8 Reasons for Settling Down in Pune is a Good Decision for You 1
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8 Reasons for Settling Down in Pune is a Good Decision for You

I have been living in Pune for the last 3 years, and I realized how much the city is developing. Last year, Pune was listed among the top “Smart Cities“.

Inside and out, in many ways, the smart city concept is getting well appreciated by the people. New thinking indeed to bring positive changes in the city and their well-being.

Pune has everything that anyone needs to live a better and sustainable life. My husband works in an IT firm in Pune and before that he had lived in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

What about me?

Well, practically lived the 25 years of my life in Kolkata and then two years in the USA. My opinion of living in Pune is based on what I see and how I feel about the city.

Through this article “I would be stating the 8 reasons for settling down in Pune is a good decision”.

  1. Growing IT hub

The city has a great career opportunity to offer in several sectors specifically in manufacturing, automobiles and IT. It has gained prominence in the IT sector and has been able to establish an IT hub in Magarpatta and Hinjewadi.

Most of the companies have their corporate headquarters in Mumbai.   But Several companies find Pune a better option for investment and opening their offices as compared to Mumbai. With increasing in job opportunities, the real estate sector is also booming as I see. Over the past few years, I am witnessing many real estate developments taking place in the city.


IT hub Hinjewadi is rapidly improving its infrastructure and connectivity to attract more and more investors. Not only this, the IT corporate offices are now spreading quickly in areas like Baner, Blewadi, and Kharadi.

    2. Improving Infrastructure

If we see the infrastructure of the city?

I would say, it is progressing. With the excellent connectivity between Mumbai and Pune through Mumbai-Pune Expressway, it has never stopped working on different infrastructure projects ever since. The PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) has been recently approved of their metro rail project and a new airport. The work for the Pune Metro has already started.

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Furthermore, the PMC is expecting to invest around Rs 30,000 crore for infrastructure development of the city. The city is yet to improve seriously on the public transportation, water supply, and traffic control.

   3. Smart City Project

The Smart City Mission has remained one of the prime priorities of the government of the state and Centre. The smart city project includes efficient public transportation, improved traffic management, power generation, go green environment, better road connectivity and communication, drinking water treatment and several other projects that are on the way.

A positive initiation to make the life of the citizen easy and sustainable.

   4. No language barrier

Every state has their language that is spoken by the locals. As a non-Marathi, I can say living in Pune is easy-going. 80% of people speak here Hindi which is the national language of India.

Even, the locals are so friendly that if you try to speak their language, they feel pleased and correct you when you are saying it indifferent. It feels good. I now understand a bit not thorough of course. So, no problem at all for the non-Marathi speaker.

   5. Clean and Green

I was surprised when I found “Pune bags the 10th position in India for cleanliness“. I won’t lie, I have seen places around the city where there are dumps of garbage. The state needs to check on the ground reality. But also, areas like Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Kalyaninagar, Koregaon Park they reflect pretty much clean surroundings.

If I have to say about “green“?


Pune is quite a green city. Trees on both side of the broad road. There are gardens for kids and recreational activities.

   6. Closeness to holiday destinations

There are no fewer options for the people who live in Pune to go to beautiful places to refresh mind and soul. Those who love to drive will never get bored of Pune. What do you want to see? or go?

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Beaches, hill stations, hiking through forest and trekking to forts you can spend your weekend in traveling activities and fun.

Some of my favorite places are:

  • A drive to Malshej ghat during monsoon
  • A drive to Tamhini Ghat during monsoon
  • Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani
  • Alibaug
  • Matheran
  • Ratnagiri

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

   7. Safe to travel at night

We often go for late night movie shows and return home quite late at night. I never felt unsafe traveling in this city. Ola cabs and autos are available at night, young men and women are always seen returning from pubs at midnight. I haven’t heard of anything wrong happened with anyone at night. But it is still better to travel at your vehicle.

   8. Good traffic Controlling

Traffic is one of the things that we all face while staying in a city. Under the smart city project, they have plans for better traffic management that will ease the daily commutation. Constructions of several fly-overs in the city might improve the condition of traffic as per the PMC.

Still, I will say Pune traffic is much better than cities like Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi.

   9. Good Education Institutes

Pune is indeed a good city for education. With top management institution like Symbiosis student across the country come here to study and job. How can I forget about the Pune University and Fergusson College?

One of the top prestigious university and college in India.

All the above 9 reasons determine the fact according to me that Pune could give you a better lifestyle and is certainly a better city to settle down.

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