be to take the road from Delhi.



There are no limitations in travel destinations in India. It is a diverse country. But the above-mentioned places are the best honeymoon destinations in India for 2021.

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